Renting an Apartment

Part I

1. Scheduling an Apartment Viewing

1.  Repeat

A: Hi, can I speak with the apartment manager, please?

B: Hello, this is the apartment manager speaking.

A: I’m calling about the apartment for rent on Main Street.

B: Would you be interested in seeing the apartment?

A: I would love to see it.

B: Are you free today at around 6 p.m.?

A: Yes, I will be able to make it then.

B: Well, I’ll see you at 6 p.m. Do you know how to get there?

A: I used to live in that area.

B: I’ll give you an application form when I see you.

A: That sounds good. Do I need to bring anything?

B: No. Just bring yourself.

2.  Repeat

A: Hello, I was wondering if I could talk with the apartment manager.

B: I am the apartment manager. How can I help you?

A: I was wondering if the apartment on Main Street is still available.

B: Yes, it’s still vacant. Are you interested in seeing it?

A: Yes, I would love to see the apartment.

B: I will be at the apartment today at 6:00. Can you make it?

A: Yes, I can be there at 6.

B: Great. I’ll see you at 6. Do you know where it is?

A: Yes, I have a friend who lives in that neighborhood.

B: I’ll be bringing an application form.

A: OK, should I bring anything with me?

B: No. I might need to see your ID card, but that’s about it.

3.  Repeat

A: Could I speak to the apartment manager?

B: I am the apartment manager. How can I help you?

A: I wanted to know if that apartment on Main Street is still for rent.

B: I haven’t rented it out yet. Would you like to see it?

A: Yes, I want to see it.

B: How about today at 6 p.m.?

A: That time is okay with me.

B: Very good. We’ll meet at 6. Do you need directions?

A: No, thank you. I go by there on my way to work.

B: If you’re interested, you can fill out an application form.

A: That’s a good idea. Do I need to bring anything myself?

B: No. The only thing I need to see is your driver’s license.

4.  Repeat

A: I’d like to speak with the apartment manager, please.

B: This is he. What can I do for you?

A: I’m interested in the apartment on Main Street.

B: It’s still available. Do you want to see it?

A: Yes, I would very much like to see it.

B: Does today at 6 p.m. sound okay to you?

A: I have no problem with 6 p.m.

B: Okay, I’ll see you at 6 o’clock. Do you need any directions?

A: No, thanks. I already drove by to see what the neighborhood looks like.

B: I’ll have an application form with me. You can fill it out if you’re interested.

A: Should I bring anything with me?

B: No. I only need to check your driver’s license.

5.  Repeat

A: May I speak to the apartment building manager, please?

B: I’m the manager. How can I help you?

A: I was hoping that the apartment on Main Street was still available.

B: Why, yes, it is. Would you like to get a look inside the apartment?

A: Yes, it would be nice to see the apartment.

B: How about today at 6 o’clock?

A: Yes, I can be there at 6.

B: Sounds good. I’ll see you at 6. Do you want directions?

A: I’m okay, thank you. I already checked out the address on MapQuest.

B: If you like the place, you can fill out an application form. I’ll bring one with me.

A: Is there anything that I need to bring with me?

B: No. I won’t need to see anything except your driver’s license.

2. A Broken Window

1.  Repeat

A: This is Janet Smith in apartment 23. Can I speak to the apartment manager?

B: Hi. How can I help you today?

A: Well, my window facing the empty lot is broken.

B: Oh, that’s not good. What happened?

A: I dont know. I wasn’t home when it happened.

B: Do you have any clue who might have done this?

A: I have a feeling that it might have been the neighborhood kids.

B: Why, what leads you to that suspicion?

A: Well, next to the broken glass was a baseball.

B: Well, a baseball is certainly solid evidence.

A: I saw them playing just before I left my apartment.

B: Well, did you recognize any of them?

A: No, I just took a quick look.

B: Well, it’ll take a couple of days to repair it.

A: A friend of mine is in the business. How about if I call him?

B: That’s okay by me. First, let me come see the damage.

A: Come on over. So does my friend charge you or me?

B: Since you didn’t break it, you don’t have to pay for it.

A: That’s a relief. I thought I was going to get stuck with the bill.

B: If I knew which kid did it, I would bill his parents.

2.  Repeat

A: I’m Janet Smith in apartment 23. Is this the apartment manager?

B: Hello. What can I do for you today?

A: My living room window is broken.

B: Are you serious? Do you know what happened?

A: I am not really sure, because I was out when it occurred.

B: Do you have any idea who might have been behind this?

A: Something tells me it might be some of the kids in the complex.

B: What led you to think it might be the kids in this building?

A: I found a baseball near the broken glass.

B: Well, you can’t ignore a baseball in your living room, can you?

A: I saw them in the lot just before I went out.

B: Do you know any of them?

A: No, I didn’t pay any attention to who they were.

B: I’ll call the window repairman, but it’ll probably take a couple of days.

A: I could get fast service if I call a friend of mine.

B: I don’t have a problem with that. Let me look at the damage first.

A: Okay, I’m waiting for you. But who does my friend give the bill to?

B: Since the kids broke it, your friend can bill me.

A: Whew! I was worried that I would have to pay for it.

B: Believe me, if I find out which kid broke the window, I’ll bill his parents.

3.  Repeat

A: This is Janet Smith in apartment 23. May I speak to the apartment manager?

B: Speaking. What can I do for you?

A: Something happened to my window. It’s broken.

B: That doesn’t sound good. Do you know how it happened?

A: I don’t know the exact details.

B: Do you have an idea who might be responsible for the window?

A: I’m almost sure it is the local kids in the apartments.

B: How did you come to that conclusion?

A: There was a baseball in my living room along with the broken glass.

B: Well, at least there’s no mystery about how it happened.

A: I saw a group of them playing in the lot just before I went out to my car.

B: Can you tell me which ones you recognized?

A: I just looked at them for a second.

B: I’ll call a repairman, but it might take two days.

A: How about if I call a friend of mine who is a repairman?

B: That’s no problem. I’ll come by right now to look at the damage.

A: Okay. Come on over. But tell me, who pays for this?

B: You can pay for it, and I can reimburse you. Or he can bill me directly.

A: I’m glad to hear that. I didn’t want to get stuck with the bill.

B: I will bill the kid’s parents if I ever find out which kid did it.

4.  Repeat

A: Hello, I’m John Smith in unit 23. Am I speaking to the apartment manager?

B: This is he. How may I help you?

A: My window that faces the empty lot is broken.

B: I’m sorry to hear that. Why is it broken?

A: I can’t tell you exactly how it happened.

B: Well, tell me what you think might have happened.

A: I’ve got a pretty good idea that it’s the kids who live here.

B: Why do you think that?

A: Next to the broken glass in my living room was a baseball.

B: Well, you don’t need Sherlock Holmes to figure this one out, do you?

A: Just before I went shopping, I saw them in the lot.

B: Can you give me a name or two, or a description?

A: I have absolutely no idea.

B: I’ll call a repairman for you, but it’ll probably take one or two days.

A: I could probably get it fixed today, because a friend of mine is a repairman.

B: That’s okay. But let me see the damage first. I’m coming over.

A: The glass is all cleaned up, so come on over. But do I pay for this?

B: No. I will pay your friend, or I will reimburse you if you pay him.

A: That’s good news. I was worried you were going to make me pay for this.

B: You’re not at fault. But the kid who did it is.

5.  Repeat

A: This is John Smith in unit 23. Is this the apartment manager?

B: Hi. What do you need today?

A: I’ve got a broken living room window.

B: I’m sorry about that. How did it get broken?

A: I’ve got a good idea, but I’m not exactly sure.

B: Well, why don’t you give me a few details?

A: I would bet a dollar to a dime that it’s one of the local kids.

B: Do you have any support for that charge?

A: A baseball was on my living room carpet. I don’t own a baseball.

B: Well, it sounds like someone hit a home run.

A: I saw them playing ball in the lot just before I went to the market.

B: Do you know for sure who they were?

A: All I did was glance at them before I left.

B: If you like, I’ll call a repairman, but it might take a few days.

A: How about if I call my friend? He’s a repairman and could probably fix it today.

B: Sure. Let me come over to see the damage right now, though.

A: Sure, come on over, but tell me, do I have to pay for this?

B: You’re not responsible, so you don’t pay. Tell him to bill me.

A: Well, lucky me. I was afraid that I was going to get stuck for the bill.

B: Maybe I’ll install a camera on that end of the building to catch these kids.

3. Asking about Public Transportation

1.  Repeat

A: Can you give me a little more information about your apartment?

B: Sure, what can I help you with?

A: What kind of public transportation is near your apartment?

B: I’m not sure, but I believe there is a bus stop about three blocks away.

A: Do you know what direction that bus travels?

B: I’m sorry. If you check online, you can get that kind of information.

A: Okay, I’ll just go online.

B: Okay. Good luck with your search.

2.  Repeat

A: Hello, I was hoping you could give me more info about your apartment.

B: I can try to help you. What would you like to know?

A: Is there access to public transportation near the apartment?

B: I’m pretty sure there’s a bus stop within walking distance.

A: Do you know anything about the buses that stop there?

B: I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure you can find out that stuff online.

A: I think the local library has bus info.

B: Good luck. The bus info shouldn’t be too hard to find.

3.  Repeat

A: Can you give me a little more information about your apartment?

B: All right, what do you need to know?

A: What is the public transportation like near your apartment?

B: I don’t use buses, but I think there’s a bus stop a few blocks away.

A: Which route does the bus travel?

B: I wish I could help you, but I know nothing about the bus system.

A: I’ll just check my phone book. It has lots of good information.

B: I’m sorry I couldn’t help you more.

4.  Repeat

A: I was hoping you could give me more information about the apartment for rent.

B: I can certainly try.

A: Do buses or trains run by the apartment?

B: I can’t swear to it, but I think a bus stop is a couple of blocks away.

A: Where does the bus take you?

B: I don’t want to lead you astray. You should check online.

A: My neighbor takes the bus. I’ll ask him if he knows.

B: Bus line information should be pretty easy to find.

5.  Repeat

A: Could you give me a little more information about the apartment?

B: Sure, if I can. What do you want to know?

A: Is there a bus or train system near the apartment?

B: I’m pretty sure there’s a bus stop only a few blocks away.

A: Do you know which buses stop there?

B: I’m sure there’s an 800 number or a website that could help you.

A: I don’t have a computer. I’ll just look in my phone book.

B: Bus line information should be pretty easy to find.

4. Interviewing a Potential Roommate

1.  Repeat

A: Hello, this is Albert.

B: Hi. I’m Jack. You called about the room for rent. Are you still interested?

A: Yes, I am.

B: I was wondering if I could ask you a couple of questions.

A: Shoot.

B: I just want to be sure that we get along.

A: I agree with you 100 percent–we must get along.

B: Are you a party animal?

A: Oh, no. I’m a very quiet person.

B: Great! Next: Are you neat or are you a slob?

A: I’m a pretty neat person.

B: Are you a night owl or a day person?

A: Early to bed, early to rise.

B: Finally, do you smoke?

A: Actually, I quit smoking four years ago.

B: Excellent answers. Do you have any questions for me?

A: Just one: Is there a parking lot?

B: Unfortunately, you have to park in the street.

A: Well, I’m desperate. I’ll take it anyway.

B: Great! Let me know when you’re ready to move in.

A: I think it will be tomorrow if that’s okay.

B: No problem. I’ll be here all day tomorrow.

2.  Repeat

A: Hello. You’ve reached Albert.

B: I’m Jack. Are you still interested in renting a room?

A: Yes, very much so.

B: Would it be all right if I asked you some questions?

A: Fire away.

B: I just want to make sure that we are compatible.

A: That’s a good idea. We need to get along.

B: Do you like to party?

A: I don’t party, and I don’t like people who do.

B: Great! Now, are you a neat person, or do you leave trash all over?

A: One of my mottoes is to clean as you go.

B: Do you sleep in or rise early?

A: I go to bed early, and I get up early.

B: And last, are you a smoker?

A: I can’t stand cigarette smoke.

B: Excellent. Now, do you have any questions for me?

A: Only one. Where can I park my car?

B: I hate to tell you, but it’s street parking.

A: I don’t like it, but I need an apartment now, so I’ll take it.

B: Great! Give me a call, and I’ll help you move your stuff in.

A: Will tomorrow be okay with you?

B: That sounds good. I’ll see you tomorrow.

3.  Repeat

A: Hi, this is Albert.

B: Hi, my name is Jack. You called about a room for rent. Are you still interested?

A: Yes, more than you know.

B: I don’t mean to pry, but could I ask you a couple of questions?

A: Ask away.

B: I don’t want us to be roommates who don’t get along.

A: Yes, we must get along if we are going to be roommates.

B: Is partying one of your priorities?

A: I’m a student. I don’t have time to party.

B: Very good. Now, do you clean up after yourself?

A: I clean up my own mess, and I expect others to do so, too.

B: What time do you usually hit the sack?

A: Occasionally, I stay up late if there’s a big test the next day.

B: What about smoking?

A: If I ever get elected President, I will ban smoking nationwide.

B: Very good. Now, would you like to ask me anything?

A: Yes, I have one question. Do I have to park in the street?

B: I’m sorry. Yes, you have to park your car in the street.

A: I hate street parking, but I need the apartment now.

B: Very good. Just call me when you’re ready to move your stuff over here.

A: How about if I come over tomorrow afternoon?

B: Just ring the doorbell. I’ll be here all day.

