1. Dating Discussion

1.  Repeat

A: Do you enjoy going on dates?

B: Yes. I find dates to be a lot of fun.

A: What’s so fun about them?

B: They give me the opportunity to get to know someone better.

A: So you always have fun on dates?

B: Not always. I don’t always like the person I’m on the date with.

A: Why not?

B: My date may not be my type.

A: So then why would you ask them out in the first place?

B: I didn’t realize until after our date that they weren’t my type.

A: Sounds like a huge waste of time to me.

B: Now that I think about it, it really is sometimes.

2.  Repeat

A: Do you like dating?

B: It’s really a lot of fun.

A: What makes it so much fun?

B: It makes it easier to get to know somebody.

A: Are dates always fun to you?

B: Sometimes I may not like the person I’m having a date with.

A: Why is that?

B: The other person isn’t always my type.

A: Why would you bother going out with them then?

B: I didn’t know that they weren’t my type until after I got to know them better.

A: It seems to me that you’re wasting your time.

B: You are absolutely correct, sometimes it is a waste.

3.  Repeat

A: Are dates fun for you?

B: I enjoy dating a lot.

A: Why are they so fun for you?

B: Dates allow me to meet new people.

A: Your dates are always fun?

B: Well, I don’t always like who I’m dating; so not always.

A: How come?

B: The person I am dating may not be my type.

A: How come you asked them out if they weren’t your type?

B: You don’t always know what type of person you go on a date with until you know them well enough.

A: Dating sounds pointless.

B: Now that you mention it, sometimes you’re right.

2. Asking for a Date (1)

1.  Repeat

A: Can I ask you a question?

B: Sure, what’s up?

A: Well, I was just wondering if you’d like to go out this Friday.

B: Really?

A: Yeah, I was thinking we could get a bite to eat and catch a movie.

B: That sounds like fun.

A: Of course, we can do something else if you’d like.

B: No, no, dinner and a movie sounds great.

A: Well, what time would you like me to pick you up?

B: How about 7:30?

A: That sounds good, so I’ll see you then.

B: Okay, cool.

2.  Repeat

A: May I ask you a quick question?

B: Of course.

A: How would you like to go on a date with me this Friday?

B: Seriously?

A: Well, I figured that we could go see a movie and get some dinner.

B: Cool, that sounds like it will be fun.

A: We can always do something else if you’d rather.

B: Not at all. I would love to go to dinner and a movie.

A: That’s great, so what time do you want me to come get you?

B: Is 7:30 okay?

A: Friday at 7:30 sounds perfect.

B: Great. See you then.

3.  Repeat

A: Can I ask you something?

B: Sure you can. What’s going on?

A: Would you go out with me on Friday?

B: Are you for real?

A: I thought that we could go to dinner and a movie.

B: That actually sounds like it would be a lot of fun.

A: Unless there’s something else you would prefer to do.

B: Actually, I would really like to go to dinner and a movie.

A: What time do you want me to come by and pick you up?

B: Is 7:30 cool with you?

A: That’s perfect, so I’ll see you then.

B: Perfect. I will see you on Friday.

3. Asking for a Date (2)

1.  Repeat

A: Hi, Todd, how is it going?

B: Things are going well. How are you, Mary?

A: I’ve also been doing well.

B: You know I’ve been thinking about maybe taking in a movie this weekend. Do you like to go to the movies?

A: Yes, I really enjoy movies.

B: Well, I’ve been hoping that we could spend some time together away from here. I was wondering if you would like to go out Friday evening for dinner and a movie.

A: Sure, that sounds good.

B: Is there any movie in particular that you might be interested in?

A: I was thinking about that movie, “Australia.”

B: Yeah, that looks like one that we both might enjoy. If I picked you up at 7:00, would that work out OK for you?

A: Seven o’clock would be great!

B: Fine, then I’ll see you at 7:00. I am looking forward to a great evening!

2.  Repeat

A: Hey Todd, how are you?

B: I’ve been doing well. How are things with you, Mary?

A: Things are good with me also.

B: Mary, I was looking in the paper at the new movies coming out. Do you enjoy movies?

A: Yes, I go all the time.

B: I was hoping that you and I could maybe spend a Friday evening together. I was wondering if you would like to go with me this Friday to see a movie and get a bite to eat afterwards.

A: I would love to go out with you on Friday.

B: Do you have a certain movie that you would like to see?

A: I’ve heard a lot of things about the movie “Australia.”

B: You know, I was thinking that that would be a good movie to go see together. Would 7:00 be a good time to pick you up?

A: Seven o’clock would be perfect!

B: OK, I’ll pick you up at 7:00 then.

