At a Hotel

1. Calling to Get a Reservation

1.  Repeat

A: Hello, I need to register for a class.

B: What class are you trying to take?

A: I want to take a Psychology class.

B: Well, there are only two classes open.

A: Can you tell me what days the classes are on?

B: One class is on Tuesday and Thursday from 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

A: And the other class?

B: That class is from ten to twelve on Monday and Wednesday.

A: Are you sure these are the only open classes?

B: Yes, I am sure.

A: Okay, sign me up for the class on Monday and Wednesday.

B: Very well then.

2.  Repeat

A: I would like to register for a class today.

B: No problem, what class would you like to take?

A: I would very much enjoy taking a Psychology class.

B: There are two classes that are still open.

A: Which days are these classes on?

B: The first class is a Tuesday and Thursday class from two to three.

A: What about the other class?

B: The other class is on Monday and Wednesday from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

A: Are you sure there are no more open classes?

B: I’m positive.

A: Sign me up for Monday and Wednesday.

B: Okay, I’ll sign you up.

3.  Repeat

A: Could you help me to register for a class?

B: Do you know what class you want to take?

A: Are there any Psych classes available?

B: I believe there are still two Psychology classes open.

A: On what days are the classes?

B: There is one class on Tuesday and Thursday from 2 to 4.

A: Can you tell me about the other class?

B: It’s from 10-12 on Monday and Wednesday.

A: You’re positive that these are the only classes left?

B: These two are the only ones.

A: The class on Monday and Wednesday will be fine.

B: Very good.

2. Checking into the Hotel

1.  Repeat

A: Hello, how are you doing?

B: Pretty good, and you?

A: I’m doing great.

B: That’s great to hear.

A: So how long have you been going to PCC?

B: I’ve been going here for a couple years now. You?

A: This is my first year.

B: How do you like it so far?

A: It’s all right.

B: You don’t like it?

A: I’ll like it better once I finish my GE.

B: That’s exactly how I used to feel.

2.  Repeat

A: How are things with you?

B: Not too bad. How about yourself?

A: Not bad.

B: I’m glad to hear that.

A: Have you been going to PCC long?

B: I’ve only been here two years. How about yourself?

A: I just started this year.

B: Do you like it?

A: It’s fine for right now.

B: You do not like it, right?

A: Once I’m finished with my GE, it should get better.

B: I felt the same way my first year.

3.  Repeat

A: How is everything going with you?

B: Great. You?

A: Pretty good.

B: Good for you.

A: When did you start going to PCC?

B: This is my second year. How about you?

A: I only got here this year.

B: You like it so far?

A: It’s OK.

B: I can tell you don’t really like it.

A: It’ll get better after I finish my General Education.

B: I understand what you mean.

3. Requesting a Wake-up Call

1.  Repeat

A: Could you help me?

B: What do you need?

A: I can’t seem to find my class.

B: What building is it in?

A: It’s in the C building.

B: Oh, I know exactly where that is.

A: Do you think you can tell me where it is?

B: Sure, what room number is it?

A: It’s room number 261.

B: I have a class around there right now.

A: Could you show me where it is?

B: No problem, come on.

2.  Repeat

A: Excuse me, I need your assistance.

B: Sure, what’s up?

A: I have no idea where my class is.

B: Tell me which building it’s in.

A: My class is in the C building.

B: I know where the C building is.

A: Do you mind telling me where it is?

B: Of course, which room number is it?

A: Number 261.

B: I actually have a class right around there.

A: Can you please show me?

B: I can do that.

3.  Repeat

A: Do you mind helping me?

B: What can I help you with?

A: I’m not sure how to find my next class.

B: Do you know what building that it’s in?

A: The C building, I think.

B: Well, that’s not far away.

A: Could you point me in that direction?

B: Do you know what the room number is?

A: It’s C261.

B: My next class is around there.

A: Can you show it to me?

B: Sure, let’s go.

4. Asking the Concierge for Sightseeing Advice

1.  Repeat

A: How do I buy my textbooks?

B: Do you have your book list for your class?

A: Yes, I have my list.

B: Fine. Once you have it, you can go to the bookstore. Do you know where that is?

A: Yes, I know where the bookstore is.