4.  Repeat

A: Hello, Albert speaking.

B: This is Jack. Are you still interested in renting a room?

A: Oh, yes.

B: Would you mind answering a couple of questions?

A: No problem.

B: Since we might be roommates, I want to make sure there’s no friction.

A: You are right. We need to be compatible.

B: Do you go out to clubs or bars a lot?

A: I have been to only one nightclub in my whole life.

B: Good. Now, do you expect others to pick up after you?

A: Occasionally I might slip up, but usually I’m clean and neat.

B: What kind of hours do you keep?

A: The early bird gets the worm.

B: I hope you’re not a smoker.

A: I can smell a cigarette from a mile away. It makes me gag.

B: Your answers are great. Now, do you have a question or two for me?

A: Just one question. What’s the parking situation?

B: This place allows only one parking space per apartment, so you’ll have to park on the street.

A: I don’t like it, but I guess I can live with it.

B: Okay, I think we’ll be good roommates. Just call me when you’re ready to move in.

A: I can move in by tomorrow afternoon.

B: That’s fine. I was planning on being home tomorrow anyway.

5.  Repeat

A: Hello, Albert here.

B: Hi, Albert. I’m Jack. Are you still thinking about renting a room?

A: Yes, I need a room badly.

B: Can I ask you a few questions?

A: I’m an open book.

B: I want to make sure that we get along okay.

A: I’m with you. We both need to live in harmony.

B: Do you like to drink and party?

A: I hate noise, and I hate loud people.

B: Excellent. Now, do you leave a trail of trash wherever you go?

A: A place for everything, and everything in its place.

B: Do you keep normal hours?

A: I’m usually asleep before the 11 o’clock news.

B: You don’t have a cigarette habit, do you?

A: Cigarette smoking is the dumbest habit in the world.

B: I like your answers. Now, are there any questions you’d like to ask me?

A: Yes, is the parking off street, or on street?

B: You’re not going to like this. It’s street parking only.

A: That figures, nothing is perfect. But, I’ll take it.

B: You know, I think we’re going to hit it off. Call me when you’re coming over.

A: I can get all packed tonight and be there tomorrow.

B: Just come on over anytime. I’ll be here the whole day.

5. Garbage Disposal

1.  Repeat

A: Hi, Tom. This is Hannah from apartment 4C.

B: Oh, hi, Hannah.

A: There is something wrong with my garbage disposal.

B: Exactly what’s going on?

A: When I turn on the disposal switch, all I get is silence.

B: When did this happen?

A: Well, about a week ago is when it started sounding strange.

B: Did you accidentally drop something in the disposal?

A: No. I only use it about once a week. I hardly ever put anything into it.

B: Actually, I’ve heard that too little use is bad for a disposal.

A: Well, no one ever told me that.

B: Did you try to turn it with the disposal key?

A: I don’t have a key.

B: Well, I’ve got a spare key, so I’ll come over to show you how to use it.

A: Okay, come on over now, and show me how to use it.

B: If the key doesn’t work, I’ll have to call the repairman.

A: Well, if it doesn’t work, it’s no big deal.

B: Yes, but if something’s broken, I like to get it fixed ASAP.

2.  Repeat

A: Tom, are you there? It’s Hannah from 4C.

B: Hey, Hannah. Long time no hear from.

A: My garbage disposal refuses to work.

B: What happens when you turn on the switch?

A: When I turn on the switch, nothing happens.

B: When did you first notice this?

A: A week ago it started sounding different.

B: Did you put something in it that you shouldn’t have?

A: I use it rarely. When I do use it, I put pasta or other soft food into it.

B: Maybe you haven’t been using the disposal enough.

A: Sort of like an air conditioner in your home or car?

B: Exactly. However, sometimes you can get it going again by using the key.

A: What key?

B: A disposal key. I’ve got a spare one, so I’ll come over to show you.

A: Okay, come on over now, and show me how to use it.

B: If the key doesn’t correct the problem, I’ll have to call someone.

A: Well, like I said, I rarely use it so it won’t be a problem.

B: Well, it’s my nature to fix things as soon as I can.

3.  Repeat

A: Is anybody home? It’s me–Hannah.

B: Hey, Hannah. How’s everything going?

A: My garbage disposal isn’t working.

B: Can you be a little more specific?

A: Nothing happens when I turn on the switch.

B: Do you remember how it started?

A: about a week ago I noticed a new sound.

B: You didn’t drop a fork or anything into it, did you?

A: I don’t use it very often. When I do use it, I put only soft food into it.

B: I’ve heard that disposals need to be run frequently.

A: That’s interesting. I never heard that before.

B: Have you tried to turn it manually using the key?

A: I don’t have a key, and I wouldn’t know how to use it.

B: I’ve got an extra key. I’ll show you how to use it.

A: I’m always willing to learn something new. Come on over.

B: The key might not work. Then I’ll have to call the plumber.

A: If it works or doesn’t work, it doesn’t matter much to me.

B: Yes, but I prefer to fix things now instead of later.

4.  Repeat

A: Hello, Tom? This is Hannah in 4C.

B: Hi, Hannah. What can I do for you?

A: My garbage disposal went south.

B: Does it turn at all?

A: There is nothing but silence when I turn on the switch.

B: Did it die suddenly?

A: It started to make a weird sound last week.

B: You didn’t try to grind up a dead body, did you?

A: No, that’s against the law, isn’t it? I only use it on soft food, maybe once a week.

B: Strange as it seems, a disposal should be run frequently.

A: Once a week might not be enough, huh?

B: There’s a key that will turn it manually to loosen it up.

A: Even if I could find this key, I wouldn’t know how to use it.

B: How about if I bring one over and show you how to use it?

A: Great, come on over, and teach me all about garbage disposal keys.

B: The key isn’t a guarantee. I still might have to call a repairman.

A: It’s no big deal to me if you can fix it or not.

B: Well, we don’t want the food that’s in there to start to smell bad, do we?

5.  Repeat

A: Hi, Tom. This is Hannah calling.

B: Hi, Hannah. What’s up?

A: I think my garbage disposal kicked the bucket.

B: Is it dying, or is it dead?

A: Turning on the switch is the same as not turning on the switch.

B: Did it make strange sounds before it croaked?

A: Last week I noticed that it sounded strange.

B: You haven’t been putting mango or avocado seeds in there, have you?

A: I use the disposal rarely. When I do use it, I put only soft food into it.

B: I think a disposal freezes up when it’s not used frequently.

A: You mean it’s sort of like use it or lose it?

B: Try loosening it up by using the disposal key.

A: Disposal key? I have a house key and a car key, but no disposal key.

B: Well, I’ve got an extra key. I’ll bring it over.

A: Okay, Come on over, and show me how to fix this thing.

B: Sometimes the key works, sometimes it doesn’t. I still might have to call a plumber.

A: Well, there’s no big hurry, as far as I am concerned.

B: If we don’t fix it sometime, your apartment might start to attract bugs or rodents.

6. Security Deposit

1.  Repeat

A: Yes, this is John Smith.

B: John, this is Terry Evans. I called to tell you I have good news.

A: Great, what is it?

B: The owner has approved your rental application. He enjoyed talking to you.

A: That’s great. He seemed like a really nice guy.

B: Now, before you can move in, you need to pay some fees.

A: Fees, what kind of fees?

B: You know. First and last month’s rent and security deposit.

A: Oh, those fees!

B: First and last is $2,500, and the deposit is $1,000. Just send me a check for $3,500.

A: No problem, what’s your address?

B: Send it to 3035 E. Foothill Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91107.

A: So, when can I move in?

B: The first of next month. Just stop by my office and pick up your keys.

A: Very good! Let me have your phone number.

B: Sure. It’s 626-555-3000.

2.  Repeat

A: John speaking.

B: John, my name is Terry Evans. I have good news for you.

A: I’m all ears. What is it?

B: Your rental application has been approved. The owner thinks you’ll be an excellent tenant.

A: Oh, that’s so good. It makes my day.

B: Now, before you move in, you have to pay some fees.

A: Fees, what are you talking about?

B: You know–first and last month’s rent, and the security deposit.

A: Oh, of course. When you said fees, I was thinking of parking fees or something.

B: That will come to $3,500, 2,500 plus $1,000. You can send me the check.

A: I’ll do that immediately. Where do I send it?

B: Mail it to 3035 E Foothill Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91107.

A: One more question. When can I move in?

B: You can move in on the first. Stop by here and pick up your keys.

A: Great! What’s your phone number?

B: My number is 626-555-3000.

3.  Repeat

A: I’m John Smith. How can I help you?

B: Hi, John. This is Terry Evans. I’ve got some good news for you.

A: I hope you’re from the lottery. Go ahead.

B: The apartment owner was impressed with your interview. He has approved your rental application.

A: Oh, my gosh. That’s wonderful news!

B: Of course, there are some fees to pay before you move in.

A: Fees? I don’t remember anything about fees.

B: You know, the usual–first and last month’s rent, and the security deposit.

A: But, of course. You cannot move in unless you pay such fees.

B: So, you can write me a check for $3,500. That’s $2,500 and $1,000 deposit.

A: No sooner said than done. Where shall I mail it?

B: Just mail it to 3035 E. Foothill Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91107.

A: So, when will I be able to move in?

B: Move in on the first. Come on by my office, and pick up your keys.

A: Sounds great! Tell me your phone number.

B: Certainly. My office number is 626-555-3000.

4.  Repeat

A: Yes, this is John Smith. How may I help you?

B: Hello, John. Terry Evans here. I’m happy to give you some good news.

A: What is it?

B: The apartment owner likes you. He has approved your rental application.

A: Oh, thank you. That’s the news I was hoping to hear!

B: Before you move in, of course, you have to pay some fees.

A: Fees, I’m confused. What fees are you talking about?

B: You know, the security deposit, and the first and last month’s rent.

A: Oh, I got it. I thought you were talking about something else.

B: Just send me a check for $3,500. That’s the deposit of $1,000, plus $2,500 for rent.

A: Just give me your address, and I’ll mail the check today.

B: You can send it to 3035 E. Foothill Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91107.

A: So, when can I start packing? When can I move in?

B: Your rent will start on the first, so move in then. Stop by here for your keys.

A: Very good! Now all I need is your phone number.

B: Call my office anytime at 626-555-3000.

5.  Repeat

A: Yes, I’m John Smith. What can I do for you?

B: Hi, John. This is Terry Evans here. Do you want some good news?

A: Sure, let me have it.

B: The apartment owner likes you. He approved your rental application.

A: Wow, that’s fantastic! I don’t know what to say.

B: Now you can’t move in, of course, until you’ve paid some fees.

A: Fees, I don’t remember anything about fees.

B: Fees, like the first and last month’s rent, and the security deposit.

A: Oh, yes, of course, those fees!

B: You can send me a check for the total–$2,500 plus $1,000 equals a total of $3,500.

A: All I need is your address, and the check will be in the mail pronto.

B: My address is 3035 E. Foothill Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91107.

A: Okay, got it. Now when will he let me move in?

B: Move in when your rent starts, on the first. But get your keys from me first.

A: Okay, give me your phone number, please.

B: You can always reach me, or leave a message, at 626-555-3000.

7. Warning about Late Rent Payment

1.  Repeat

A: Hello, Nicole here.

B: Nicole, this is Richard. I think you know why I’m calling.

A: Oh, it’s about the rent.

B: Yes, this is the second month in a row.

A: I thought there was a grace period.

B: There is no grace period in the rental agreement.

A: Oh, I guess I forgot.

B: Well, when can I expect the rent?

A: You’ll get it by Monday.

B: Don’t forget the $50 late fee.

A: Is that in the rental agreement?

B: The late fee is circled in red ink!

A: Oh, Well, I can’t find my copy of the agreement.

B: If you’re late next month, I might give you an eviction notice.

2.  Repeat

A: Hi, this is Nicole.

B: Hi, Nicole. Richard here. I think you’ve got a good idea why I’m calling.

A: Yes. It’s about the rent, isn’t it?

B: Yes, your rent is late. This is the second month in a row.

A: But I thought that I had a grace period.

B: I told you last month that the rental agreement contains no grace period.

A: Oh, I guess I was thinking about the last place that I lived.

B: Well, tell me when I’m going to get your rent.

A: I get paid tomorrow, so you’ll get the check by Monday.

B: Don’t forget to include the $50 late fee.

A: Are you sure a late fee is in the rental agreement?

B: How could you miss the late fee? It’s circled in red ink!

A: I can’t find my copy of the rental agreement. I know it’s somewhere in my apartment.

B: If you’re late one more time, I’m probably going to evict you.

3.  Repeat

A: Hello, Nicole here. Who’s calling, please?

B: Hey, Nicole. It’s Richard. I’m pretty sure you know why I’m calling.

A: Yes, a dollar gets a dime that you’re calling about the rent.

B: Nicole, for the second month in a row, your rent is late.

A: I thought you said there is a grace period.

B: No, I didn’t. There was no grace period last month, this month, or any month.

A: Maybe I’m confusing this place with my last place.

B: Well, I’m waiting to receive your rent check.

A: I get my money tomorrow, so I can pay you by Monday.

B: Remember, just like last month, you have to pay the $50 late fee.

A: I don’t remember seeing a late fee in the rental agreement.

B: If you look at your agreement, you’ll see the late fee circled in red ink!

A: I forget where I put my rental agreement.

B: One more late check, and you’re looking at eviction.

4.  Repeat

A: Hello. This is Nicole.

