24 thoughts on “Alexander the Great by Philip Freeman

  1. Mama& Aurora says:

    Ancient Greeks were Albanians 🇦🇱 PROOF ———> Olympia = E Lumt Shpia = Glories House Aphrodite = Afer dita = Near day Hera = Era = Wind Apollo = Apelon = Appeal Rhea = Reja = Clouds. Pandora = Pun dore = Handmade Zeus = ZEU & Zot —> Voice & God Pegasus = Prej nga Zeus = Comes from Zeus Ares = Are = Field. Demeter = Dimer = Winter Hestia = Vjeshta = Autumn Poseidon= Posedon = Owns Triton = Driton = Light Up Thetis = Deti = Sea. Fortuna = Furtuna = Storm Kronos = Krijoj = Create Amalthea = Tamel Dhia = Goat Milk Odyssey = UDHES = Travel Hephaestus = Sefa e Stuse = Joy and Rise
    Alexander = Aj le si Ander= Born a Dream Hippocrates = Hapi Krahet = Spread your Wings Herodotus = Era e Dites = Day Wind Aristotles = Ari do te les = Born Gold Pericles = Pari ka le = First Born Hercules = Hekur ka le = Iron Born Achilles = Ne Quill les = Born in The Sky Medusa = Me Dy Sy –> With 2 eyes Oracles of Pythia = Ora/Oda ku Len Nje Pytje = Room where you ask a Question Delphi =Selvije = A most beautiful women Together it says = The room where you to ask the most beautiful women a question. SPARTA = Shpata = Sword an Philip 2nd = Prince The Second Alexander was Philip the Third Arvanites: Live in Greece for thousands of years, and speak 🇦🇱 Arbëreshë: Live in Italy for thousands of years, and speak 🇦🇱 Arnavut: Live in Turkey for thousands of years, and speak 🇦🇱 Alexander’s Hunza ,Kalash , Pamir , Tokhari people: Live in Asia for thousands of years, and use Albanians words 🇦🇱 Where are the Greek Speakers, that settled somewhere in the World, for thousands of years, and speak Ancient Greek ????? WAKE UP People !!! ANCIENT GREECE SPOKE ALBANIAN!!

    @ancient_albania Instagramg

  2. Kaly says:

    The dialect of the language ​​was Doric as well as the Spartans, the palace of Pella was like a huge Parthenon, they watched the same plays as the Athenians, had Greek names, considered the Persians a danger, took part in the Olympic Games, and mixed in the Peloponnesian War, Xenophon's books were also studied

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