[FN] Magic Mirror : shortstories

The Mansion.

Spring Water Mansion was an old building. David lived there with his girlfriend Rachel. Before they lived there it belonged to an elderly couple. When they died David and Rachel brought the mansion from their family. With all their belongings included.

Locked Door.

David and Rachel had lived in the mansion for quite sometime. But there was one room that they had never been in. Because it was locked and they could not find a key.

David Goes Out.

It’s evening and David has an appointment with his doctor. David is dressed and ready so says goodbye to Rachel. “See you later honey.”

Home A Lone.

Rachel has the mansion to herself. She is getting bored so disides to look for the missing key. She looks in the room where the deceased couple used to sleep. There is a jewellery box sat on a wooden table. Rachel opens the box and lifts out the centre compartment. Underneath she finds the key and walks to the locked door. When she trys the key the door opens. Behind the door is a another bedroom with a four post bed and elaborate mirror. The mirror is dressed with a golden frame.

Inside The Mirror.

Rachel looks at the mirror and has a hot flush. She disappears and reappears behind the mirror. Being behind the mirror she is like a ghost and a reflection of herself. She is trapped inside and can not get out. When see looks around written in blood on the wall is the description of the way out. It says give me the pearl necklace and I will return you.

David Returns Home.

When Dave returns home he finds the open door. So goes inside when he looks at the mirror he is shocked to see Rachel trapped behind. David speaks to Rachel. “What happened to you?” When Rachel replies David sees her lips move but hears nothing. So David gets a pen and piece of paper. It like a game of charades David works out what he has to do. He has to find a pearl necklace.

David Searches.

David searches the mansion for the necklace he spends hours looking. Eventually he finds a photo album and looks at it. One of the pictures shows an elderly lady wearing the necklace. It’s one of the deceased owners of the mansion. David now knows it’s somewhere in the mansion. He looks in the bedroom of the deceased owners. The jewellery box is still open with pearl necklace hanging out. David grabs it and runs to the room with the mirror.

Mirror Room

When he looks in the mirror Rachel is waiting looking bored. David throws the pearl necklace at the mirror it goes straight through and lands in front Rachel. She bends down and picks it up then she puts it around her neck. Rachel disappears and reappears back to normal wearing the pearl necklace.

Just filling space why the 500 words rule I think it a bit much. Some of my stories simply aren’t long enough. I think that 400 to 450 would be more appropriate. Have you had a similar situation?

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