B: This is Richard. Let’s not play games. You know why I’m calling.

A: Oh, not again! You’re calling about the rent.

B: Yes, your rent check is late, just like last month.

A: What happened to my grace period?

B: Why would there be a grace period this month? There wasn’t one last month.

A: I guess I might be a little confused.

B: What day in the near future can I expect your check?

A: My boss told me he will pay me tomorrow. You’ll get my check by Monday.

B: Remember to include the $50 late fee.

A: Are you sure the rental agreement included a late fee?

B: The red ink around the late fee in your agreement should tell you something.

A: I seem to have lost my rental agreement.

B: Don’t be late again, or you’ll be evicted.

5.  Repeat

A: Hi, this is Nicole.

B: Nicole, it’s Richard. You know why I’m calling.

A: Yes, I know. It’s the rent, isn’t it?

B: Yes, just like last month, your rent is overdue.

A: What about my grace period?

B: Are you getting Alzheimer’s? There is no grace period in the rental agreement.

A: Sometimes my memory isn’t so good. Maybe I do have Alzheimer’s.

B: I’m looking forward to receiving your check in the very near future.

A: Is Monday okay? I get paid tomorrow.

B: Remember that the check amount must include the $50 late fee.

A: Okay, if the rental agreement actually has a late fee, I’ll pay the fifty dollars.

B: Look at your agreement. There’s a big red circle around the late fee.

A: As soon as I find my rental agreement, I’ll read it again.

B: I’m not giving you any more chances. Be late again, and you’ll be evicted.

8. Checking Smoke Detectors

1.  Repeat

A: Hello, this is Betty.

B: Hi, Betty. Larry here. How many smoke detectors are in your apartment?

A: Actually, I have two.

B: Are the batteries fresh?

A: Both batteries are good.

B: Great. I need to come by and check them myself.

A: No problem, when are you coming by?

B: Thursday at noon. I’ll let myself in if you’re not there.

A: Okay, remember to lock my door when you leave.

B: I’ll be in and out of there in just a few minutes.

2.  Repeat

A: Hello, this is Betty.

B: Hello, Betty. This is Larry. How many smoke detectors are on your ceiling?

A: I have two smoke detectors.

B: Do you have fresh batteries in both of them?

A: Both batteries are pretty fresh.

B: Very good. I have to come by there and check out all the detectors.

A: Very good, when do you think you’ll be coming over?

B: I’ll be by on Thursday at noon. You don’t have to be there.

A: I won’t be home. Just remember to lock my door, okay?

B: You won’t even know that I’ve been there.

3.  Repeat

A: Hello, Betty speaking.

B: Hey, Betty. This is Larry. Tell me how many smoke detectors you have, please.

A: This apartment came with one, and I installed another one.

B: Are there fresh batteries in each of them?

A: Each detector beeps when the battery is low. They’re not beeping.

B: Good. I’m calling all the tenants because I have to check all the detectors.

A: Okay, What day were you thinking about dropping by?

B: I’ll be at your building at noon on Thursday. If you’re not there, I’ll let myself in.

A: If you’re thirsty, you can grab a beer or soda out of my frig.

B: Thanks, but it’ll only take me about two minutes to test them and leave.

4.  Repeat

A: Hi, this is Betty.

B: Hi, Betty. It’s Larry. I need to know how many smoke detectors are in your apartment.

A: There was one when I moved in. Then I added one.

B: Do both detectors have fresh batteries?

A: I always keep them fresh. I don’t want to burn to death.

B: That’s good. I have to come by there and check out all of the detectors.

A: Not a problem. When will you be here?

B: I’ll be letting myself into all the apartments on Thursday at noon.

A: If it’s raining, make sure you wipe your feet before you come inside, okay?

B: Not to worry. I’ll be in and out of your place in a flash.

5.  Repeat

A: Hi, this is Betty.

B: Hi, Betty. It’s Larry. Can you tell me how many smoke detectors you have?

A: There are two smoke detectors in my apartment.

B: Do you know how new the batteries are?

A: I’m very afraid of fires. I change the batteries every Labor Day.

B: Good. I’m calling all the tenants before I come by to test the detectors.

A: My detectors are ready for you. When will you be visiting?

B: This Thursday at noon. But you don’t have to be there.

A: Okay, just pardon the mess when you come in.

B: You’ll never even know that I was there.

9. Mailbox Key Missing

1.  Repeat

A: Hello, Nicole? This is Jimmy in 309.

B: Hello, Jimmy. What’s up?

A: You’re not going to believe this.

B: Believe me, I think I’ve heard everything.

A: I can’t find my mailbox key.

B: Is that all? That’s a lot better than losing your car keys.

A: I had a duplicate, but I can’t find it either.

B: If you come by my place, I can loan you a key.

A: There’s no emergency. All I get is junk mail and bills.

B: Can you wait till Wednesday? I’ll make you two more keys.

A: Sure, that’ll be fine.

B: Okay. I’ll see you Wednesday. But it’s going to cost you $2 per key.

2.  Repeat

A: Can I speak to Nicole? This is Jimmy in apartment 309.

B: Hi, Jimmy. This is Nicole. What’s happening?

A: You probably never heard this one before.

B: Don’t bet on it. I’ve been an apartment manager for a long time.

A: I’ve looked everywhere, but I can’t find my mailbox key.

B: Well, that’s pretty minor. I lost my car keys and house keys once.

A: To make matters worse, I can’t find my duplicate either.

B: If you want, come over here and I’ll lend you a key.

A: No, there’s nothing vital in the mailbox. Just junk and bills.

B: If you can wait until Wednesday, I’ll make two more keys for you.

A: Wednesday’s fine.

B: Okay, I’ll bring them by Wednesday. Have $4 ready for me.

3.  Repeat

A: Hi, Nicole. This is Jimmy in 309.

B: Hello, Jimmy. Can I help you?

A: I’ve got a little problem.

B: Tell me your problem, and maybe I can help.

A: I’ve looked everywhere, but I can’t find my mailbox key.

B: Well, that’s pretty minor. I lost my car keys and house keys once.

A: As if that wasn’t bad enough, I also misplaced the duplicate.

B: Well, if it’s an emergency, come by here and I’ll lend you a key.

A: No, even if there’s a bill in there, it can wait.

B: If you don’t mind waiting until Wednesday, I’ll make two more keys for you.

A: Oh, I can wait, believe me.

B: Okay, see you Wednesday. They’re not free, you know. It’ll be $4.

4.  Repeat

A: Hey, Nicole. It’s Jimmy in 309.

B: Hi there, Jimmy. What can I do for you?

A: I screwed up, and I need your help.

B: Tell me the specific problem. Let me see what I can do.

A: I’ve torn my apartment apart, but I can’t find my mailbox key.

B: Well, you should be grateful it wasn’t your car keys.

A: On top of that, I couldn’t find the duplicate either.

B: If you need to get in there, come by and borrow a key.

A: No, my mailbox is usually empty anyway.

B: Well, then, I’ll make you two more keys on Wednesday.

A: No problem. I can wait till Wednesday. Maybe there’ll be something in there by then.

B: Okay. Have $4 ready for when you see me Wednesday.

5.  Repeat

A: Hello? This is Jimmy in 309.

B: Hi, Jimmy. This is Nicole. What’s going on?

A: Maybe you can get me out of a small jam.

B: Well, I can certainly try.

A: Somehow, I managed to lose my mailbox key.

B: Believe me, losing a mailbox key is a lot better than losing your car keys.

A: I’ve got a duplicate somewhere, but I haven’t been able to find it either.

B: If you absolutely can’t wait, come over here and borrow a key.

A: No, I doubt that there’s anything important in my mailbox, if there’s anything at all.

B: Well, if there’s no emergency, I can make you two more keys on Wednesday.

A: Not a problem. All my fan mail can wait till then.

B: Okay, see you Wednesday. Have $4 for me, and I’ll give you a receipt.

10. Calling the Landlord about Moving Out

1.  Repeat

A: Good afternoon, Jim. This is Olivia.

B: Oh, hi, Olivia. How can I help you?

A: I’m going to be moving out.

B: Oh, really? When are you leaving?

A: I’ll be leaving on the last day of June.

B: Any particular reason?

A: I got a new job.

B: Congratulations! What is it?

A: I’m going to be an ESL instructor at Pasadena City College.

B: Great! By the way, what’s ESL?

A: ESL stands for English as a Second Language.

B: Well, I’m glad it wasn’t your neighbors causing you to move.

A: Just because they play their TV loud enough for the whole complex?

B: Yes, I know. I’m going to have another talk with them.

A: Anyway, it’s been nice knowing you for these past few years.

B: You, too. Keep in touch, and good luck with your new job.

2.  Repeat

A: How’s it going, Jim? This is Olivia.

B: Hello, Olivia. What’s up?

A: I wanted to let you know that I have to move out.

B: I’m sorry to hear that. When are you moving?

A: The thirtieth of June.

B: May I ask why you’re leaving?

A: I found a new job.

B: Good for you! What’s your new job?

A: I am an ESL teacher at Pasadena City College.

B: Very good! What does ESL mean?

A: ESL means English as a Second Language.

B: Well, I’m glad you’re not moving because of your neighbors.

A: I can’t tell you how happy I’ll be not to have to listen to their TV.

B: Yes, I’m going to tell them one more time to turn down their TV and keep it down.

A: You’ve been a good apartment manager and a good person. I’ll see you in June.

B: Thank you. I hope your new job and new apartment are good for you.

3.  Repeat

A: Hey, Jim. How are you? Olivia here.

B: Hi, Olivia. What’s going on?

A: I just wanted to give you notice that I’m moving.

B: Oh, that’s too bad. What’s the moving date?

A: I’ll be gone on the last day in June.

B: Can I ask you why you’re moving?

A: I’ve been looking for a long time, and I finally found a good job.

B: Very good! What’s your new job?

A: I’m going to teach ESL at Pasadena City College.

B: Good for you! What does ESL stand for?

A: ESL is English as a Second Language.

B: Well, I’m glad you don’t feel you’re being chased out by your neighbors.

A: Their TV is so loud you’d think they were stone deaf.

B: I’ll tell them one more time to turn down their TV. Then I’m going to evict them.

A: Thanks for all your help over the past few years.

B: Thanks. Good luck with your new neighbors and your new job.

4.  Repeat

A: Hi, Jim. It’s Olivia.

B: Hey, Olivia. What’s happening?

A: I’ll be moving out in a while, so I wanted you to know.

B: Well, that’s not good news. When are you moving?

A: The last day of June.

B: Is something wrong with your apartment?

A: No, not anything new. But I just found out that I’ve been hired for a new job.

B: Great! What is the new job?

A: I’m going to be an ESL instructor at Pasadena City College.

B: That’s great! ESL is some kind of electronics class?

A: ESL is a class for students who are learning English as their second language.

B: I’m glad that your neighbors aren’t the reason that you’re moving.

A: I won’t miss having to listen to their darn TV.

B: I’m giving them one more warning about their TV. Then they’re out of there.

A: I appreciate what a good apartment manager you’ve been these past few years.

B: It’s been nice knowing you, too. Good luck teaching LES.

5.  Repeat

A: Hello, Jim. It’s Olivia.

B: Hi, there. What can I do for you today?

A: You should know that I’ll be moving out in a while.

B: Gee, that’s too bad. What day do you plan to leave?

A: June 30 is my last day.

B: I hope it’s not your neighbors or the latest rent increase.

A: No, neither one. I got lucky. I found a new job.

B: Hey, give me five! Good for you! What is it?

A: I’ll be teaching ESL at Pasadena City College.

B: Great! Is ESL a class about the Internet?

A: No. ESL is English for students whose native language is not English.

B: I was worried that you were moving because of your neighbors.

A: Whoever my next neighbor is cannot possibly be as loud as those people.

B: I’m going to give them 30 days’ notice if they don’t turn that TV down.

A: Thanks for everything. I’ll give you the keys on the thirtieth.

B: You’ve been a very good tenant. Good luck with your new SLE job.

Part II

1. Looking for an Apartment

1.  Repeat

A: How did you find your apartment?

B: You can check on the bulletin boards at school for local housing.

A: What if I need a roommate?

B: There are websites that can hook you up with a roommate.

A: How much do apartments cost around here?

B: It depends on what you want. Do you want a one- or two-bedroom apartment?

A: I just need a one-bedroom apartment.

B: That will probably cost you around twelve hundred dollars a month.

A: Would you come with me to look at apartments?

B: I would be happy to look at apartments with you.

2.  Repeat

A: When you need an apartment, where do you look for one?

B: Our school has a link on its website for apartments.

A: Can I share an apartment with someone?

B: Some of the ads in the paper are from people looking for roommates.

A: Are apartments expensive in this city?

B: Do you need a single apartment, or is this for two people?

A: I want a two-bedroom apartment.

B: You can get that type of apartment for around fifteen hundred dollars a month.

A: Would you have time to go look at apartments with me?

B: I love apartment hunting. I’ll be happy to go with you.

3.  Repeat

A: Can you tell me the best way to look for an apartment?

B: The local newspaper has ads for housing.

A: Is there any way to find a roommate to share an apartment with?

B: Sometimes you can post an advertisement saying that you need a roommate.

A: What do landlords charge for rent?

B: Would you like an apartment for just yourself, or do you need it for two people?

A: There are two of us, but we only need a one-bedroom apartment.

B: You should be able to easily find that for twelve hundred dollars a month.