B: OK, so once you pass the gym, it’s the first door on your left. Do you know you can also sell your used textbooks there?

A: No, I didn’t know I could do that.

B: You just take them with you and trade them with the used textbook man just outside the door. Do you think you will be doing that today?

A: Yes, I am going today.

B: Well, if you decide to go, I could meet you over there at 1:00 today or tomorrow to help you. Would that work for you?

A: Yes, thank you. That would be great.

B: Well, then, I’ll talk to you later. Have a good day!

2.  Repeat

A: Where can I buy textbooks?

B: First, you need to have the list of books for your class. Do you have that?

A: Yes, I have that.

B: Well, when you have that, you can take it over to the bookstore. Can you find it?

A: No, I don’t know where the bookstore is.

B: Just pass the gym and it’s the first door on your left. Were you aware that you can also turn in your old textbooks for money?

A: Really? How can I do that?

B: Take your used textbooks with you and give them to the representative near the entrance. He will pay you for them. Are you going today?

A: No, I can’t make it today.

B: I could help you with buying your books if you meet me there at 1:00 today or tomorrow. Would you like my help?

A: No, thanks. I’m good.

B: I’ll see you later then. Have a great day!

3.  Repeat

A: Can you help me buy my textbooks?

B: There will probably be a book list in the bookstore. Do you have your class schedule handy?

A: No, I don’t have that.

B: To get started, take that list over to the bookstore. Do you know where the bookstore is?

A: I am not sure where the bookstore is.

B: When you pass the gym, it’ll be the first door on the left. Do you know how to sell your old textbooks for money?

A: Yes, I knew I could do that. Exactly how do I go about selling them?

B: If you give your used textbooks to the person at the booth outside the door, he will reimburse you. Can you go over there today?

A: I think maybe I could be there.

B: I am free at 1:00 today or tomorrow if you need some help. Want to meet me over there?

A: Maybe that would work.

B: I’ll catch you later then. Have a wonderful morning.

5. Asking the Concierge for Restaurant Advice

1.  Repeat

A: Could you tell me if you have ever taken a class from Dr. Miller?

B: Yes. Are you going to be taking a class from him?

A: Yes, but I have never taken his class before.

B: He is very interesting and challenging. Is that what you are looking for?

A: Yes, that’s what I need.

B: He is really clear on what you need to learn to get a good grade. Are you willing to study hard?

A: Yes, I guess so.

B: What I really liked about him is that he was an understanding and friendly teacher. Do you enjoy that in a teacher?

A: Yes, I had a teacher like that before.

B: Did you know that he has 20 years teaching experience?

A: No, I didn’t, but that could be a good thing.

B: Well, take a look at everything and figure out what is best for you. Good luck!

2.  Repeat

A: Do you know anything about Dr. Miller’s classes?

B: Yes. Are you in his class?

A: I’m thinking of taking his class next semester.

B: He really knew his stuff, but he graded hard. Would that be OK?

A: Yes, I really need someone who is really good.

B: I didn’t find it overwhelming to earn a good grade if you work at it. Can you do that?

A: Maybe, but I’m not sure.

B: Man, this guy was so funny when he was teaching. I like that, don’t you?

A: No, that stuff isn’t important to me.

B: Did you know that he is a fairly new teacher and very current in his field?

A: I don’t care about any of that.

B: We all are looking for different things in an instructor. I hope I’ve helped you.

3.  Repeat

A: Would you talk to me about taking one of Dr. Miller’s classes?

B: Yes. Have you ever been in one of his classes?

A: I’m thinking about taking his class next semester.

B: He was a very easy teacher. Are you thinking of taking a class with him?

A: I’m not sure because I really need to learn something, but I also worry about grades.

B: Grades are important, but don’t you think that gaining the knowledge is important, too?

A: I really need to learn this stuff.

B: He made everything so interesting that the time just flew by. Do you know what I mean?

A: Yes, that sounds right for me.

B: Did you know that he came here last year after 10 years in the military?

A: Yeah, I already knew that. That could be a good thing.

B: I think you know that you have to make the best decision for you. Enjoy your year!

6. Talking to Room Service

1.  Repeat

A: Professor, could I make an appointment with you?

B: I am free tomorrow afternoon between two and four; do you have a particular time in mind?

