[FN] Jesus decides to walk on Earth again : shortstories

After seeing that so many people in the world are suffering, Jesus decides to walk on earth again. The story is set in 1900s.

He chooses a Sunday and a medium size town.

He starts walking towards the church and noticed people staring at him , some smiling others frowning. He notices a sick beggar lying on the side of a road with eyes full of pain, he decides to heal him. He bends to touch his head and heals him. The beggar who was originally expecting some change lights up as his pain vanishes and he feels like a young teen full of energy. He stands up and starts thanking profusely and asks ” Who are you? “.

Jesus replies that he is Jesus, son of God and after seeing so many sufferings on earth he decided to walk again. A crowd was gathered there surrounding him and people who went for the Sunday church mass were also returning and joined the crowd.

” Look another con godman ” Someone said. People started criticising him and gave him threats that he will be beaten badly as he was trying to imitate Jesus with that attire and was mocking him. The beggar immediately jumped forward and started defending him. The crowd soon was divided into two , his supporters and haters. As things normally go, people started demanding proof that he is Jesus . Some asked him to turn water into wine and others asked him to go to swimming pool and walk on water. Jesus saddened by this asked them “If I don’t show you any miracles , am I not Jesus? “. The answer was completely unexpected as even his supporters said that if he doesn’t show any miracle it’s hard to believe he is Jesus. After all how can a human who breathes and looks like us can be the son of ultimate creator? How can another human be superior to us?

While all this was going on someone threw a rock at his face from the crowd. Soon he was captured and brought forward the supporters started shouting that they will kill him . Jesus asked everyone to calm down and asked him why did he throw the stone. The man replied that his family has stopped talking to him and he was harrased multiple times because he was gay and it was your fault. Jesus dumbfounded asked how it was his fault. This led to the man explaining all the core concepts and beliefs of Christianity. Jesus stayed silent for a moment and said that less than 50 percent of what he said was correct and all others were wrong. He then said that God loves all his creation and wouldn’t care if you were Gay and following other religion or being an atheist wasn’t wrong until you are a good human being.

The crowd which was divided into two now United into one all wanting to beat him. They all tied Jesus and were going to throw him at the police station for causing disharmony. The beggar cried and pleaded and asked to take Jesus to the Father of the church as he is the one who is most qualified to decide. The crowd decided that it was not a bad idea and that the Father should decide.

The father was a good old man and prayed to Jesus everyday of his life and has devoted his life to God.

When Jesus was bought into church the father took one look into his eyes and said he was a conman. The crowd started muttering “we knew it ” , the beggar crying. The father said that this issue must be handled by the church and what should will be done to him will be decided by the court tomorrow and till then he should be tied and kept at the attic of the church. Everyone agreed and what said was done. The father then asked everyone to leave and closed all the doors of the church. He ran towards to the attic crying and started cutting Jesus ropes while repeating “I am sorry”. Jesus was confused and he was still in shock that what his followers did to him in a heavy voice he said ” Do you know who I am? “. The father while crying gave a chuckle and said that” I have devoted all my life to you , how can I not recognise you? “. The father then started saying that he knew who he was after just having a glance at him but couldn’t tell the crowd that. ‘The society has a structure though some of its wrong it is stable, the religious books are more political and are changed by the authority as they want from time to time. If you were made free and you started shaking all there beliefs and rules soon they would have crucified you. I couldn’t let that happen to you again. ” Jesus with tears in his eyes understood what the father was saying he hugged the father who was lying on his feet and said that it was okay what he did and thanked him. He walked outside of the church from the backdoor.

A lucky escape.

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