3.  Repeat

A: Todd, how have you been?

B: Everything is good. How have you been, Mary?

A: Perfect, couldn’t be better.

B: Mary, I was thinking that I might go to the movies this weekend. Do you go to the movies very often?

A: Yes, I like going to the movies.

B: Would you be interested in letting me take you to the movies on Friday? Maybe we could get a bite to eat afterwards.

A: I think I would enjoy seeing a movie with you on Friday.

B: I am not sure what movies are out right now. Have you heard of any that you might be interested in?

A: I think that that new movie, “Australia,” looks like it might be good.

B: That movie sounded interesting to me too. If I picked you up at 7:00, would that be too early?

A: I think that seven o’clock will work out well.

B: Perfect! Well, I’ll see you at 7:00 on Friday, then!

4. Meeting a Blind Date

1.  Repeat

A: Hi, are you Mia?

B: I am Mia. You must be Rubin.

A: Yes, that’s me!

B: It’s so good to finally meet you. Karen has told me so much about you!

A: I hope that she had good things to say about me!

B: She had only good things to say. Did you have trouble finding me?

A: Well, how many beautiful women in a red dress by the fountain are there?

B: Thank you for the compliment!

A: So would you like to go get a bite to eat, Mia?

B: That sounds perfect. Lead the way!

2.  Repeat

A: Hi, is your name Mia?

B: Yes, my name is Mia. Are you Rubin?

A: Yes, I am Rubin!

B: Finally! The infamous Rubin! I’ve heard so much about you that I feel like I already know you.

A: Oh no, I hope they had positive things to say.

B: Don’t worry. All of the stories were good. How were you able to find me so quickly?

A: It was pretty easy to find the beautiful woman in a red dress next to the fountain.

B: Well, I guess that kind of narrowed it down!

A: Mia, could I interest you in some lunch down the street at my favorite cafe?

B: Yes, it’s a great day for a little walk and some lunch.

3.  Repeat

A: Hi, I am looking for a woman named Mia.

B: I think I am who you are looking for. You have got to be Rubin, then.

A: That would be me!

B: Rubin! Karen and Mike have spoken about you so often that I feel like I’ve met you before.

A: I hope that what they had to say was mostly good!

B: They only said wonderful things about you. You did a good job of finding me.

A: Finding the beautiful woman in a red dress next to the fountain wasn’t all that hard.

B: Yes, I guess it was a choice of me or the pigeons!

A: I was hoping that we could take a walk down the street to my favorite cafe.

B: Lunch sounds great! Let’s head on out!

5. Calling After the Date

1.  Repeat

A: Hi Linda, this is Todd.

B: Todd, good to hear from you!

A: I just wanted to tell you what a great time I had with you at the movies last week.

B: Me too, Todd! Thanks for suggesting that great movie.

A: I also enjoyed it and was wondering if you would like to go for a hike in the mountains with me on Saturday.

B: I would love to join you on a hike. Could I maybe bring a picnic lunch for us to eat on the trail?

A: Sure Linda, that’s a great suggestion.

B: Fine then, what time are we going to leave?

A: I was thinking maybe 9:00 or so, so that we could get started before the heat gets too bad.

B: Nine would be perfect. I’ll see you then!

2.  Repeat

A: Linda, this is Todd calling.

B: Todd, I am so happy you called!

A: Linda, I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed our time together last Friday night.

B: Boy, Todd, that was one great movie you picked out! Thanks for asking me to go with you!

A: I had a great time too and was thinking that maybe you might want to join me for a hike to the waterfalls on Saturday.

B: A hike would be great! Let me pack us a nice picnic lunch, OK?

A: Linda, that would be a perfect addition.

B: I’ll take care of the lunch then, and you can take care of the other plans. What time would you like to pick me up?

A: I was hoping to leave by 9:00 so that it won’t be too hot for the hike.

B: Nine is a great time to get started. I’ll see you on Saturday!

3.  Repeat

A: Oh hi, Linda, this is Todd.

B: Yes, Todd, how nice to hear your voice!

A: Linda, I just wanted to say that I had a wonderful evening with you last Friday.

B: I really enjoyed our evening together, Todd.

A: I had fun also and was wondering if you would like to go hiking with me in the mountains on Saturday.

B: Hiking would be perfect! May I bring along a picnic lunch for us to share?

A: A picnic lunch would be a nice thing to have along.

B: I’ll work on the lunch, and you can work out the details of where we will go. What time will you be at my house?

A: Nine would be good, don’t you think?

B: Nine is good. See you on Saturday!