A: Two o’clock would be the best time.

B: Fine, do you know where my office is?

A: No, I’m not sure.

B: Remember, it is in the E building on the third floor.

A: I see.

B: Don’t worry, it will work out fine once you get there. I’ll see you then.

A: I’ll see you then.

B: Looking forward to meeting with you!

2.  Repeat

A: Excuse me, Professor, is there a time when I could meet with you?

B: I could meet with you tomorrow anywhere from two until four; what time works out best?

A: I would like to come in at three o’clock.

B: I am glad that that works out; can you find my office?

A: Yes, I can.

B: Just follow the walkway to the outside and climb the stairs to the third floor.

A: I got it.

B: If you do get lost, just ask someone in the building to point the way.

A: Thank you, I’ll be there.

B: If you need to cancel your appointment, please give me a call!

3.  Repeat

A: Professor, do you have a few moments when I could meet with you?

B: I schedule my appointments from two to four on Saturday; what works best for you?

A: Three would be a good time.

B: Great, do you need directions to my office?

A: I’m not sure.

B: Well, just make sure to go through the double doors, and I’ll be on the right.

A: OK, I’ll find it.

B: It’s very easy to find.

A: See you then.

B: I will enjoy seeing you; have a good week!

7. Calling to Report a Cockroach Problem (1)

1.  Repeat

A: Excuse me, Professor. I have to talk to you about why my homework didn’t get done.

B: What happened that you didn’t get it done?

A: I had to watch a football game instead.

B: Well, you had more than one day; couldn’t you have fit it in on another day?

A: Yes, I think so.

B: Either way, I only allow one missed assignment per semester. When will you be turning the make-up in?

A: I’ll make it up next week.

B: Fine, but it cannot happen again if you want an “A” in the class.

A: OK, I can do that.

B: Remember that you are in college now, not high school.

2.  Repeat

A: I don’t have my homework today.

B: You usually are good about turning it in; what happened?

A: I was really sick.

B: But couldn’t you have done it when you felt better?

A: Yes, I probably could.

B: You have already missed one other assignment; when can I expect the make-ups?

A: Next class meeting.

B: That will be soon enough, but make sure you get next week’s assignment in as well, all right?

A: That would work for me.

B: Good. I know that you are capable of being an excellent student.

3.  Repeat

A: Let me tell you what happened to my homework.

B: OK, go ahead–what is the excuse THIS time?

A: Actually, I did it, but then it got lost.

B: Could you have gotten it done at another time?

A: Yes, I could.

B: You have never missed an assignment before–when will you be making this one up?

A: I’ll make it up early next week.

B: That would work, but don’t let it happen again.

A: I’ll try.

B: That will solve it then. Let’s work hard to not let it happen again.

8. Calling to Report a Cockroach Problem (2)

1.  Repeat

A: Excuse me, Professor. I think there might be an error in my test score.

B: Sure. Do you think that the total is wrong or that you got something marked wrong that should have been marked right?

A: I think that the percentage is incorrect.

B: Let’s just go over all of it to double-check.

A: Sure, let’s do it.

B: Here is the answer sheet. Do you see a place where I marked something wrong that should have been right?

A: I don’t see any mistakes.

B: OK, now that we’ve gotten those straightened out, let’s total the score.

A: Yes, let’s total it.

B: Well, if I total that like this and divide by this number, I get this total. Do you agree?

A: Yes, you’re right.

B: Well then, we are all straight. Have a good day and thanks for bringing that to my attention.

2.  Repeat

A: I was looking at my test score and think that it should be higher.

B: Is the math wrong or the way the answer was marked?

A: I think an answer got marked wrong that should have been marked right.

B: These things can happen; let’s double-check the answers first to be sure, all right?

A: That would be great!

B: Look at the answer sheet and compare it to your answers. Do you see any place where I made a mistake in grading?

A: This one right here should be right.

B: Yeah, I see the same thing; now we can do the math and check that, right?

A: Yeah, let’s do the math.

B: I count all of the correct answers, total them, and divide by the total. Does this look right to you?

A: Looks pretty good.

B: Thank you for caring enough to check on your scores; keep studying!

3.  Repeat

A: Could we go over some things, because I think my test score is wrong.

