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    00:00:09 Chapter 1. In Which Phileas Fogg And Passepartout Accept Each Other, The One As Master, The Other As Man

    00:10:02 Chapter 2. In Which Passepartout Is Convinced That He Has At Last Found His Ideal

    00:18:02 Chapter 3. In Which A Conversation Takes Place Which Seems Likely To Cost Phileas Fogg Dear


    00:37:34 Chapter 5. In Which A New Species Of Funds, Unknown To The Moneyed Men, Appears On 'Change

    00:43:38 Chapter 6. In Which Fix, The Detective, Betrays A Very Natural Impatience

    00:51:57 Chapter 7. Which Once More Demonstrates The Uselessness Of Passports As Aids To Detectives

    00:57:06 Chapter 8. In Which Passepartout Talks Rather More, Perhaps, Than Is Prudent

    01:03:48 Chapter 9. In Which The Red Sea And The Indian Ocean Prove Propitious To The Designs Of Phileas Fogg

    01:14:03 Chapter 10. In Which Passepartout Is Only Too Glad To Get Off With The Loss Of His Shoes

    01:24:35 Chapter 11. In Which Phileas Fogg Secures A Curious Means Of Conveyance At A Fabulous Price

    01:41:24 Chapter 12. In Which Phileas Fogg And His Companions Venture Across The Indian Forests, And What Ensued

    01:55:17 Chapter 13. In Which Passepartout Receives A New Proof That Fortune Favors The Brave

    02:08:06 Chapter 14. In Which Phileas Fogg Descends The Whole Length Of The Beautiful Valley Of The Ganges Without Ever Thinking Of Seeing It

    02:20:55 Chapter 15. In Which The Bag Of Banknotes Disgorges Some Thousands Of Pounds More

    02:33:06 Chapter 16. In Which Fix Does Not Seem To Understand In The Least What Is Said To Him

    02:43:22 Chapter 17. Showing What Happened On The Voyage From Singapore To Hong Kong

    02:54:35 Chapter 18. In Which Phileas Fogg, Passepartout, And Fix Go Each About His Business

    03:03:30 Chapter 19. In Which Passepartout Takes A Too Great Interest In His Master, And What Comes Of It

    03:17:18 Chapter 20. In Which Fix Comes Face To Face With Phileas Fogg

    03:29:10 Chapter 21. In Which The Master Of The "Tankadere" Runs Great Risk Of Losing A Reward Of Two Hundred Pounds

    03:45:44 Chapter 22. In Which Passepartout Finds Out That, Even At The Antipodes, It Is Convenient To Have Some Money In One's Pocket

    03:59:32 Chapter 23. In Which Passepartout's Nose Becomes Outrageously Long

    04:12:32 Chapter 24. During Which Mr. Fogg And Party Cross The Pacific Ocean

    04:25:12 Chapter 25. In Which A Slight Glimpse Is Had Of San Francisco

    04:38:50 Chapter 26. In Which Phileas Fogg And Party Travel By The Pacific Railroad

    04:49:35 Chapter 27. In Which Passepartout Undergoes, At A Speed Of Twenty Miles An Hour, A Course Of Mormon History

    05:02:21 Chapter 28. In Which Passepartout Does Not Succeed In Making Anybody Listen To Reason

    05:18:14 Chapter 29. In Which Certain Incidents Are Narrated Which Are Only To Be Met With On American Railroads

    05:32:04 Chapter 30. In Which Phileas Fogg Simply Does His Duty

    05:46:07 Chapter 31. In Which Fix, The Detective, Considerably Furthers The Interests Of Phileas Fogg

    05:58:22 Chapter 32. In Which Phileas Fogg Engages In A Direct Struggle With Bad Fortune

    06:05:52 Chapter 33. In Which Phileas Fogg Shows Himself Equal To The Occasion

    06:22:04 Chapter 34. In Which Phileas Fogg At Last Reaches London

    06:28:24 Chapter 35. In Which Phileas Fogg Does Not Have To Repeat His Orders To Passepartout Twice

    06:38:57 Chapter 36. In Which Phileas Fogg's Name Is Once More At A Premium On 'Change

    06:46:06 Chapter 37. In Which It Is Shown That Phileas Fogg Gained Nothing By His Tour Around The World, Unless It Were Happiness

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    I would love to hear more stories like this – it is awesome story and you are doing a great job. I've improved my english because of your stories. Keep up this work. Greetings from Slovakia.

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