A: I really would appreciate it if you could come look at apartments with me.

B: Sure, I’ll go look at apartments with you anytime you want.

2. Subleasing

1.  Repeat

A: I heard that you’re looking for an apartment.

B: Yes. Who told you that?

A: A friend of ours told me.

B: Why are you asking?

A: I was asking because I found an apartment.

B: Why are you telling me this?

A: I was wondering if you wanted to sublease with me.

B: I sure would!

A: Since we’re subleasing, we can each pay half of the rent.

B: How much is the rent each month?

A: It’s $1000 a month.

B: That’s wonderful.

2.  Repeat

A: Are you still looking for an apartment?

B: Who said I was?

A: One of our friends let me know.

B: Why’d you want to know?

A: I found an apartment for lease.

B: So what?

A: I wanted to know if you would sublease the apartment with me.

B: That would be great!

A: That’s great, because this way we can go halves on the rent.

B: What’s rent?

A: It’s $1,000 each month, but it’ll only cost us $500 a month each.

B: I like the sound of that.

3.  Repeat

A: Is it true that you’re looking for an apartment?

B: I am. How’d you know?

A: I heard it from one of our friends.

B: Well then, why do you ask if I’m looking for an apartment?

A: I was thinking about leasing this apartment.

B: What does this have to do with me?

A: Would you like to sublease the apartment with me?

B: I would love to!

A: This way, we’ll each have to pay only half the rent.

B: How much is the rent?

A: For each of us, it’s $500 every month.

B: Sounds good to me.

3. Responding to an Ad for Roommates

1.  Repeat

A: Hello, I was just responding to your ad.

B: Which ad is that?

A: The ad for a roommate.

B: Great. Are you interested?

A: I sure am.

B: Can we meet today?

A: Of course, just tell me when and where.

B: Why don’t you meet me at 5:30 at Starbucks?

A: That’ll be perfect.

B: We’ll discuss the living situation and payments at that time.

A: That’ll be fine.

B: Okay, I’ll see you then.

2.  Repeat

A: Hi, I’m calling about your ad.

B: Which ad are you calling about?

A: The ad for a new roommate.

B: Are you interested in being my new roommate?

A: Yes, I’m interested.

B: I would love to meet you, if that’s at all possible.

A: That’s fine, where would you like to meet?

B: I would like you to meet me at Starbucks at 5:30.

A: I can meet you then.

B: We’ll talk about the roommate situation then.

A: Thank you very much.

B: See you later.

3.  Repeat

A: Hey, I was wondering about the ad you have.

B: What ad are you referring to?

A: I’m calling about the ad for a new roommate.

B: Oh, yeah. Were you interested in being a roommate of mine?

A: I actually would like to be your new roommate.

B: That’s great. Would you like to meet me sometime today?

A: Tell me where, and I’ll be there.

B: Let’s meet at Starbucks at 5:30.

A: Starbucks at 5:30 will be fine.

B: I’ll fill you in on all the details when we get together.

A: All right, that sounds great.

B: I’ll see you at Starbucks.

4. Finding an Apartment

1.  Repeat

A: I finally found an apartment that I want to rent.

B: Where did you see it?

A: I saw it in this ad for apartments in today’s newspaper.

B: You found an apartment in the ads?

A: I really did, but what’s so great about it is that it’s really affordable.

B: Tell me about the apartment.

A: Well, most importantly the apartment is beautiful.

B: How much is the rent for the apartment?

A: The rent is $725 each month.

B: That’s pretty cheap for out here.

A: That’s what I said when I found out how much the rent was.

B: Congratulations on the new apartment.

2.  Repeat

A: I found an apartment to rent.

B: Where did you find this apartment?

A: I found it in today’s apartment ads.

B: Really? I can’t believe you actually found an apartment in the ads.

A: I actually found it in the ads, and it’s not too expensive either.

B: I want to hear more about this apartment.

A: All you really need to know is that the apartment looks great.

B: How much will you have to pay for rent?

A: Every month I’d only have to pay $725.

B: For where we live, that is really inexpensive.

A: It is, isn’t it?

B: I’m glad to hear that you finally found an apartment.

3.  Repeat

A: I think I may rent out this apartment that I found.

B: Oh, really? Where’d you find it?

A: I was looking through the ads today, and I found it in there.

B: In the ads? Are you serious?

A: Yeah, and it’s affordable too.

B: I’d like to hear about this apartment.

A: First of all, it’s absolutely gorgeous.

B: What is the rent each month?

A: It’s only $725 a month.

B: That’s amazing. The rent is very cheap.

A: I know it is.

B: It’s a good thing that you read that ad today.

5. Asking about the Apartment Location

1.  Repeat

A: Hello, how are you doing today?

B: I’m great.

A: What can I do for you today?

B: I wanted to ask about the apartment for rent.

A: Ask away.

B: I was wondering if the apartment is located in a nice area.

A: As a matter of fact, the apartment is in a wonderful location.

B: What surrounds the apartment?

A: There are many stores and restaurants surrounding the apartment.

B: Is that right?

A: I promise you that you will love the location.

B: From what you’re telling me, it sounds like I will.

2.  Repeat

A: How are you?

B: Good, thank you.

A: What can I help you with?

B: Can I ask you a few questions about the apartment?

A: Ask whatever you’d like.

B: I want to know if the location of the apartment is nice.

A: I honestly believe that you will love the location.

B: What kinds of places are around the apartment?

A: Surrounding the apartment are great places to eat and stores to shop at.

B: Oh, really?

A: I’m sure that the location will be to your liking.

B: I hope that you’re right.

3.  Repeat

A: How is everything with you today?

B: I’m fine. Thank you for asking.

A: Can I help you with something?

B: I actually have a few questions about the apartment.

A: What questions do you have?

B: Is this apartment in a nice location?

A: It is in a great location.

B: Are there any stores near the apartment?

A: You will find many stores and restaurants near the apartment.

B: Really?

A: I guarantee that the apartment is in a beautiful location.

B: That sounds wonderful.

6. Asking about the Neighborhood

1.  Repeat

A: I wanted to ask you a few questions.

B: What about?

A: They are pertaining to the neighborhood that the apartment is in.

B: Sure. What would you like to know?

A: What can you tell me about the neighborhood?

B: In all honesty, the neighborhood could be a little nicer.

A: What do you mean by that?

B: The neighborhood streets are a little dirty.

A: Is there anything else wrong with the neighborhood?

B: That’s just about it.

A: Hopefully the cleanliness problem will get better.

B: I hope so, too.

2.  Repeat

A: I have a few questions for you.

B: What are your questions about?

A: They’re questions about the neighborhood.

B: What are your questions?

A: If you don’t mind, would you tell me something about the neighborhood?

B: I think the neighborhood could be better.

A: What problems does the neighborhood have?

B: A lot of the streets are rather unclean.

A: What else is wrong with it?

B: Nothing else that I can think of.

A: Maybe in time they will clean up the streets.

B: Maybe they will.

3.  Repeat

A: May I ask you a couple of questions?

B: What are these questions pertaining to?

A: Just a few questions about the neighborhood.

B: Okay. Ask away.

A: Tell me about the neighborhood.

B: The neighborhood does have its problems.

A: How is that?

B: What I mean is that the streets aren’t all that clean.

A: Are there any other problems?

B: Other than it not being so clean, it’s actually a nice neighborhood.

A: I’m sure that the problem will eventually be fixed.

B: I hope that you’re right.

7. Asking about Safety Features

1.  Repeat

A: I really like this beautiful apartment!

B: Thank you. Do you have any further questions?

A: Yes, I was wondering about safety features.

B: Yes, what are your concerns?

A: How about fire alarms and escape routes?

B: Every apartment has its own smoke alarm, and the whole building is on a sprinkler system.

A: What about fire extinguishers?

B: They are in the hallways on all of the floors. It is suggested that you buy an individual one for your own apartment.

A: What about escape routes in a fire?

B: The escape routes are clearly posted in the hallways.

2.  Repeat

A: This apartment is everything that I am looking for!

B: Thank you. Is there any other information that you need?

A: Could you tell me a little about safety features?

B: Yes, we have thought of safety. What, specifically, are you interested in?

A: Are your fire alarms up to code?

B: In case of a fire, we have a whole building sprinkler system. In addition, every apartment has its own alarm system.

A: Do you have fire extinguishers available?

B: Yes, there are fire extinguishers outside your door. You might want to buy a personal one for your kitchen.

A: Are the escape routes clearly posted somewhere?

B: There are fire exit signs in the hallway.

3.  Repeat

A: What a great apartment!

B: Thanks. Can I answer any questions for you at this point?

A: Have you put any safety features into this building?

B: Yes, your safety is of concern to us. What specifically were you interested in?

A: Can you talk about fire safety?

B: We have a global sprinkler system for the building and individual alarms for each apartment.

A: Are there fire extinguishers anywhere?

B: There are fire extinguishers in the hallways. If I were you, I would buy a personal one for the kitchen.

A: How do I exit the building in case of a fire?

B: There is a card that has escape routes posted on the inside of your front door.

8. Asking about Floor Plan

1.  Repeat

A: Hello, I’m calling about the apartment.

B: What would you like to know?

A: I just wanted to find out some details about the apartment.

B: Like what, exactly?

A: Could you tell me about the floor plan?

B: You can actually see the whole apartment for yourself.

A: I don’t have the time to go see the apartment.

B: Actually, you can view this apartment online.

A: I did not know that I could do that.

B: I can give you the website to view that apartment on.

A: That is really convenient.

B: That’s the reason we made the website.

2.  Repeat

A: I was wondering about the apartment.

B: I’d be happy to help.

A: Could you give me details about the apartment?

B: What is it that you would like to know?

A: Actually, it’s the floor plan that I am inquiring about.

B: If you would like to, you can see it for yourself.

A: I am very busy and don’t know when I can view the apartment.

B: If you would like, you can view it online.

A: I can do that?

B: If you would like the website, I can give it to you.

A: That would be more convenient than having to go all the way down there.

B: Convenience is the reason that we made the website.

3.  Repeat

A: Could you help me with a question that I have about the apartment?

B: What can I help you with?

A: I would like to know about the apartment.

B: What exactly did you want to know?

A: I was wondering about the floor plan.

B: You could always take a look at the floor plan.

A: I won’t be able to come down to see it anytime soon.

B: Well, if you’re too busy, then why don’t you just look at it online?

A: That’s actually possible?

B: Yes. I’ll just give you the website so you can see for yourself.

A: I absolutely love how convenient that is.

B: That’s the exact reason why we thought of it.

9. Visiting a Rental Agent

1.  Repeat

A: How are you doing today?

B: I’m doing fine. Thanks for asking.

A: What can I help you with today?

B: I would like you to help me find an apartment.

A: I will be able to help you with that.

B: Thank you. I would appreciate that.

A: Do you have any idea what kind of apartment you want?

B: I need a two-bedroom apartment.

A: Is there anything else in particular that you wanted?

B: No. As long as it’s a two bedroom, nice, and affordable, I’ll take it.

A: I’ll see what I can do for you.

B: Thanks for everything.

2.  Repeat

A: Hi, how are you?

B: I’m great, thank you.

A: How can I help you?

B: I would really like to find an apartment for rent.

A: That shouldn’t be a problem.

B: That would be great.

A: Tell me what kind of apartment that you are looking for.

B: I really need a two bedroom.

A: Anything else?

B: That’s all I really need.

A: I will try to find something for you, and then I’ll give you a call in a couple of days.

B: That would be fabulous.

3.  Repeat

A: How is everything with you?

B: Everything’s fine with me.

A: What did you need me for today?

B: I need to find an apartment.

A: I’m sure I can help you find an apartment.

B: I would greatly appreciate your help.

A: What kind of apartment did you have in mind?

B: What’s most important is that I get a two bedroom.

A: Would you like anything else special?

B: That’s the most important thing.

A: Give me a few days, and I’ll call you when I’ve found something.

B: Thank you so much for all your help.

10. Discrimination

1.  Repeat

A: Good morning, is this the Renter’s Hotline?

B: Yes, what can I help you with?

A: I have a question about discrimination in housing.

B: What type of discrimination?

A: I think that he doesn’t want to rent to me because of my race.

B: What made you think that your race was a problem?

A: He seemed OK talking to me on the phone, but seemed to change his mind when he saw me in person.

B: What else made you feel he was discriminating against you?

A: Well, he had a 25 unit apartment building and everyone I saw there was his same race.

B: Racial discrimination is very hard to prove, but if you would like to come down, we can go over a checklist that can help you build a case.

2.  Repeat

A: I would like to speak with someone in the Housing Department.

B: You have reached the right area. Can I help you with something?

A: I think that I may have experienced discrimination in trying to rent an apartment.

B: Can you be specific as to what type of discrimination?

A: I felt that he didn’t like me because I wasn’t the same race that he was.

B: How come you feel it was race that was the issue?

A: When I showed up on his doorstep, he seemed bothered by my appearance.

B: Is there anything else that made you feel he was using race as a factor in who he rented to?

A: As I walked through the apartment building all I saw were people who were the same race as the manager.

B: It is not easy to prove racial discrimination, but please go to our website which can help you file a formal complaint.

3.  Repeat

A: Hello, is this the Legal Advice Line?

B: You are in the right department. What can I do for you?

A: I think that the landlord where I am trying to rent an apartment may be discriminating against me.

B: Discrimination is a pretty broad term. What type, specifically?

A: I have a feeling that he will not consider my application because of my race.

