14 thoughts on “Cat Among the Pigeons by Agatha Christie

  1. EnOn - English Online says:

    0:00 Prologue: Summer Term

    13:31 Chapter I: Revolution in Ramat

    21:00 Chapter II: The Woman on the Balcony

    32:59 Chapter III: Introducing Mr Robinson

    43:25 Chapter IV: Return of a Traveller

    54:37 Chapter V: Letters from Meadowhank School

    1:00:04 Chapter VI: Early Days

    1:06:07 Chapter VII: Straws in the Wind

    1:14:18 Chapter VIII: Murder

    1:24:04 Chapter IX: Cat among the pigeons

    1:30:51 Chapter X: Fantastic story

    1:38:59 Chapter XI: Conference

    1:43:59 Chapter XII: New Lamps for old

    1:52:42 Chapter XIII: Catastrophe

    2:03:28 Chapter XIV: Miss Chadwick Lies Awake.

    2:08:50 Chapter XV: Murder Repeats Itself

    2:16:25 Chapter XVI: The Riddle of the Sports Pavilion

    2:27:14 Chapter XVII: Aladdin's cave.

    2:37:52 Chapter XVIII: Consultation

    2:45:25 Chapter XIX: Consultation Continued

    2:54:58 Chapter XX: Conversation

    3:00:21 Chapter XXI: Gathering Threads

    3:09:54 Chapter XXII: Siddhant in Anatolia

    3:11:56 Chapter XXIII: Showdown

    3:29:51 Chapter XXIV: Pyro Explains

    3:39:01 Chapter XXV: Legacy

  2. LM says:

    I love the dramatization. My only small issue is that whomever is voicing Poirot makes him sound like Peter Lorre in Mr. Moto. It drives me crazy & makes it hard to focus on what a Belgian Poirot would actually sound. The rest of the stories are wonderfully read.

  3. Annie Chua says:

    For listening to an interesting story this is great. But to help those who use this to learn English, it would be helpful if the written story on the screen was edited. Eg Anne/Ann and Miss Bulstrode with a capital B. The reading is great, thank you.

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