B: What do you think is wrong, the math or the way your answer was scored?

A: Both.

B: I am willing to take a second look because teachers make mistakes, too. Will that work for you?

A: Yeah, I’m ready.

B: Check your answers against the ones on the answer sheet and let me know where you see the mistake.

A: These look strange.

B: Yes, I agree; let’s move on to the calculating of the score. Would that be OK?

A: OK, let’s do the calculation.

B: We add all of these up and divide by this and that gives us this percentage.

A: I see.

B: Anytime you have a question, please feel free to ask!

9. Asking about the Hotel Gym

1.  Repeat

A: Do you have the notes from last week’s class?

B: Did you come late?

A: I couldn’t make it.

B: Why is that?

A: I was sick.

B: Oh, okay. Well, here you go.

A: Are these all of them?

B: Oh, wait, here are the rest.

A: Thanks a bunch.

B: Don’t mention it.

2.  Repeat

A: Do you mind if I borrow the notes from last week?

B: Were you here last week?

A: I was unable to make it.

B: How come?

A: I was sick that day, and couldn’t make it.

B: Well, here are the notes.

A: Are there any more?

B: Sorry, here you go.

A: Thanks a lot.

B: No problem.

3.  Repeat

A: Let me get last week’s notes.

B: Yeah, sure–you didn’t come to class that day?

A: I couldn’t come.

B: Why not?

A: I wasn’t feeling well.

B: Here they are.

A: Thanks a lot; are these all the notes?

B: Oh, no, this is the rest.

A: Thank you very much.

B: It’s no problem at all.

10. Asking for More Amenities

1.  Repeat

A: I was wondering how you are going to calculate our final grades.

B: Grades are based on many things: homework, attendance, quizzes, mid-term, and final.

A: What counts the most?

B: Actually I look at all of it and let’s not forget class participation.

A: Do you grade on a curve or use percentages?

B: Homework, attendance, and quizzes are sixty percent; the mid-term and final are worth twenty percent each.

A: What if we miss something?

B: I will allow one unexcused absence; after that you need to contact me ahead of time.

A: Will you tell us if we are failing during the year?

B: You will be able to track your progress during the year.

2.  Repeat

A: What do you base our grades on?

B: All of your coursework is important, including everything from attendance and homework to all of your test results for the semester.

A: Does the final count the most?

B: All of it is important; please just do your best at all times.

A: How do you total our scores?

B: The final and mid-term are twenty percent each; homework, attendance, and quizzes are the rest.

A: What if we are out sick?

B: Make sure you contact me as I only allow one unexcused absence.

A: How can we know if we are doing OK during the year?

B: Your grade will not be a surprise; you will know what you need to work on.

3.  Repeat

A: How do you decide what grade we get?

B: I look at many things: attendance, quizzes, and tests.

A: What is the most important factor?

B: Obviously I look for improvement as we go along, but I would like you to do your best from the beginning.

A: How can we keep track of our grades?

B: The final and midterm are 40 percent of your grade; homework, attendance, and quizzes total 60 percent.

A: What if we can’t get to school?

B: You can only miss one class without penalty.

A: If we have a major problem, will you let us know?

B: I will be letting you know during the year if you have a major problem.

11. Asking Where to Make a Copy

1.  Repeat

A: I’d like to talk to you about my grades.

B: Sure! What exactly do you have questions about?

A: I am worried that I messed up on a test.

B: Well, let me take a look at my grade book. How do YOU think you are doing?

A: I think I am doing great, except for that one test!

B: Well, your scores show that you could do a little better. What do you think you could improve on?

A: I think that I could study a little harder for tests.

B: Fine! Please remember that regular attendance is the most important way to begin.

A: Yes, I know.

B: I’m sure you’ll do fine.

2.  Repeat

A: Could you talk to me for a few minutes about my grades?

B: Step into my office for a moment. What is your concern?

A: Am I failing?

B: Let’s go on the computer to see what’s up. Do you think you are doing well?

A: I am pretty sure that I am in trouble.

B: I can see that you are trying, but where do you think you could improve?

A: I missed a few classes; I need to make sure I come to school on a regular basis.

B: Having a regular study routine and following it is very important, right?