B: Are you sure that race was the issue? What makes you feel this way?

A: When he saw me in person, he seemed bothered by me although I seemed to be under consideration when I e-mailed him.

B: Do you have any proof that he would not rent to you because of your race?

A: I didn’t see one person in that whole building who wasn’t the same race as the manager.

B: It is difficult to prove racial discrimination, but you may file a formal complaint in our office.

11. Make an Appointment for an Apartment Viewing

1.  Repeat

A: How are you today?

B: Great, thanks.

A: Can I help you?

B: I would actually like to view the apartment for rent today.

A: I’m sorry, but you won’t be able to view it today.

B: Why not?

A: You have to make an appointment first.

B: Oh, okay. Can I do that right now?

A: Is this Friday okay?

B: Is 6 o’clock Friday evening okay?

A: Yes, I will schedule you for that time.

B: Thank you very much. See you then.

2.  Repeat

A: How are you doing?

B: Everything’s fine with me.

A: What can I do for you today?

B: Is it possible for me to view the apartment today?

A: Unfortunately, you will not be able to view it today.

B: Why can’t I view it today?

A: You’ll need to make an appointment to view the apartment.

B: I understand. May I make an appointment then?

A: How does this Friday sound?

B: Friday at 6:00 pm would be perfect.

A: That will be fine.

B: Thanks for your help.

3.  Repeat

A: How’s it going?

B: I’m fine, thank you.

A: Did you need help with something?

B: If I could, I would like to view the apartment sometime today.

A: That won’t be possible today.

B: Why is that?

A: You can only view the apartment with an appointment.

B: I would like to make one right now if I can.

A: Are you available this Friday?

B: Can we do it at 6 o’clock?

A: Your appointment for Friday at 6:00 pm has been confirmed.

B: All right. I’ll see you on Friday.

12. Talking about the Lease

1.  Repeat

A: I need to talk to you about something.

B: What did you need to talk about?

A: I have some questions about my lease.

B: Like what?

A: Exactly how long is my lease for?

B: Your lease will be up in three years.

A: What will happen if I move out before then?

B: If you move out before then, you will not get your deductible.

A: I don’t understand.

B: Because our contract says that you will live here for three years.

A: Okay, I think that I understand.

B: I’m glad you understand.

2.  Repeat

A: Can we talk?

B: What about?

A: I’m not too clear on some things about my lease.

B: Is there a problem?

A: How many years is my lease for?

B: In three years your lease will be up.

A: Can I move out before those three years?

B: If you do, I will keep your deductible.

A: Why would you keep it?

B: I would keep it because you would be breaking our contract.

A: I get it now.

B: I hope that I cleared things up for you.

3.  Repeat

A: I would like to talk to you, if you have time.

B: What’s going on?

A: I want to discuss some things about my lease.

B: What aren’t you too sure about?

A: Can you tell me when my lease is up?

B: Your lease is for three years.

A: If I ever decide to leave before the three years, will there be a problem?

B: If you do, I will keep your deductible.

A: Why is that?

B: If you break the contract, then you will not receive your deductible.

A: Oh, I see.

B: All right. I’m glad I could clarify things for you.

13. Negotiating the Price (1)

1.  Repeat

A: I would love to rent this apartment.

B: I’m happy to hear you say that.

A: How much are you asking for every month?

B: I’m renting this apartment out for $1050 a month.

A: That is quite a lot of money for just one month.

B: That is a fair price.

A: What do you say to $850 a month?

B: That’s no good.

A: It’s either $850 or nothing at all.

B: I won’t go any lower than $1050.

A: Could you please go lower?

B: That’s the best I can do.

2.  Repeat

A: This apartment is wonderful.

B: I’m glad you like it.

A: How much would I have to pay for rent?

B: The rent is $1050 each month.

A: That’s way too much money.

B: It isn’t too much.

A: How about if I pay $850?

B: I can’t take that.

A: I can’t go any higher than $850.

B: I honestly don’t know what else to tell you.

A: You can’t go any lower than that?

B: If you can’t afford $1050, then we have no deal.

3.  Repeat

A: I think I may rent this apartment from you.

B: That’s great to hear.

A: How much are you looking to rent it for?

B: For each month you would have to pay $1050.

A: That is too expensive.

B: I don’t think that is too much for rent.

A: How does $850 a month sound to you?

B: That’s not enough.

A: That’s the best that I can do.

B: $850 a month is not enough money.

A: Would you please reconsider?

B: That’s my final offer. Take it or leave it.

14. Negotiating the Price (2)

1.  Repeat

A: I would love to rent out your apartment.

B: That’s great.

A: How much is the rent?

B: The rent each month is $1050.

A: That’s a lot of money.

B: Did you have a better price in mind?

A: What about $800?

B: That’s way too low.

A: I can’t pay much more than that.

B: How about $900 a month?

A: That would be fine.

B: Great. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

2.  Repeat

A: I think I may rent this apartment from you.

B: That would be wonderful.

A: Can you tell me how much I would have to pay for rent?

B: The rent is $1050 every month.

A: That’s way too much.

B: What is good for you?

A: I can afford about $800 a month for rent.

B: That’s not high enough.

A: How much more are you thinking?

B: I can let it go at $900 a month.

A: That’s almost perfect.

B: I can live with that too.

3.  Repeat

A: I want to rent this apartment.

B: I’m glad to hear that.

A: How much are you asking?

B: You will have to pay $1050 every month.

A: I can’t afford that.

B: What can you afford?

A: I was thinking $800 a month.

B: I’ll need you to pay more than that.

A: How much more?

B: How does $900 every month sound to you?

A: I can live with that.

B: We have a deal then.

15. Policy Towards Pets

1.  Repeat

A: I was wondering if you allow pets in this building.

B: We do allow some pets, but you must pay an additional five hundred dollar security deposit.

A: What kind of pets do you allow?

B: You may keep either one cat or one dog.

A: Can cats and dogs be outside?

B: Cats can be outside, but we want them collared or tagged so we know who they belong to. Dogs must be on a leash and are not allowed in the flowerbeds.

A: Are there any special places nearby that I can walk my dog?

B: There is a dog park down the block.

A: Do many other tenants in this building have pets?

B: Not too many, but you shouldn’t have any trouble finding someone to share walks with.

2.  Repeat

A: What is your policy towards tenants keeping pets?

B: You may have a pet, but you have to pay an extra two hundred dollar cleaning deposit.

A: How many pets can we have?

B: You may have only one pet. You can have either a small dog or a cat.

A: What is the policy as to where the pets can be outside?

B: We ask that you keep your cats indoors or on your balcony. Dogs need to be walked to the street or park.

A: Where can I walk my dog?

B: There is a park down the street, but you must keep your dog on a leash.

A: How many other people have pets around here?

B: We have quite a few pet owners here, so if you need help finding a veterinarian, just ask around.

3.  Repeat

A: Are renters allowed to have pets?

B: We allow a small well-behaved pet, but you need to sign an agreement saying you’ll pay for any damages.

A: Do you allow both cats and dogs?

B: We only allow a medium or small dog or a cat.

A: Are there any special areas where animals are allowed or not allowed?

B: Cats are to be kept indoors at all times. Dogs must be on a leash and with the owner when outdoors.

A: Are there places where I can take my dog for a run?

B: There are quite a few hiking trails nearby.

A: Are there a lot of pets in this building?

B: We don’t have a lot of pet owners, but there are a few around if you have any questions about local pet supplies and dog parks.

16. Checking the Apartment for Anything Damaged

1.  Repeat

A: What do you think about the apartment so far?

B: It is beautiful.

A: You don’t have any problems with how it looks?

B: Actually, there is a problem.

A: Like what?

B: There are some stains that were left in the carpet.

A: Those stains will be cleaned out of the carpet before you move in.

B: Oh, is that right?

A: Yes. Now what other problems do you have?

B: That was the only problem that I saw.

A: I’m glad that everything else is to your liking.

B: I honestly love it.

2.  Repeat

A: Do you like the apartment?

B: I absolutely love the apartment.

A: Everything is okay?

B: I do have one problem with the apartment.

A: What’s the problem?

B: I don’t like all those stains in the carpet.

A: We will have the carpet cleaned before you move into the apartment.

B: I did not know that.

A: I assure you that we will, and if there are any more problems, feel free to tell me.

B: That was the only thing that I saw wrong with the apartment.

A: I’m glad to know that you think the apartment is so nice.

B: It’s absolutely incredible. I’ll take it.

3.  Repeat

A: What are your thoughts on the apartment?

B: I think that it’s absolutely gorgeous.

A: There aren’t any problems with the apartment?

B: I think that the apartment looks very nice, but I do see some problems.

A: What problems?

B: I did notice a few stains in the carpet.

A: We will have the carpet cleaned before you move in.

B: You will?

A: Yes, but other than that, are there any more problems?

B: That was the only thing that I saw that was wrong with the apartment.

A: I’m happy that you find this apartment so appealing.

B: It is. I love it.

17. Asking a Friend to Help Move In

1.  Repeat

A: Hey, what’s up?

B: Everything’s fine with me. How about you?

A: I need your help.

B: What do you need?

A: Remember when I told you I’m going to be moving?

B: Yeah, I remember.

A: Do you think you could help me move?

B: Sure, that shouldn’t be a problem. When?

A: Are you busy this Saturday?

B: I don’t think I have any plans.

A: Is 10 o’clock okay with you?

B: That’ll be fine. I’ll see you then.

2.  Repeat

A: What’s going on?

B: Things are fine with me. What’s going on with you?

A: Would you help me?

B: Help you with what?

A: You do know I’m getting ready to move, right?

B: I remember you telling me.

A: Do you mind helping me move in?

B: I can help you with that.

A: Is this Saturday okay for you?

B: I’m free this Saturday.

A: Can you come help me at 10:00?

B: That’s perfect. I will see you on Saturday.

3.  Repeat

A: What are you doing?

B: Nothing much. What’s up with you?

A: Actually, I was wondering if you could help me with something.

B: What would you like me to help you with?

A: You know I’m going to be moving in soon?

B: You told me already.

A: I was just wondering if you could help me move in.

B: I can help you with that.

A: Do you have plans on Saturday?

B: No, I don’t think so.

A: How does 10 am sound to you?

B: Saturday at 10:00? I can do that.

18. Calling a Moving Company

1.  Repeat

A: How are you doing today?

B: Great. Thanks for asking.

A: Would you like our assistance with a move?

B: Yes, actually I would.

A: What would you like us to move for you?

B: I need you to move my furniture.

A: Could you tell me what kind of residence that we will be picking the furniture up from?

B: The furniture is in my apartment.

A: Where will we be moving it to?

B: You’ll be taking it to the house I just bought.

A: All right. I just need both addresses, and we will take care of the moving for you.

B: Excellent. Thank you very much.

2.  Repeat

A: How are you?

B: I am doing well.

A: Did you need us to move something for you?

B: That’s exactly what I’m calling about.

A: What exactly do you need moved?

B: All my furniture needs to be moved.

A: Where will we be moving your furniture from?

B: I need it moved from my apartment.

A: Where would you like us to move the furniture to?

B: I need the furniture moved to my new house.

A: All I need is a little more information, and we’ll take care of the rest.

B: Sounds great. I’m glad you could help me.

3.  Repeat

A: How are you doing?

B: I’m fine, thank you.

A: Did you need our help with a move?

B: Yes, I do need your help with a move.

A: What can we move for you?

B: I need all my furniture moved.

A: Will we be picking the furniture up from an apartment or a house?

B: You’ll be taking it from my old apartment.

A: Are we moving the furniture to a house or an apartment?

B: To my new house.

A: We can do the move for you, but first I’m going to need some more information.

B: Thanks a lot. I’ll give you all the information you need.

19. Calling the Water Company

1.  Repeat

A: Is this the water company?

B: This is the water company. May I help you?

A: As a matter of fact, you can.

B: What do you need?

A: In a few days, I’m going to be moving.

B: Okay, and what do you need help with?

A: I’m going to need the water turned on in my new house.

B: When do you need your water turned on?

A: I’m going to need it done by Saturday.

B: That shouldn’t be a problem.

A: What do you need from me in order to do that?

B: All I need is your name, social security number, and your new address.

2.  Repeat

A: Am I speaking with someone from the water company?

B: Yes. Can I assist you with something?

A: I certainly hope so.

B: What’s the problem?

A: I will be moving into a new house in a few days.

B: What exactly do you need my help with?

A: I’ll need you to turn the water on in my house.

B: What day are you moving in?

A: I’m moving in this Saturday.

B: We can help you with that.

A: Do I need to give you any information?

B: You need to give me your full name, social, and the address of your new house.

3.  Repeat

A: I need to speak with someone from the water company.

B: Is there something that I can do for you?

A: Actually, there is something I need help with.

B: How may I assist you?

A: I’m going to be moving in a few days.

B: How can I assist you with your move?

A: My water needs to be turned on.

B: Okay, when exactly will you need this done?

A: I need the water turned on no later than Saturday evening.

B: I can have it turned on for you by then.

A: What information do I need to give you to have that done?

B: What I need is your social security number, full name, and your new address.

20. Where to Put the Furniture

1.  Repeat

A: Thank you for helping me move.

B: Don’t mention it. Where do you want all your furniture?

A: Okay, I want you to put the sofa in the living room.

B: Would you like me to put it anywhere special?

A: No, up against the wall is just fine.

B: Where would you like this table?

A: That table should go in the dining room.

