15 thoughts on “Mutiny On The Bounty by Charles Nordhoff

  1. Mac McCaskill says:

    The Mutiny on the Bounty was a real event. There have been at least 2 famous movies made, in 1935 and in 1962. The 1962 film starred Trevor Howard as Capt Bligh and Marlon Brando as Fletcher Christian.
    There are many clips from both movies on YT. Here is the link to a documentary about the mutiny :
    There is also a full-length Libravox recording of Capt Bligh's own book about the mutiny. (6hrs 20 mins).
    There are many other shorter items available.

  2. Ihssane stark says:

    Sir, thank you so much. Good choice of the story.
    The texte combination is perfect, fluide language as usual, the sequence of events is good.and such creativity in the performance of the reader. Thanks to him.

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