A: I’ll try; it’s hard!

B: Thanks for stopping by!

3.  Repeat

A: Professor, I’m concerned about my grades. Do you have a minute?

B: Of course, how can I help you?

A: I want to know if I am doing OK.

B: Let’s pull out your scores so far. Do you think you are doing OK?

A: I am afraid that I might not be doing all that well.

B: I’m seeing that you are doing OK in some areas, but not so well in others.

A: I think I could take better notes and read a little more.

B: You can greatly improve your grades by always reflecting on what you can improve on.

A: I’m working on it!

B: Just do your best and I am sure that you will see improvement.

12. Calling to Report a Medical Emergency

1.  Repeat

A: Excuse me, Professor. I am going to miss next week’s class.

B: Is this something that you could schedule for another time?

A: No, I have to do this; it’s important!

B: Have you arranged for someone to take notes for you?

A: I’ve made arrangements with a friend to help me.

B: You know that I only allow one absence per semester, don’t you?

A: Yes, I know.

B: Write down your name and the date on a piece of paper and give it to me.

A: OK, I can do that.

B: Well, have a good day off from class.

2.  Repeat

A: Professor, I will not be here for our next class meeting.

B: Is this absolutely necessary?

A: I tried to work something out, but I really do have to miss one class.

B: Will you be able to make up the work you missed?

A: I’m going to be doing a lot of extra reading.

B: Remember that I will only let you miss one class meeting per semester.

A: Yes, I remember.

B: Could you e-mail me this week as a reminder?

A: Sure, no problem.

B: Make good use of that day off; you’ll only have one this semester!

3.  Repeat

A: I have to miss school next week.

B: Isn’t there some way you could work your schedule out to be here?

A: Unfortunately, this is what I have to do.

B: How are you going to catch up?

A: I’ve got it all covered.

B: If you miss this class, you will have used up your quota for the semester.

A: Don’t worry, this will be the last class I miss.

B: Make sure to remind me right before you are absent.

A: I’ll remember.

B: Enjoy your day off and don’t forget to study!

13. Calling for a Wireless Connection

1.  Repeat

A: Professor, I am going to need to leave class early today.

B: What is the problem?

A: I need to go to the airport to pick up a relative.

B: Are you planning on having someone take notes for you?

A: Yes, I’ve got that part covered.

B: When, exactly do you need to leave?

A: I don’t need to leave until the very end of class.

B: Fine, but next time try and not have to miss class again.

A: Thanks, Professor. See you later!

B: See you later! Drive carefully.

2.  Repeat

A: Excuse me, Professor, I have a problem and need to leave class early.

B: Why do you have to leave early?

A: I am not feeling well.

B: Could you make it up by attending my other section this week?

A: Yes, it’s all taken care of.

B: Are you leaving right away or can you stay for a few more minutes?

A: I can stay a few more minutes.

B: OK, but please make sure that you get all of your make-up work completed.

A: Thanks, Professor. I’ve got it covered!

B: Go do what you have to do, but make sure it doesn’t happen again.

3.  Repeat

A: I am sorry, but I can’t stay until the end of class.

B: Where do you need to be that is more important than school?

A: I have an appointment.

B: Do you have a plan to make up your missed work?

A: No, but I’ll make sure someone helps me out this week with my missed work.

B: Are you going to go right away?

A: I am leaving right now.

B: All right, but please remember that it is your responsibility to catch up.

A: Thanks, Professor. I’ll make sure everything gets taken care of.

B: Goodbye, and try not to miss any more school.

14. Requesting More Supplies for the Minibar

1.  Repeat

A: I have an appointment for 1:30.

B: What can I help you with?

A: Well, I have a problem with my class schedule.

B: What is it?

A: It seems that I’ve been given two classes scheduled at the same time.

B: I can understand the problem with that.

A: Is there any way that you can fix my schedule?

B: No problem, do you want those classes still?

A: Yes, I do.

B: Let me see if I can find one of these classes on another day.

A: Thank you very much.

2.  Repeat

A: I’m here for my appointment.

B: What can I do for you today?

A: I have an issue with my schedule.

B: Tell me the problem.

A: I have two classes on here that are at the same time.

B: Oh, I see.

A: Can you change that for me?