B: Would you like me to put it anywhere in particular?

A: You can place it right in the center of the room.

B: How are things looking so far?

A: I think the furniture looks nice in here.

B: You’re absolutely right.

2.  Repeat

A: I appreciate all your help with this move.

B: It’s the least I could do. Tell me where to put your furniture.

A: That sofa should go in the living room.

B: Was there a certain place you wanted the sofa?

A: I think it would look best up against that wall.

B: What should I do with this table?

A: I want that table in the dining room.

B: Should I just put it down anywhere?

A: I want it in the center of the room.

B: What do you think? How does it look in here so far?

A: I love the way things are looking.

B: That’s exactly what I was thinking.

3.  Repeat

A: I really am thankful for you helping me move.

B: It’s no problem. Just let me know where you want me to put everything.

A: I would like you to put that sofa in the living room.

B: Is there any particular place you want it?

A: Set it against that far wall.

B: What do you want me to do with this table?

A: That’s the dining-room table of course, silly.

B: Where in the room do you want it?

A: It would look best in the center of the room.

B: Do you like where everything is so far?

A: Everything looks great.

B: Yeah, I agree.

21. Greeting a Neighbor

1.  Repeat

A: Hello, it’s nice to meet you.

B: It’s great meeting you too.

A: Did you just move in?

B: I moved in this past weekend.

A: I had no idea that house was sold.

B: I had to buy. The first time I saw it, I fell in love.

A: It is a beautiful house.

B: Have you been living here long?

A: About 20 years now.

B: Wow! That’s a long time.

A: Hopefully we will be neighbors for a lot longer.

B: I love this house too much to ever move.

2.  Repeat

A: It is very nice meeting you.

B: I’m happy to meet you also.

A: When did you get moved in?

B: Just this past weekend.

A: I didn’t even know the house got sold.

B: I absolutely love this house, so I had to buy it.

A: I understand, because the house is extraordinary.

B: How many years have you been living in your house?

A: I’ve been living here for over 20 years.

B: Twenty years? That is a very long time.

A: I hope that we remain neighbors for a while longer.

B: I could never move out of this house.

1.  Repeat

A: Is there anything specific that I should know about where to park my car?

B: You have an assigned place in the back of the building with your apartment number on it.

A: Are there any other spots available to me?

B: You will see several visitor and unmarked spots. These are available on a first-come basis.

A: What if there is nothing else available?

B: You can park on the street, but you have to pay attention to the rules.

A: What are the rules?

B: Most of the laws are posted on the signs, but you also cannot park anywhere on the street between two and six in the morning.

A: Are the parking tickets expensive around here?

B: Parking tickets are very expensive, and if you don’t pay them they may tow your car away.

22. Prohibited Parking

1.  Repeat

A: I’d like to purchase a parking permit for next semester.

B: Are you a daytime student or do you just come in the evenings?

A: I am a daytime student.

B: Will you be driving a motorcycle or a car?

A: I will be driving my car.

B: OK, that will be twenty-five dollars. How would you like to pay for it?

A: I’ll pay for it with a check.

B: Would you like to pay for any extra permits for another vehicle?

A: No, thanks; I’m fine.

B: Here you go then. Have a great school year!

2.  Repeat

A: What are the rules about where I should park?

B: Your assigned space is in the back where I marked it on the map.

A: Can I park anywhere else in the parking lot?

B: There are a few spots back there for visitors. They are unassigned.

A: Where can my guests park if all of those spots are gone?

B: You can park on the street, but you can get ticketed for failing to follow the rules.

A: How will I know what the rules are?

B: Just pay attention to street cleaning days and limits on the hours you can park out there.

A: Are parking citations costly?

B: Yes, parking tickets can be extremely expensive.

3.  Repeat

A: Where can I park my car?

B: You have one assigned place right beside your own apartment.

A: Are there any other open spots available in the parking lot?

B: Your guests can park in a visitor or unmarked spot if one is available.

A: Is there any place else to park if the spots are all gone?

B: There is always street parking, but you must obey the laws about parking out there.

A: Do they post the rules anywhere?

B: The rules for parking are all clearly posted. Just follow them and you’ll be OK.

A: Do you have to pay a large fine for a parking ticket?

B: You don’t want to get a parking ticket. You have better things to spend your money on!

23. Trash and Recycling

1.  Repeat

A: Can you tell me where we are supposed to take our trash?

B: Put it in the dumpster next to that stairway.

A: What day do they pick the trash up?

B: They empty the trash every Wednesday.

A: Are we supposed to mix our recyclables in, or sort them?

B: We are supposed to sort our recyclables.

A: Is there a special container for recyclables?

B: You should have a blue container in your kitchen. Empty that into the blue bin downstairs.

A: What about plant material?

B: Anything that can be composted goes into the bin with the green lid.

2.  Repeat

A: I need a little help about where to dump my trash bags.

B: Put them in the parking lot dumpster near the parking spaces.

A: When is trash day?

B: Trash day is Wednesday.

A: Do they sort our recyclables, or do we do it?

B: They expect us to take out our recyclables.

A: Do we put our recyclables in a separate bin?

B: Just take all of your recyclables to the blue bin downstairs.

A: Is there a special bin for yard waste?

B: All material to be composted goes into the bin with the green lid.

3.  Repeat

A: Where are the dumpsters located in this building?

B: Right now they are in the front of the building for pickup.

A: When do the dumpsters get emptied?

B: They usually get emptied Wednesday, unless there is a holiday in there somewhere.

A: Are there separate containers for recyclables?

B: We don’t mix our recyclables with regular trash.

A: What does the container for recyclables look like?

B: All of your recyclables go into the blue bin.

A: How about composting materials?

B: We have a great composting program that uses the bin with the green lid.

24. Laundry Room Rules and Hours

1.  Repeat

A: So where are the laundry rooms located?

B: There is a laundry room located at the end of each hallway.

A: Can I use them at any time?

B: All laundry rooms are locked at eleven at night and re-open at seven in the morning.

A: Do they use change?

B: You should bring quarters for the washer and dryer.

A: Can you buy detergent in the laundry room?

B: Yes, there are detergent dispensers in the laundry room.

A: Are there rules in the laundry room?

B: Yes, if you leave your laundry in the machine unattended, people can just take it out and put it on a table so they may use the machine.

2.  Repeat

A: Does every floor have a laundry room?

B: Each hallway has a laundry room located near the stairway.

A: Are they open for use around the clock?

B: The laundry room near the recreation center is open twenty-four hours a day. The rest have posted hours.

A: Do I need to bring coins with me?

B: The washers and dryers require correct change, but there is a change machine in the laundry room.

A: Are there any detergent dispensers in the laundry room?

B: Yes, but they are expensive.

A: Are there any specific rules about doing laundry?

B: Yes, you are only supposed to tie up three machines at a time for your own use, so that the other machines are available for other tenants.

3.  Repeat

A: Do you have a lot of laundry rooms?

B: We have many laundry rooms. Your closest one is next to the pool.

A: Are there any certain hours we can use them.

B: All of the laundry rooms can be used whenever you need to use them.

A: What type of payment do they require?

B: If you bring dollar bills, you will be in great shape.

A: Is there any place to buy laundry detergent in the laundry room.

B: There are detergent dispensers in the laundry room but it is cheaper to buy it across the street at the market.

A: Is there anything I should know about the rules of the laundry room?

B: Yes, we ask that you please clean up after yourself as in wiping up spilled detergent or cleaning out lint screens.

Part III

25. Neighbors and Help

1.  Repeat

A: Hi, I am your new neighbor and was wondering if I could ask you a question or two.

B: Hi! I would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

A: Everyone here seems very friendly.

B: Yes, many of us have lived here a long time and know each other well.

A: How long have you lived here?

B: I have lived in this building for ten years.

A: When I get settled, would you consider giving me a list of places you use, like cleaners and grocery stores?

B: I can help you with that. Would you like to go to the local farmer’s market with me this morning?

A: That would be great!

B: Fine. I’ll knock on your door around ten o’clock then.

2.  Repeat

A: Hi, I am your new neighbor and would like to ask you about a few things.

B: Hi, nice to meet you. Sure, ask me anything you need to know.

A: So far, everyone that I’ve met seems so helpful.

B: We all seem to get along pretty well.

A: Have you lived here a very long time?

B: I first moved here ten years ago.

A: I am having trouble figuring out the best places to shop and such.

B: I am a pretty good source for all of that information. You could go to the local farmer’s market with me today if you wish.

A: I would love to go with you!

B: I’ll be leaving around ten o’clock. I’ll pick you up.

3.  Repeat

A: Hi, I just moved in next door and have a few questions.

B: Hello, and welcome to our building. I would be happy to help you with your questions.

A: You all seem like a very pleasant group of tenants.

B: We all try and help each other out when we can.

A: When did you first move here?

B: I have lived here for quite awhile. Ten years!

A: I am not from around here, and I don’t know where basic services are.

B: I could help you find everything you need. Would you be interested in going to the local farmer’s market with me?

A: What a great opportunity to get oriented to the neighborhood!

B: It starts around ten. Just meet me in the parking lot around 9:45, and I’ll take you there.

26. Visitors and Extra Tenants

1.  Repeat

A: I have a question about extra people living with me in my apartment.

B: You may have one roommate, but they need to have an approved application on file with us.

A: What about overnight guests?

B: An occasional overnight guest is not a problem.

A: How many days could I have an extra guest?

B: We usually consider any guest who stays over a week to be a possible problem.

A: Will I have to pay extra for roommates or visitors?

B: If you are given permission for extended visitors, you may be charged extra.

A: Can my guests use the pool and laundry room?

B: Your guests may use the pool and laundry facilities, but you must be with them at all times.

2.  Repeat

A: Can I have roommates in my apartment?

B: You may have one roommate, but they need to pass a credit check.

A: Can overnight guests stay with me?

B: You may have an overnight guest, but they may not stay for an extended period of time.

A: How long could my friends and family stay with me without it being a problem?

B: No one can stay with you for over a week without special permission.

A: Will I owe extra money for more people staying in my apartment?

B: You are not charged extra for a roommate or short-term guests.

A: If I have visitors, may they use the pool?

B: Your short-term guests may use the facilities with you present.

3.  Repeat

A: What about roommates in my apartment?

B: You may have one roommate, but their name must appear on the lease.

A: Can I have someone visit me for a short period of time?

B: We understand that a family member or friend may visit from time to time. Just make sure that they are not moving in with you.

A: How many days could a friend stay without it being a problem?

B: You cannot have an extra tenant for over a week, unless we give you special permission.

A: Will I be charged extra money for having roommates or visitors?

B: A roommate or a short-term guest would not cost you anything extra.

A: Can my family and friends use the facilities when they visit me?

B: Your guests may not use the facilities unless you are with them.

27. Locked Out

1.  Repeat

A: I need your help with something.

B: What’s wrong?

A: I somehow locked myself out of my apartment.

B: How did you lock yourself out?

A: I’m really not sure.

B: Where’s your key?

A: I locked it inside the house.

B: I do have a spare key to your door.

A: May I use it, please?

B: Okay, but once you get in, bring my key right back.

A: I will, and thank you so much.

B: Make sure to keep your key with you next time.

2.  Repeat

A: Could you help me?

B: What happened?

A: I’m locked out of my apartment.

B: What did you do to lock yourself out?

A: I have no idea.

B: You don’t have your key?

A: It’s inside of my apartment.

B: I have a key to your apartment.

A: Could I borrow it for just a second?

B: All right. Bring it back when you’re done.

A: Great, thanks a lot.

B: I hope you’ll be more careful next time.

3.  Repeat

A: I really need you to do something for me.

B: What’s the problem?

A: I can’t get into my apartment.

B: How’d you manage that?

A: I don’t know.

B: Do you know where your key is?

A: It’s inside my apartment.

B: I have a spare key.

A: Will you let me use it to get inside?

B: Sure. Remember to give it back when you’re finished.

A: I appreciate this.

B: No problem. Try not to lock yourself out again.

28. Noisy Neighbors

1.  Repeat

A: Those neighbors of mine are so noisy!

B: Yes, I can hear them. What is that pounding sound?

A: I think that they are hammering nails to hang pictures.

B: How often do you hear them making noise?

A: They play their music really loud, and I can hear it.

B: Have you spoken to them about the noise problem?

A: No, I haven’t spoken with them about it.

B: What else do you hear that bothers you?

A: I hear a lot of plumbing sounds, like the toilet flushing and the dishwasher running.

B: If this continues, I would speak to the manager.

2.  Repeat

A: I am really losing patience with my noisy neighbors!

B: They are noisy, all right. What do you think is making that sound?

A: I think they are hammering some new flooring down in their living room.

B: Do they usually make a lot of noise?

A: I can hear music through the walls all the time.

B: Do you ever tell your neighbors about the noise problem?

A: No, I don’t know them very well.

B: Are there any other sounds that you can hear?

A: I hear them talking loudly a lot, and their television is really loud.

B: I would talk to the manager if the noise continues.

3.  Repeat

A: Those noisy neighbors of mine are driving me crazy!

B: Yes, they are very noisy. What do you think they are doing in there?

A: Someone said they are installing some countertops in their kitchen.

B: Is there usually a lot of noise coming from over there?

A: Whenever they play music, I can hear it coming through the walls.

B: Do your neighbors know that you can hear them?

A: I mentioned it to them once.

B: Are you ever disturbed by other sounds?

A: They have a lot of noisy parties that get out of hand.

