[MF] The pill mill : shortstories

As jack dorsey walked home from school just as every other day his converse all stars kicking up autumn leaves as he went by every house on the way. He gets to his walks inside “mom I’m home” a voice comes from the kitchen “ok honey dinner will be ready in a bit” “I’ll be up in the attic ok” “gotcha” jack takes off his backpack and hangs it on the closet door knob takes off his shoes and heads upstairs. Each step felt like a million years until he finally made it up to the attic home sweet home he thought. He threw himself on to the bed. And stared up at the ceiling, at a yellow water spot his eyes fixated on it. Just then he reaches underneath the matress and pulls out a pill bottle he takes a pill and lays back his eyes still fixated upon the rotting yellow water spot above his bed. Philip Dorsey was filling a prescription. As he did everyday for the past 15 years as a pharmacist at the local grocery store in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. He dropped the pills into the bottle and put the sticker that contains the name of the patient. He walked up to the counter to see a pale nervous little lady standing there biting her nails. “Miss Hendricks your prescription is ready” “oh thank god ya know this kid is driving me up the wall I don’t know what I’m gonna do with him every week he thinks he has a new disease cancer this and cancer that what I think he needs is a good kick in the ass” she puts her hand over her mouth in suprise. Philip hands the bag with the prescription in it over the counter “miss Hendricks please calm down and have a great rest of your day ok” “oh….ok” she walks away embarrassed as the eyes of the other women waiting in line watch her pass by. Philip made it home that day greeted his wife with a kiss on the lips and sat down at the dinner table ready to eat. “Mary where’s jack?” “He said he was going upstairs I think he fell asleep” “oh ok. And how about you pumpkin how was your day at school?” “It was good daddy I drew you a picture” “really for me” Martha walks over to a drawer in the kitchen and reaches in and gets a picture colored in crayon out of the drawer. “Wow look at that you are so talented! You even got my mustache down” Mary laughs from across the table. Jack is standing in front of a structure fire laughing with utter joy as it burns down in front of him. Jack wakes up drenched in sweat looking up at the water stain that seems to have gotten bigger on the ceiling. “Jack buddy you ok in there?” His father calls in “yeah dad I’m fine” “alright why don’t you come down and get something to eat before it gets cold” “alright I’ll be down in a couple minutes” he tucks the pill bottle back underneath the mattress. Later that night as Jake lies awake in bed he gets up sneaks downstairs puts his coat on and out the door he goes. He walks up to the pharmacy where his father works. Moves a dumpster over to the back window climbs on top and over and in he’s inside the pharmacy. He came prepared with a flashlight he shines the light through each of the medicine shelves looking for as he calls it “his vacation in a bottle” he finds the pills and puts them In his backpack and and climbs through the window and back onto the top of the dumpster. From the shadows he hears a voice call out a girls voice “hey get outta there!” “Shit” jack whispers under his breath he slowly sees a figure take shape and walk towards him “Liz Jesus Christ you scared the hell outta me” Liz walks towards him with a gleam in her eyes “whatcha got there” “my stuff” “stuff doesn’t really tell me much” “uppers or downers?” She asked him “downers” he replied “wanna get outta here I know an awesome spot where we could get High” “uh yeah sure” jack and Liz make it up to a hill overlooking the city the moon hanging above the city as if it’s nodding at it. Jack puts the pill in his mouth. “No wait I have a new way it’s way better than just poppin” Liz pulls a spoon a razor blade and matches from her coat pocket “all you have to do is put the needle in your arm and inject” jack was always scared of needles even as a little boy but he’s 17 now and it’s time to grow up he thinks. Jack nods Liz grinds up the pills with the razor blade and puts the fine white powder on the spoon and brings the lighter underneath it. It bubbles and writhes like an open wound she takes a syringe out of her coat pocket and sucks up the melted down pills the syringe is full she hands it over to jack. Jack sticks the needle into his arm and winces and then he releases the poison into his veins his eyes roll back in his head and he falls back staring up at the stars. Liz does the same thing she lays down next to him and holds his hand . They both seem so close but yet they’re so far away from each other. Jack is off thinking about the time he was flying a kite and it got away from him he was running through a sprawling field of poppy’s chasing his kite but instead of running he was floating floating after his kite. He woke up with sunlight blinding him where there once was a moon now was an inferno of sunlight. Jack got up in a panic and ran off to school he ran through the school doors darting down the hall he makes it to the classroom and looks from side to side to find there’s no one there he runs back out into the halls down to the principles office he finds mr Curney a middle aged balding man sitting at his desk reading over some paperwork “mr Dorsey” jack slumps into the chair “I’m so sorry for my lateness i overslept it’s been just crazy lately mr curney” “mr Dorsey it’s Saturday” “what?” “It’s Saturday now go on home” “oh…..ok” jack gets up from his chair and walks out of the office he walks over to the restroom and washes his face with cool water and looks at himself in the mirror he stares and stares as if pondering life itself “why Am I like this?” He asks himself he puts his hands over his eyes and runs them down his face he notices that he’s missing the ring he always wore on his right index finger. out of the corner of the mirror he sees Liz standing there “do you wanna talk?” She says he doesn’t respond and walks out of the bathroom down the hall back into the sunlight. Philip Dorsey walked into work that morning and as he stepped behind the counter he feels something jab underneath his shoe he lifts his foot and picks up a ring “jack” he whispers to himself he looks at the cabinet to find a couple bottles of pills were missing he picks up his suitcase in a hurry and rushes out of the pharmacy he gets into his car tires screeching as he pulls away. Jack is standing in the attic with a red gas can in his hand he scatters the gas around the whole attic with tears streaming down his face he throws the can and sits back into an old rocking chair he chops up some pills into a fine dust and pours it into the spoon and he lights a match underneath the spoon he tosses the match the attic is slowly going up in flames around him he injects and lays back in the rocking chair and stairs up at the yellow water stain on the ceiling with a faint smile on his face. By the time Philip pulled into the driveway the house was in ruin he stumbled out of his car and fell to the pavement sobbing. Later on the news vans pulled up the coroner came the ambulance came Liz was riding her bike down the street autumn leaves crunching and crackling underneath the wheels she stops her bike and she asks a little boy that was standing outside eating an ice cream cone “what happened?” “This kid killed himself took the house with him” “who was he?” “I don’t know I think they said his name was jack darsey or Dorsey something like that” “hm never heard of him” she rode on down the street the black smoke still billowing up into the clouds. THE END

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