B: Do you still want both classes?

A: Yes, I would like to keep both classes.

B: I’ll try to change one to a different day.

A: I would greatly appreciate that.

3.  Repeat

A: I was supposed to meet with you at 1:30.

B: Yes, I see. What did you need to see me about?

A: There’s a problem with my schedule.

B: What’s the problem?

A: Two of my classes occur at the same time.

B: Well, I can see that’s a problem.

A: Is it at all possible for you to fix that error?

B: Yes, I can. Would you still like to have both of these classes?

A: I want to keep both of them, if that’s possible.

B: Well, let me find you one of these classes on a different day.

A: Thanks a lot.

15. Asking about the Swimming Pool

1.  Repeat

A: I am unsure how to add a class and need help.

B: I have an opening. Do you have an add sheet for me to sign?

A: Yes, I have an add sheet.

B: After I sign it, you must take it to the Admissions and Records Office to add the class. Do you know where that is?

A: No, I’m not sure.

B: When you cross the quad, the office is right in front of you. Go inside and follow the signs to the correct line.

A: Thanks. I understand what to do now.

B: It should be easy to find. After you add the class, check with me in a few weeks to make sure that you are on my roll sheet.

A: That sounds good.

B: Good, just make sure that you do the same thing if you ever need to drop a class. Good luck!

2.  Repeat

A: Professor, can you help me add your class?

B: You have to bring me an add sheet to sign. Do you have one?

A: No, I will have to get an add sheet.

B: You must take the signed add slip to the Admissions and Records Office to add the class. Do you know where that is?

A: No, I don’t know where that is.

B: The office is in front of you as you cross the quad. The signs in the hallway will tell you where you need to be.

A: I think I can find it.

B: You’ll find it easily. Make sure you add the class and then we will look at the roll sheet later to make sure that you were added on.

A: Thank you for letting me add your class.

B: To drop a class, you need to do the same thing with a drop slip. Good luck!

3.  Repeat

A: I am not sure how to add a class.

B: Do you have an add sheet for me to sign?

A: I’ll bring one next time.

B: When you get the signed add slip, you must take it to the Admissions and Records Office or you will not be added. Can you find the office?

A: I think I know where it is.

B: Across the courtyard on the right is the office. Follow the signs to the correct line. Is that clear?

A: Thank you for your directions. It’s clear.

B: You can’t miss it. Add the class and then come back. We’ll check later to make sure you are on the roll sheet.

A: That’s great. Thank you so much.

B: Do the same thing with a drop slip if you ever need to drop a class. Good luck!

16. Getting a Taxi via the Front Desk

1.  Repeat

A: When are we leaving for our field trip?

B: Our science field trip is next Monday at 8:00 in the morning. Can you mark that on your calendar?

A: Yes, I will write that down.

B: That will be Monday, December 2nd. We need to start loading the buses half an hour early, so plan to arrive at 7:30.

A: Yes, I will be there on time.

B: We will return 6 days later on December 8th. Will someone be picking you up?

A: Yes, someone is coming to get me.

B: The return bus will leave the campground at 5:00 p.m. and return to campus 3 hours later at 8:00 p.m.

A: What should we bring with us?

B: I am going to post all of that information on the geology club web page. Check it out when you get a chance. See you Monday!

2.  Repeat

A: Can you tell me what the date and time of our field trip is?

B: We are leaving on our science field trip at 8:00 a.m. next Monday. Do you have something to write that down on?

A: Yes, I can write that on my calendar.

B: That will be on the second of December. Be there ½ an hour early to get your bags on the bus. Do you understand?

A: Yes, I understand.

B: The bus will bring you back 6 days later on December 8th. Is someone coming to get you?

A: No, I don’t have a ride yet.

B: We will be leaving the campground at 5:00 in the evening and arrive at our campus at 8:00 p.m. Any more questions?

A: How much will the trip cost?

B: I put all of that information in the packet. I’ll give you another copy if you need one. See you on Monday!

3.  Repeat

A: What date will our field trip be on?

B: The science field trip is next Monday at 8 o’clock in the morning. Do you want to make note of that on your calendar?

A: Yes, I will make note of that.

B: Next Monday is December 2nd. The buses will leave at 8, but we must begin loading at 7:30.

