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00:00 Divorce
Mary’s parents just got a divorce. Mary is very upset. She thinks that her parents don’t love her anymore. She thinks that they got a divorce because of her. She is wrong. Her parents love her just as much as they always did. They aren’t getting divorced because of Mary. Sometimes, marriages just don’t work out. It isn’t really anyone’s fault. Marriage isn’t easy. It is hard for two people to stay together for a lifetime. Sometimes, people change as they get older, and they move on. Some people have perfectly good marriages, and they stay together for their entire lives. Divorce doesn’t happen because the parents don’t love the children anymore. A lot of children feel that it is their fault, but it isn’t their fault at all. Children neither cause the divorce, nor can they prevent it. It is up to the parents. Divorce isn’t the end of the world. Children can still see both parents and stay with them. Life goes on. Sometimes children can get new stepmothers or stepfathers. That can be a good thing. You just have to be understanding, and know that your parents still love you. Life doesn’t always go the way that we planned it, but it has its twists and turns. Life is an adventure. If your parents get a divorce, just be understanding. Know that they love you and that this is a hard time for them. It is a hard time for you too, but these things have a way of working themselves out in the end.
01:38 If my Fish Could Talk
I have a goldfish. He swims around in his bowl all day. He looks bored. I look inside the bowl and watch him. His mouth always moves. He looks like he is talking. I imagine what my goldfish would say if he really could talk. I think he would say: “Hey, I’m bored in this little bowl. Why don’t you get me a bigger tank with more fish in it? I would like to have some friends to swim around with.” I went out and bought a bigger tank for my goldfish. I put some plants at the bottom of the tank, and I got a miniature deep-sea diver to put at the bottom of the tank. I looked into the tank and imagined what my goldfish was saying. He seemed to be saying: “This is a nice tank. It’s roomy in here, and you decorated it well, but I still don’t have any friends to swim with.” I went to the pet store and bought three more goldfish. I put them into the tank. All of the goldfish seemed to look at each other. They swam near each other and seemed to be playing games. I knew which one was my goldfish because he has a black spot on his fin. I looked at him, and imagined that he was talking again. He said: “This is great! I have a big new home and friends to swim with. These are nice goldfish that you brought home for me; thank you.” Goldfish can’t really talk. I know that. I just like to pretend that my goldfish talks. He seems very happy now with his nice new home, and his new friends. I don’t think goldfish can smile either, but it looks like my goldfish has a smile on his face.
03:21 The Best Teacher
06:45 How to Avoid Catching a Cold
08:52 The Future
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