B: I think that you should talk with the manager to see if he can help you.

29. Asking the Neighbor Not to Make Noise

1.  Repeat

A: I was meaning to talk to you about something.

B: What’s going on?

A: Were you having a party in your apartment last Friday?

B: Yes, I had a little party.

A: It was very loud.

B: I didn’t intend on being too loud.

A: It’s fine if you want to have people over, but I couldn’t sleep with the noise.

B: I really do apologize for all the noise.

A: Next time, do you think that you could keep it down?

B: Will do.

A: Thank you very much.

B: Okay, and once again I’m sorry for keeping you up.

2.  Repeat

A: May I talk to you?

B: What’s up?

A: Did you have a party Friday?

B: I did have a few people over.

A: It was way too loud.

B: I didn’t realize I was making a lot of noise.

A: I couldn’t sleep with how loud it was.

B: I’m sorry for being so loud.

A: Could you try not to be so loud the next time?

B: I’ll make sure to do that for you.

A: Thanks, I would appreciate it.

B: Let me apologize again for the noise.

3.  Repeat

A: We really need to talk.

B: What do we need to talk about?

A: Was there a party going on in your apartment on Friday?

B: I did throw a party on Friday.

A: You were quite loud.

B: I really didn’t mean to be loud.

A: I don’t mind if you have company, of course, but the noise made it difficult for me to sleep.

B: I am sorry if my party kept you up.

A: It’s all right, but next time could you try to keep it down?

B: I will try to.

A: Thank you, because that would be great.

B: You’re welcome, and I apologize for the inconvenience.

30. Poor Area Lighting

1.  Repeat

A: I would like to speak with the manager about some safety concerns.

B: This is the manager. What can I do for you?

A: I was parking my car last night in the garage area, and it was very dark out there.

B: Is this the first time you noticed this?

A: The lighting has always been bad, but it seems to be getting worse.

B: We are trying to save electricity, so we put in new energy-saving bulbs. Maybe that was the problem.

A: Whatever the problem is, it needs to be fixed.

B: Why do you feel this is so unsafe?

A: It is unsafe because it allows people to hide in there and jump people and rob them.

B: I will go out there after dark and check it out. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

2.  Repeat

A: Could I speak with the property manager about a problem I had last night?

B: I am the property manager. What was the problem that you experienced?

A: Have you noticed that the lighting in the garage area is almost nonexistent?

B: Has this been a problem for you in the past?

A: I just moved here recently, so I really don’t know how long it has been like this.

B: Maybe some of the bulbs were burned out.

A: All I know it that it feels very unsafe out there at night.

B: Do you really think it is that unsafe to have a few dark patches here and there?

A: It is unsafe because a rapist could hide in there and attack women.

B: I will have the night manager look into it. Thank you for telling me about it.

3.  Repeat

A: I had a problem last night in the parking lot and would like to speak to the manager.

B: This is the manager speaking. How can I help you?

A: I got out of my car in the parking area, and the area was not lit very well.

B: How long have you noticed this problem?

A: This is the first time that I noticed it.

B: Maybe you were just parking in a shadowy area.

A: Regardless of the cause, the problem needs to be taken care of.

B: I am not sure that having a few shadows here and there is such a problem.

A: It is unsafe because people can’t see where they are walking and could have an accident.

B: When it gets dark tonight, I will take a look. I appreciate your concern.

31. Recreation Area Problems

1.  Repeat

A: Could I speak with the manager about some problems in the pool area?

B: Sure, what seems to be the problem?

A: My apartment is next to the pool, and there seems to be some really late-night partying going on out there.

B: The hours for the pool are eight in the morning to ten at night. Is the noise that you are hearing later than that?

A: Yes, sometimes people are in the Jacuzzi at midnight!

B: Did you call the night manager?

A: No, I didn’t really know if anyone was around that late.

B: I am going to give you my number to call if it happens again.

A: Thank you for your help.

B: You are welcome. I will be sending letters to tenants to remind them of the rules.

2.  Repeat

A: I had some concerns about the pool and Jacuzzi area and would like to speak with someone.

B: I can help you with that. What are you having problems with?

A: I live right next to the pool, and late at night it is really noisy out there!

B: There is not supposed to be anyone in the pool area after ten o’clock at night. Are you noticing people out there any later?

A: I’ve heard people out there at one in the morning!

B: Did you contact anyone?

A: No, I just waited until now to tell you.

B: I will give you the direct line to call to report this when it is happening

A: I appreciate your help.

B: You are welcome. Evidently a few people need some reminders.

3.  Repeat

A: I was wondering if I could speak to someone about some concerns of mine with the pool area.

B: I can answer any questions that you might have. What are your concerns?

A: I enjoy living next to the pool, but it gets really loud out there at night.

B: The pool is supposed to be closed after 10:00. Are you saying that people are partying later than that?

A: There have been parties out there that haven’t ended until two in the morning!

B: Did you call the front desk?

A: Yes, I tried, but no one picked up.

B: You can have my personal line to call if this happens again. Do not hesitate to call.

A: Thank you for taking care of this for me.

B: Thank you for bringing it to my attention. We will send reminder memos to help people remember what the rules are.

32. Fumigation and Relocation for a Night

1.  Repeat

A: Hi. I wanted to talk to you about the letter we received about fumigating the building.

B: Yes, I would be happy to help you with that. What do you need to know?

A: Do we have to leave our apartment on the day they do it?

B: You will have to vacate your apartment for a 36-hour period.

A: Will you be paying for our hotel room?

B: Yes, I will be paying for all the rooms.

A: What if I want to stay at a different hotel?

B: I received a group rate at this hotel, but I will pay the equivalent price if you bring me a receipt.

A: What if I stay with friends?

B: If you do not stay in a hotel, I will give you fifty dollars for the inconvenience.

A: Is there anything else we have to do?

B: Yes, your letter also mentions what food you need to remove.

2.  Repeat

A: Good morning. I had some questions about the fumigation letter we received.

B: I am here to answer your questions. What do you need clarification on?

A: Will I have to find somewhere else to go on that day?

B: You cannot stay in your apartment for 36 hours while it is being fumigated.

A: Are you going to pay us for the hotel room you mentioned in your letter?

B: The rooms have already been reserved and paid for.

A: If I don’t like that hotel, can I stay somewhere else?

B: I got a great deal at this hotel, but you can choose a room of equal or less value at another hotel.

A: I have my pets to think of and I’d rather stay with my parents.

B: You will be given fifty dollars for the night.

A: What else do we need to think about?

B: The letter also tells you about storing and removing your food.

3.  Repeat

A: Hello. Could you help me understand a few things about the fumigation letter?

B: It would be my pleasure to help you. What is your question?

A: Can I still stay in my apartment while they are doing this?

B: You and your pets will have to leave your apartment for 36 hours.

A: Are you putting us up in the hotel you mentioned, or do we have to pay for it?

B: We will be paying for the rooms.

A: Do I have a choice as to what hotel I stay in?

B: If you want to switch hotels, just bring me the receipt and I will reimburse you for the same amount of money that I would have spent on you.

A: I think I might just go stay with my boyfriend.

B: If you have another place to stay, you will get fifty dollars for the night.

A: What other safety precautions do we need to take?

B: The letter you received includes a checklist that tells you how to store your food.

33. Key and Lock Problems

1.  Repeat

A: I need to speak with the manager, please.

B: Yes, this is the manager. How may I help you this morning?

A: We are having problems getting into our apartment.

B: Is this the first time that you have tried this key since I gave it to you?

A: Yes, this is the first time that we have tried this key.

B: Does the key go into the lock okay?

A: It fits in the lock just fine.

B: Let’s try it one more time. Just try to gently slide the key in the deadbolt and turn it to the right.

A: It still doesn’t work.

B: I will come up to help you right away. I’ll bring another key to try.

2.  Repeat

A: I need to speak with the manager right away.

B: The manager is not here right now. May I take a message?

A: Our key doesn’t seem to be working in our lock.

B: How many times have you used this key in the lock?

A: We have already used this key successfully before.

B: Does the key fit in the lock?

A: It is really hard to get it into the lock, but it does go in.

B: Make sure you are on the top lock. Put the key in and try turning it to the right.

A: I can’t get it to work.

B: Could you return to the manager’s office? I have another key that I would like you to try.

3.  Repeat

A: Good morning. Could I speak with the manager, please?

B: I am the assistant manager. Is there something I can help you with?

A: The key you gave us to our apartment doesn’t seem to be working.

B: Did this key work okay for you before?

A: We were using my roommate’s key before and never really tried this one.

B: Does the key seem to belong in that lock?

A: It doesn’t really fit at all.

B: Try putting your key in the top lock one more time and turn it to the right.

A: It works now, but it didn’t work before.

B: We have been having trouble with that lock. I will call a locksmith right away.

34. Calling the Landlord to Report a Leak

1.  Repeat

A: I have a problem.

B: What’s the problem?

A: A pipe burst in my ceiling.

B: Why do you think that?

A: There is water dripping from my ceiling.

B: Is it causing a flood in your apartment?

A: No, but my carpet is getting wet.

B: How long has this water been dripping?

A: It only started leaking today.

B: I’ll have someone come down to fix it right away.

A: That’s great.

B: I apologize for the inconvenience.

2.  Repeat

A: I’m calling about a problem with my apartment.

B: Tell me what the problem is.

A: There must be a leaking pipe in my ceiling.

B: Are you sure?

A: There is water leaking from my ceiling.

B: Is the water flooding your apartment?

A: It’s not flooding, but my carpet is beginning to smell.

B: Has it been leaking long?

A: I believe it began leaking today.

B: Someone will be right up to fix it.

A: I’d appreciate that.

B: Let me also apologize about the problem.

3.  Repeat

A: I have a problem that needs fixing immediately.

B: What is it?

A: I think that a pipe broke in my ceiling.

B: How do you know?

A: The ceiling is wet and water is dripping onto my carpet.

B: Your apartment isn’t flooded, is it?

A: Not yet, but my carpet is wet.

B: When did this all start?

A: It just started today.

B: I will send a plumber up to fix it right now.

A: That would be fabulous.

B: I’m sorry about the problem.

35. Roof Leaking

1.  Repeat

A: May I speak with the property manager, please?

B: Hello, this is the property manager. How may I help you?

A: During that horrible rainstorm last night, my roof began to leak.

B: What room was the leak in?

A: It was in our bedroom.

B: Are you on the top floor, or is there another apartment above you?

A: We are on the top floor.

B: I will be sending someone out as soon as I can get hold of the roofer. Will you be home this morning?

A: Yes, we will be in all morning.

B: Fine. If you do end up going somewhere, we can just use our pass key.

2.  Repeat

A: Good morning. I need to speak with the property manager, please.

B: Good morning. You are speaking to the property manager.

A: While it was raining last night, water started leaking in from the ceiling.

B: Was it leaking in the bedroom?

A: It was in the living room.

B: Can you tell me which floor you are on?

A: We are on the bottom floor.

B: I would like to look at the leak. Will you be home this morning?

A: Yes, someone will be here to let you in.

B: Just in case you have to leave, we will just use the master key.

3.  Repeat

A: I need to talk with the property manager right away!

B: This is the property manager. What seems to be the problem?

A: This morning, when we woke up, there was water pouring in from the ceiling!

B: Could you tell me what room had the leak?

A: There were several rooms, but the worst leak was in the bathroom.

B: Could you please remind me which floor you are on?

A: We are on the second floor, one of the middle floors.

B: I will be sending the assistant manager to check it out. May we look at it this morning?

A: Actually, I have to go to school right now.

B: If you aren’t there, we will use our master key to get in and check things out.

36. Plumbing

1.  Repeat

A: I am having some plumbing problems and need them fixed.

B: What exactly is wrong with the plumbing?

A: The toilet flushes really slowly.

B: Are there any problems with the plumbing in the kitchen?

A: Both the kitchen and the bathroom plumbing are messed up.

B: How long have you had these problems?

A: It has been going on for a while, but just started to get worse this morning.

B: I will send someone out to take a look at the problem. Will you be home this afternoon?

A: Yes, I will be home this afternoon.

B: Fine. I will be there around 2:00. If someone is not there, I will use my key to get in.

2.  Repeat

A: I just moved into my apartment, and the plumbing is not working.

B: Can you describe the plumbing problems you are having?

A: The bathtub barely drains at all.

B: Okay, the bathroom plumbing needs looking at. What about the kitchen plumbing?

A: Neither the kitchen nor the bathroom plumbing is working well.

B: Has this problem been going on for a long time?

A: It just started happening last night.

B: I will be coming over to look at it this afternoon. Will you be there?

A: I will not be home.

B: I can always use my key to get in, but I would prefer that you be there.

3.  Repeat

A: The plumbing in my new apartment is not working.

B: I need you to tell me what the problem is.

A: The bathroom sink is stopped up.

B: Is the kitchen plumbing messed up also, or just the bathroom plumbing?

A: Just the bathroom plumbing seems to have a problem.

B: Did this just start happening, or has it been going on for a while?

A: Everything worked beautifully until a few hours ago.

B: Are you going to be home so I can come by and take a look at the problem?

A: I am not sure if I will be home later.

B: I will be coming by around 10 this morning. If you aren’t there, I’ll just use my key.

37. Threatening not to Rent

1.  Repeat

A: Do you like the apartment so far?

B: I see a problem.

A: What’s the problem?

B: I noticed that the faucet in the kitchen is leaking.