A: Be there half an hour early.

B: You might want to tell whoever is picking you up that you will return on December 8th. Do you have a ride?

A: Yes, someone is picking me up.

B: To get back to campus by 8:00 p.m., we will be leaving the campsite at 5:00 p.m. Do you have any more questions?

A: Not at the moment—maybe later, though.

B: All of the extra information that you need is on the bulletin board in the hallway. See you on Monday!

17. Checking Out

1.  Repeat

A: Hi, could you help me find a place where I could buy some lunch?

B: Sure! What kind of food would you like?

A: I was thinking of pizza or something else Italian, maybe.

B: I know the perfect place!

A: Good! Where is it?

B: It’s right past that last building on the left. Do you want me to go with you?

A: That would be great.

B: Glad you asked me to join you. This will be fun!

2.  Repeat

A: Man, I’m hungry. Do you know a good place to have lunch?

B: Yes, I know a great place. What types of food do you like?

A: Mexican, Japanese or Chinese would be great.

B: Oh, I know a place where you might like to eat.

A: Is it close by?

B: It’s down a block on the right; can I show you the way?

A: OK, I’d love the company.

B: This will work out well. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

3.  Repeat

A: Let’s have some lunch; do you know of a great restaurant somewhere?

B: I’m hungry, too. What types of food sound good?

A: Maybe just a quick sandwich, salad, or something.

B: I have a great idea of where you might like to go.

A: Can we walk there?

B: It’s on the second floor. May I join you?

A: Of course! Let’s go.

B: Let’s hurry. I’m starving!

18. Disputing the Bill

1.  Repeat

A: Can you help me figure out how to use this machine?

B: Yes, I would be happy to help. What do you want to buy?

A: I want to buy that candy.

B: OK. So this machine will make change if you need it. Do you have your dollars ready?

A: Yeah, so far, so good.

B: Next, you feed your dollars into the machine in the slot. Make sure they are smooth.

A: Yeah, I already knew that.

B: I’m sure you know that if the dollar gets stuck, you might have to re-feed it.

A: OK, let’s move on!

B: Now you just make your selection and pray. If nothing comes out, try again or call the number on the side of the machine.

A: I hope it works!

B: Well, good luck!

2.  Repeat

A: I’ve never seen a machine like this before and need some help.

B: Sure, no problem. What are you trying to get?

A: I want to buy a drink.

B: OK. This machine needs you to use that change machine first to get correct change.

A: I’ve got the correct change already.

B: First you put your money in the dollar slot or the coin slot. The dollars have to be smooth.

A: OK, what next?

B: Just know that sometimes the money doesn’t go in perfectly the first time and you have to try again.

A: OK, next?

B: Choose what you want and push the button. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries.

A: I agree with you.

B: Hope that works for you!

3.  Repeat

A: I want to know how to buy something from this machine.

B: Yeah, the new ones can be tricky. What are you trying to buy?

A: I want to buy one of those snack things.

B: Are you ready to go?

A: I’m clear so far.

B: The money goes in the slot over there. It has to be smooth to go in.

A: It won’t go in!

B: Just remember that you might have to feed the money in a couple of times to get it to work.

A: Yes, next step.

B: Make your selection and hope for the best. Vending machines aren’t all that reliable.

A: They’re totally unreliable.

B: You seem to have it down. Have a good day!

19. Storing Luggage for a Few Hours

1.  Repeat

A: Excuse me. I am interested in getting a library card.

B: Sure, let me give you an application. You can fill it out right here at the counter.

A: OK, here it is.

B: Let me take a look at this for you. May I have your driver’s license, please?

A: Here’s my license and form.

B: You seem to have filled the form out all right. Are you familiar with our rules and fines?

A: Yes, I know what to do.

B: The hours and limitations are printed on the card and this handout.

A: OK, I see.

B: Thank you for joining the library; we look forward to serving you.

2.  Repeat

A: I was wondering if you could help me to get a library card.

B: Of course, just fill out this form and let me know when you are finished.

A: I’m finished.

B: I will also need your driver’s license; hand me the filled-out form, please.

A: OK, the form is all filled out.

B: Perfect! Do you know the hours and rules for the library?

A: No, I have no idea what they are.