6. An Argument

1.  Repeat

A: John, I was talking to the travel agent about where we might be taking our vacation this year.

B: I am going fishing in Alaska with my friend, Mark.

A: What are you talking about?

B: What’s wrong with heading out with Mark for vacation?

A: You and I have been together for a whole year, and our vacation time should be about the two of us!

B: Really? Who made that rule up?

A: With that attitude, I don’t really think we have much more to discuss here.

B: That works for me!

2.  Repeat

A: John, I was looking through some magazines for ideas about where we might go on vacation this year.

B: I’ve already told my buddy, Mark, that I am going hunting with him in Alaska.

A: You can’t be serious!

B: Hey, I’ve always gone hunting or fishing on vacation. I am sorry that bothers you.

A: After a year together, I thought it pretty safe to assume that we would automatically spend our vacation together.

B: Says who? I don’t think that is necessarily the case.

A: You know, now that I think about it, I really don’t have much more to say to you at all!

B: Whatever you say!

3.  Repeat

A: Brian and Christina were mentioning that maybe it would be fun to go on vacation together this year, John.

B: I thought that I already told you that I am going with Mark to Alaska.

A: Are you kidding me?

B: You know what? You and I had no plans, so I made plans with Mark. What’s the problem?

A: We have been together for a year and usually, people who’ve been together a year, take their vacation together.

B: I don’t think that I ever heard of that rule before. Any more rules that you would like to tell me about?

A: Go on your vacation with Mark and when you come back, why don’t you just move in with him as well!

B: I am really looking forward to getting away from you. Far away from you!

7. Rejecting an Invitation

1.  Repeat

A: Joe, how are you doing?

B: I am great! How about you, Mary? How are you?

A: I am doing great! Thank you for asking, Joe.

B: I was wondering if you want to go see a movie with me tonight?

A: I need to stay home tonight and finish my term paper.

B: OK. What about going to the movies on Friday night?

A: What were you planning on seeing?

B: I was thinking about seeing that one about the rapist serial killer.

A: How about “The Secret Life of Bees”?

B: That’s a chick flick!

2.  Repeat

A: Hi Joe, how are you doing today?

B: Things are going good today. How have you been doing, Mary?

A: Things are going well for me, Joe.

B: Want to go see a movie tonight?

A: My parents are taking me to dinner tonight.

B: Could you go with me to the movies on Friday night, instead?

A: What movie did you want to see?

B: There is a new horror flick about a rapist serial killer.

A: I was thinking that I would like to see “The Secret Life of Bees.”

B: Oh great! Sounds like something I need to bring Kleenex to!

3.  Repeat

A: Hey Joe, how have you been?

B: I am doing well. How about you, Mary?

A: I am doing OK, Joe.

B: There is a new movie at the mall that I want to see. Want to go with me?

A: I can’t because I already promised my roommate that I would go shopping with her.

B: I could go to the movies on Friday night instead. Would that be better?

A: Did you have a certain movie in mind?

B: I thought the movie about a serial killer who rapes and mutilates his victims would be a good choice.

A: I kind of wanted to see “The Secret Life of Bees.”

B: Maybe we can think of something somewhere between a chick flick and a horror movie!

8. Stopping the Relationship

1.  Repeat

A: Hi Kara, it’s Mike here.

B: Hi Mike, how are you doing?

A: I’m doing well, and you?

B: Everything is going great.

A: Kara, would you be interested in going to dinner again this Friday?

B: Mike, I had a good time too, but I am getting ready to move back to the east coast, so I think I shouldn’t get too involved right now.

A: Well, we could just go out as friends.

B: Right now, I think I need to really focus on matters at home, but thanks for a nice evening.

2.  Repeat

A: Hi Kara, this is Mike

B: Hello Mike. How are things going for you?

A: Great, how are you?

B: Fine. Everything is just fine.

A: Kara, I had a great time the other night and was wondering if you would like to go out again this weekend.

B: Mike, I enjoyed your company, but I am getting ready to graduate soon. I really need to focus on my studies.

A: Maybe I could help you with what you need to get done.

B: It would be better for me to just deal with getting my work done, but thank you for a lovely dinner.

3.  Repeat

A: Hello, this is Mike, Kara.

B: Mike! Good to hear from you. How are you?

A: Everything is fine, and how are you?

B: Things are going well with me.

A: Kara, I had fun the other night at the movies and was wondering if you would like to go out again this Friday.

B: Mike, I don’t think that it’s a good idea to go out again. I really need to focus on getting packed and ready to move back home.

A: Maybe we could just meet for coffee or something.

B: I can’t really deal with any distractions right now, but I appreciate the nice evening we spent together.

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