A: That’s no big deal.

B: It’s going to be a problem when my water bill comes.

A: What do you want me to do about it?

B: I would like you to fix the problem.

A: I won’t be able to do that right now.

B: Well, I won’t be able to rent the apartment until the problem is fixed.

A: Fine, I’ll have it fixed for you.

B: I’m happy that we’ve come to an agreement.

2.  Repeat

A: How do you like the apartment?

B: I like the apartment, but I see something wrong with it.

A: What’s wrong?

B: There’s a leaking faucet in the kitchen.

A: That isn’t a problem.

B: That leak is going to raise my water bill.

A: What can I do?

B: You need to fix it.

A: I can’t right now.

B: I won’t rent it if the faucet isn’t fixed.

A: I will fix it for you.

B: I’m glad you finally agree.

3.  Repeat

A: What do you think of the apartment?

B: I like it, but there is one problem.

A: What problem is that?

B: The faucet in the kitchen is leaking.

A: I don’t understand what the big deal is.

B: That leak is a problem for my water bill.

A: What you would like me to do about it?

B: The leak must be fixed.

A: I won’t be able to fix it at the moment.

B: I will not rent the apartment with that leaking faucet.

A: If that’s the case, then I will fix the faucet.

B: Thanks for understanding.

38. Poor Upkeep

1.  Repeat

A: I would like to make an appointment to discuss the problems I keep having with my apartment.

B: Are you having problems? This is the first I’ve heard of it.

A: We gave you a list of problems last week.

B: What kind of problems are you talking about?

A: The garbage disposal doesn’t work, we have rats, and the toilet is backed up.

B: Maybe I could get back to you in a few weeks. I am leaving on vacation this afternoon.

A: These things are your responsibility, and you need to fix them immediately.

B: Don’t tell me what to do! I’ll get to it when I get around to it!

A: If these problems are not addressed immediately, I will be contacting the health department this Friday.

B: I’ll be right over!

2.  Repeat

A: We would like you to stop by again so we can show you some more problems that have come up with our apartment.

B: I am kind of busy right now, but maybe later next week I could stop by.

A: We sent you an e-mail the first week we moved in; it listed the problems we found.

B: What problems did you find?

A: The roof leaks when it rains, there is mold on the bedroom walls, and the dishwasher doesn’t work.

B: I don’t really consider any of that to be my responsibility. You can fix those things yourself.

A: Maintaining basic health and safety standards is your responsibility.

B: I am maintaining the building. You are way too picky!

A: Unfortunately, you won’t be getting a rent check unless these problems are fixed by Friday.

B: You wouldn’t dare do that!

3.  Repeat

A: You really need to look at some of the problems we are having with the apartment.

B: That apartment never had any problems before. Are you sure the problem isn’t you?

A: We spoke with you the first week we moved in about things that you promised to fix.

B: Where do you think you have problems?

A: There is no hot water, the bedroom has a broken window, and there are rats in the kitchen.

B: You know, no one else who has been in that apartment has had a problem before.

A: You are obligated to maintain your building and my apartment.

B: I will fix these problems when I get around to it.

A: I will be withholding my rent check this Friday unless these problems are addressed immediately.

B: You can’t do that! It’s illegal!

39. Asking the Landlord about Fixing a Problem

1.  Repeat

A: I’m having a problem.

B: What’s the problem?

A: A pipe burst in my wall.

B: Is the pipe causing any water damage?

A: The water is causing mildew.

B: I can come fix the pipe sometime tomorrow.

A: Can I just call someone myself to fix it?

B: I don’t think that would be a good idea.

A: You won’t do it until tomorrow.

B: I guess you have a point.

A: So, I can call someone to fix it?

B: Go right ahead.

2.  Repeat

A: I have an issue.

B: What’s going on?

A: There is a leaking pipe in my wall.

B: Is there any water damage?

A: There is mildew.

B: I’ll go to your apartment tomorrow to fix the pipe.

A: Why can’t I call someone to fix it today?

B: I’ll just do it myself.

A: I need it done today.

B: You’re right about that.

A: Are you okay with me calling a plumber?

B: That’s fine.

3.  Repeat

A: There is a problem in my apartment.

B: What is it?

A: A pipe broke in my wall, and water is leaking.

B: Is the water causing any damage?

A: Yes, it’s creating mildew on the walls.

B: I won’t be able to fix the pipe until tomorrow.

A: I can call a plumber to fix it right now.

B: I’ll do it for you.

A: You can’t do it until tomorrow, and I need it fixed now.

B: That’s true.

A: You’re okay with me calling someone?

B: I’m all right with that.

40. Explaining the Problem to the Plumber

1.  Repeat

A: Thank you for coming.

B: You’re welcome. What’s the problem?

A: I have a leaky pipe.

B: Where exactly is the pipe?

A: The pipe is behind a wall in my bathroom.

B: How long has the pipe been leaking?

A: It began leaking a couple of days ago.

B: I must tell you that in order to get to the pipe, I must tear down that wall.

A: I know.

B: That won’t be a problem?

A: Not as long as it gets fixed.

B: All right, I will start working now.

2.  Repeat

A: Thank you for coming so quickly.

B: No problem. What’s wrong?

A: A pipe in my apartment is leaking.

B: Where is the pipe?

A: The pipe is in my bathroom.

B: Can you tell me how long the pipe has been leaking?

A: The pipe has been leaking for a couple days.

B: You do realize that I will need to rip down your wall to get to the pipe, right?

A: Yes, I’m aware of that.

B: Is that all right?

A: I just need the problem fixed.

B: I’ll get started on it now.

3.  Repeat

A: I’m glad you could make it.

B: It’s my job. What can I help you with?

A: I think a pipe burst in my apartment.

B: In what room is this pipe?

A: You’ll find the pipe in my bathroom.

B: When did the pipe start leaking?

A: It’s been leaking for a couple of days now.

B: I will need to tear down that wall to fix that pipe.

A: I understand.

B: You’re fine with that?

A: I just want the problem taken care of.

B: Okay. I will begin working on it now, if you’d like.

41. Calling the Police about a Burglary

1.  Repeat

A: Thank you for coming, officer.

B: What seems to be the problem?

A: I was in school all day and came home to a burglarized apartment.

B: Was the door locked when you left?

A: The door was still locked when I came home, so maybe they came in through a window.

B: Do you live here alone?

A: I have a roommate, but she is still at school.

B: Have you seen anyone suspicious in the neighborhood?

A: No, nothing unusual.

B: Well, I am going to check the windows and look for fingerprints. I want you to figure out what is missing.

2.  Repeat

A: I appreciate you coming so quickly, officer.

B: Whoa, what a mess! What happened here?

A: Apparently while I was at school today, someone decided to help themselves to the contents of my apartment.

B: Was everything locked up when you left?

A: I think that they broke in through a window.

B: Do you have a roommate?

A: My boyfriend lives here with me, but he is out of town right now.

B: Have you noticed anyone unusual around lately?

A: Actually, my neighbor asked me if I knew who was parked across the street the other day.

B: Let’s go through your rooms and try to figure out what has been taken.

3.  Repeat

A: Thank God you are here, officer.

B: I came as soon as I could. What a mess!

A: When I left for school today, everything was fine. Then I came home to find my apartment had been broken into.

B: Was the door locked when you came home?

A: I don’t think they came in through the door; maybe they entered through the window.

B: Does anyone else live here?

A: I live here alone.

B: Have you noticed any strangers or parked cars around here recently?

A: I really haven’t been home very much lately.

B: Let’s figure out what is missing and see if there are any fingerprints left behind.

42. Talking about Apartment Upgrades

1.  Repeat

A: I really like the apartment, but I was wondering if I could change some things.

B: What would you like to change?

A: I would like to have different carpet.

B: I would be willing to put in a different color carpet if you pay the price difference.

A: How much more would it cost?

B: It would cost between 2 and 10 dollars more per square yard.

A: While I am at it, would it be possible to switch paint colors?

B: I would be willing to look at a different color. You need to bring me a sample.

A: When can my apartment be painted and ready to go?

B: You can have the new carpet and paint by next Monday.

2.  Repeat

A: This apartment is great, but could I upgrade a few things?

B: What are you unhappy with?

A: I want to have a different color carpet.

B: If you agree to pay more money, you could upgrade the carpet.

A: Would it cost a lot more?

B: It could be as little as 2 dollars or as much as 10 dollars more per square yard.

A: I was also wondering if it would be possible to pick a different paint color.

B: Bring me a paint sample to look at, and I will consider it.

A: When can you finish with the new carpet and paint?

B: Your new apartment can be recarpeted and repainted by next Tuesday.

3.  Repeat

A: I think that I would enjoy living here, but I would like to make improvements.

B: What would make this apartment better for you?

A: I think that it would look better with a better quality carpet.

B: You can have a different carpet, but you have to pay more if it costs more.

A: How much more would it cost to upgrade?

B: It could vary quite a bit, between 2 and 10 dollars per square yard.

A: Do you think that I could have a different paint color in my apartment?

B: I have to see a sample. Bring me one this week, please.

A: How long will it take for my new apartment to be ready?

B: Both the new paint and new carpet will be finished by next week.

43. Moving Out

1.  Repeat

A: How are you doing?

B: Great. What’s up?

A: I wanted to talk to you about something.

B: What did you want to talk about?

A: I just wanted to let you know that I’m moving out.

B: When?

A: In the next few weeks.

B: I don’t understand why you want to move.

A: I’m going to school out of state.

B: I see. That’ll be fine.

A: Thanks for understanding.

B: Yes. I’m fine with it.

2.  Repeat

A: How are you?

B: I’m all right. What did you need?

A: We need to talk.

B: What’s going on?

A: I’m going to be moving out.

B: When exactly are you planning on moving out?

A: I’m going to be moving in a few weeks.

B: Why are you going to move?

A: I’m leaving the state to go to school.

B: I can understand that.

A: So you’re fine with it?

B: Yeah, I understand.

3.  Repeat

A: How have you been?

B: I’m fine. What’s going on?

A: I would like to talk to you about something.

B: What about?

A: I’m planning on moving out soon.

B: When will you be doing this?

A: I will be moving out a few weeks from now.

B: Why is that?

A: I have to leave the state for school.

B: That’s all right.

A: I’m glad that you’re okay with this.

B: I’m absolutely cool with it.

44. Eviction Notice

1.  Repeat

A: I received an eviction notice from you, and I don’t understand what it means.

B: Well, you are behind in your rent; it’s a 30-day notice to vacate.

A: You can’t make me move just for being late with my rent.

B: You have been late with your rent several times now. I am filing suit for back rent to protect myself.

A: Are you throwing me out?

B: This notice is to let you know that you will be evicted by a sheriff if you don’t make good on your rent.

A: If I catch up on my rent, can I stay?

B: You can stay if you catch up and stay caught up. Otherwise, I will find another renter.

A: I will go get the money right now.

B: Thank you. Please make sure that you pay with cash or a cashier’s check.

2.  Repeat

A: I opened my mail, found this eviction notice, and don’t know what to do with it.

B: Actually, it is a 30-day notice to vacate the premises.

A: Just for being a few days late?

B: This isn’t the first time you have been considerably late with the rent. I need to start the procedure to evict you.

A: Are you taking my apartment away?

B: This is a notice to inform you that the sheriff will evict you in 30 days if you do not pay up on your rent.

A: Can I keep the apartment if I pay my rent in full?

B: You can keep the apartment if you stay caught up on your rent. Otherwise, I need to find someone who can make the payments.

A: I will go write a check right now.

B: Thank you. I will need a cashier’s check or cash, please.

3.  Repeat

A: What is this eviction notice for?

B: The notice you received is a 30-day notice to vacate.

A: Are you kidding me?

B: I mentioned to you before that you need to keep up with your rent. This notice to evict is letting you know that I mean business.

A: You can’t just throw me out on the street!

B: You have 30 days to catch up on your rent, or a sheriff will evict you.

A: Will you still throw me out if I make the rent payment?

B: You can stay, but you might think about looking for a less expensive living arrangement if you are having trouble making the payments.

A: I am going to take care of the rent payment right now.

B: Thank you. The payment needs to be in the form of cash or a cashier’s check.

45. Getting the Deposit Back

1.  Repeat

A: I’m moving out.

B: Your lease isn’t up yet.

A: I won’t be able to stay here anymore.

B: That’s going to be a problem.

A: I don’t know why there’s a problem.

B: It’s a problem because I can’t give you your deposit back.

A: Why can’t you give it back to me?

B: You’re breaking our contract.

A: I’m going to need my deposit back.

B: That’s not going to happen.

A: I can’t stay here, though.

B: That’s really not my problem.

2.  Repeat

A: I have to move.

B: You have not fulfilled your lease agreement yet.

A: I can’t stay here anymore.

B: There’s a problem with that.

A: What is the problem?

B: I won’t be able to give you back your deposit.

A: Why not?

B: This was stated in our agreement.

A: But I need it back.

B: I can’t do it.

A: It will be impossible for me to stay here.

B: That’s not my fault.

3.  Repeat

A: I’m going to be moving out soon.

B: You still have time on your lease.

A: There’s no way that I can stay here.

B: That’s not going to be all right.

A: I don’t understand why.

B: I’m going to have to keep your deposit

A: Why can’t I have it back?

B: Because you’re leaving before your lease is over.

A: You have to give it back to me.

B: You’re not going to get it.

A: But I’m not able to live here anymore.

B: I can’t help you with that.

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