B: Everything you need to know is printed on the card and handout.

A: Yes, right.

B: Great! You are all set to enjoy the library.

3.  Repeat

A: Good morning. Is this where I can get a library card issued to me?

B: No problem, we have a short form right here; just hand it to me when you are done.

A: I’m done.

B: That looks great, but I will also need your driver’s license or other form of I.D.

A: Sure, here it all is.

B: Well, this looks nice. Do you know how to use it?

A: I am pretty sure how to use it, but can you remind me?

B: Of course, just remember that all of the needed information is on the card.

A: I see.

B: Well, I hope you have a wonderful time on your library visits!

20. To Hold a Parcel for Pick-up

1.  Repeat

A: Can you help me with returning my late books?

B: This is the right spot to pay your fee. Put your books down right here.

A: OK, here they are.

B: I can see that you owe 25 cents a day. That will be one dollar and fifty cents total.

A: OK, here’s the money.

B: We are interested in getting our books back; so as long as all the fines are paid off by the end of the semester, you will be fine. Does that make sense?

A: I’m not sure.

B: Your registration and transcripts can be held up if there is an outstanding fine.

A: Now I understand.

B: Well, you can always keep your late fees down by using the night drop if we are closed. Enjoy the library!

2.  Repeat

A: These books should have been turned in last week.

B: You have come to the correct place. Hand me your books.

A: Here they are.

B: Whoa, these are pretty late! You owe five dollars total to clear your fine.

A: I don’t have the money right now.

B: We only require that all fines must be paid off by the end of the semester. So you will be okay to go.

A: What would happen if I didn’t pay it?

B: It’s really important to always clear your fines, so you’ll get a report card and transcripts on time.

A: Yeah, but I don’t know how they can do that.

B: Always remember that the night drop is here, and we really appreciate you returning your books for all to use.

3.  Repeat

A: My library books are late, where can I put them?

B: This is where they need to be turned in. Let me see them to check the date, OK?

A: Yeah, I think that they are really late!

B: Not all that late. You only owe the library fifty cents.

A: What if I can’t pay it?

B: We appreciate you paying off all fines as soon as possible, but always before the end of the semester.

A: Yeah, I get it.

B: Your report card and transcripts will be held until you pay all fines, so always make sure that you do that.

A: That’s not really fair!

B: If we aren’t here, always feel free to use the night drop outside. Thanks for coming in!

21. Calling to Cancel a Reservation

1.  Repeat

A: Excuse me, could you help me figure out how to use this new parking meter?

B: Sure, it was confusing for me also. Have you ever used a regular meter?

A: Yes, I understood the old one.

B: Well, on this one you can use coins or a debit or credit card; which one would you like to use?

A: Debit or credit card.

B: OK. Now, do you see what the rate is on the sticker?

A: Yes.

B: OK, now that we know what it will cost, put the money or card into the machine.

A: Yes, I can do that.

B: Wonderful; now, this machine asks you the number of your spot, so put that in also.

A: Yes, I’m ready.

B: All you have to do now is take your receipt and put it on your dashboard.

2.  Repeat

A: Whoa, I never saw a meter like this before; how do you use it?

B: It’s simple, once you do it a few times. Do you know how the old one worked?

A: I never used a parking meter before.

B: So we start out by deciding whether you will use cash or a credit or debit card.

A: Cash.

B: Fine, can you read the rate on the display?

A: Yes, I can.

B: Fine. Now that we know what they are ripping us off for, insert the payment.

A: I’d rather not pay, but I have to.

B: Fine, this machine does not ask you the number of your spot, so we can move on, all right?

A: Perfect, let’s do it.

B: Now just check the meter to see how many minutes you have.

3.  Repeat

A: This parking meter is really confusing. Can you help me figure it out?

B: It’s just like the old one, but with new stuff added.

A: Yeah, OK.

B: The first step is deciding on debit or credit card payment, so which one is it?

A: I have coins.

B: Perfect. Now, can you see the rate on the sign?

A: I didn’t see that, but now I do.

B: Once you know what it will cost, put the payment in.

A: Here it goes!

B: You are doing great! Let’s move on to the next step.

A: I am a little confused.

B: Just make sure that everything registered, and then you are good to go!

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