15 thoughts on “Psycho by Robert Bloch

  1. EnOn - English Online says:

    Please use the timestamp to follow chapters:

    00:00 CHAPTER 1: Marion and Sam

    03:33 CHAPTER 2: Marion's Plan

    08:51 CHAPTER 3: Bates Motel

    13:50 CHAPTER 4: Norman

    18:05 CHAPTER 5: Mad Things

    23:30 CHAPTER 6: As Clean as Snow

    27:13 CHAPTER 7: The Swamp

    29:56 CHAPTER 8: Lila

    34:14 CHAPTER 9: A Few Questions

    40:59 CHAPTER 10: Shadow Behind the Curtain

    43:33 CHAPTER 11: A Visit to the Sheriff

    50:46 CHAPTER 12: Room One

    57:18 CHAPTER 13: The House on the Hill

    01:03:14 CHAPTER 14: The Cellar

    01:08:06 CHAPTER 15: Look at that Fly on My Hand

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  5. Louise Jane says:

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  6. Aurora says:

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  7. Jay Joy2 says:

    Thank you so much!!! I 've heard a lot about 'Psycho' as a famous classic movie. But the only I knew about this movie was just that scene where a beautiful woman being in a bathtub nd then a shadow of knife coming close to her and next screaming!!!. That's the all I knew about!!! However after listening to this whole story I finally understand why this movie became legendary classic movie !!! Greate story This is amazing!!! Interesting story ever !!!! Thanks for uploading xoxo!!

  8. Ihssane stark says:

    Psycho is the most Amazing story.
    Strange events, mad things, agressive description, absolutely terrifying. Difficult to expect who was behind the crime. "The son or the mother"
    Sir, thank you.

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