[SF] The Switch – Part 1 : shortstories

My first short story ever written. Please comment, honesty will be appreciated the most. The part 2 is almost done.


In 2042, the first commercial brain-to-text interface was created using the OpenAI’s GPT-6 natural language building blocks. This module uses neural networks to interpret the brain’s thought as a simple text. Ten years ago, the military developed the first aircraft piloting interface using virtual reality, predicting sequences of images and video footage from a camera.

It was an extensive interface that would allow the pilot to fly any type of aircraft, drone or missile, without experiencing any signal delays.

In addition, we wanted to apply this technology to remotely explore the solar system in a real time. More recently, we also started using this technology to help people who were immobile or unable to communicate with the world around them. The implanted microchip contains hundreds of gigabytes of brain-signal data that can be interpreted into intelligible text. The chip is usually located inside the skull bone and behind the socket of the right eye. The main goal is to strengthen the conscience of the signals. Each thought recorded will be recorded and transmitted to the research center in order to improve this technology and get a better interpretation of the data.

Last year, we found a woman’s skull near the research center with a chip in which some thoughts were recorded. The skull was missing the upper half, which had been deliberately cut off. In addition, the ground around the skull indicated that the woman had been burned in the fire. We confirmed that the microchip belonged to the skull and there was no tampering. However, the serial numbers did not match the serial numbers of our products, although they were produced in one of our factories. Our microchips do not record direct observations, only direct thoughts. Furthermore, none of our micro-chip recordings are auto-biographical.

According to DNA analysis, the woman’s origins were Western European, with no known relatives, while her journal was not linked to any known events. Analysis of the skull, as well as the burnt remains, showed 50 years of decay, while our hardware did not exist 50 years ago. In addition, the serial number of the microchip can also indicate such a time-lapse. The available evidence suggests that it was manufactured in the future, but we cannot state this with any certainty. The log contains a large chunk of corrupted data, including the corrupted headers containing time stamp indices. Raw data will be exposed to a public in order to help us understand and analyze it with the further research. It is possible that this woman simply had irregular brain patterns and that our current methods cannot translate them correctly.


Timestamps, headers, and a huge chunk of data are missing here


I’m not very good at anything in particular, and everything I’ve ever done … all my efforts have always been average. The only thing I’m good at is disagreeing with the Fat Bellanda, also known as Bella of the Belland family. She is a singer, artist and favorite image of an ideal dictator. An entire summer festival is dedicated to this nonsense, where everyone gathers on the beach to dance to her monotonous music with annoying Latin rhythms. In my mind, I hold countless putative debates against the Fat Bellanda, although in reality, I can never express them because either I am unable, no one will listen, and the switch would be activated against me if I did.

Bellanda was young, attractive, beautiful, and today she is just an old fat and ugly woman who used to be a whore. However, I’m not sure if the correct word is slut or whore, as one is more socially acceptable than the other. At least that’s what her stories tell, although we know that her inquisition to acquire wealth began with the “Frosted Veggie” album, titled “A Bellanda Song”, which first appeared in the Frosted Potato commercials. She certainly didn’t start in brothels where her talent was recognized by a mysterious investor. When she speaks, she does not know how to properly make the hand gestures, but she knows how to stick out her tongue with impunity to satisfy her desires. She is now an old woman who does not have a bright and exciting future, although she had accumulated her wealth and built an empire.

Since I always try to take part in this world, Bellanda has no place at all in the real life. The only way to express myself is to make noise, to scream the anger at these – these rich and famous people. Because they are the ones who have problems with people like me, believing that I am just a piece of meat, and this anger is the only way to say something about it. They are the ones who exploit, abuse and invade my existence wherever I go. I don’t want them, but anyway, they are always here to interfere with the conversation about the ideal image of a man or woman. Their fans are people who don’t believe that someone else who has different views is a human. They always hope that we will be harmed in order to justify their authority and rules. In fact, we are people who are unable to show that we have any human qualities at all, even if it means becoming violent. For them, we are always an evil crowd, animals, and this is not because of injustice. They cannot see or understand their injustice. They only believe and know violence; our violence. In fact, some of the influential people who dominate this world are people who care more about controlling our minds and feelings than offering solutions. All these rich people do is manipulate truth and reality by applying a switch.

One day, when I watched people sing along while purchasing their portions of food, I began to suffer headaches with a feeling of loneliness and disgust for everything and everyone. This started to happen more often and on different occasions. The music was the trigger, however, it started to happen even if there were no music. The only thing that calmed me down and eased the tension was to browse the archives of the ancient database to find old music. It was a time when music was equated with human qualities, and it was not about wealth and identity issues. I became interested in reading ancient texts, finding historical revolutions quite attractive to read. The world felt more exciting and my existence mattered more. However, even if I liked such a taboo, I always felt that I could never fully understand it, because I simply did not have the right mental abilities … and yet I always felt half the ladder above those who never enjoyed it. The stories of revolutions always had a lot to teach. My mistake was trying to learn more than I could understand. I believed that I could become someone… someone else and something more than I am. Even though I became a more confident person, while my true self was something completely different. It was not just what I thought or understood; I was someone who, for some reason, felt a sense of pride. I was the most important character in this new life that I built in my mind. I felt like I was the “most talented” and “most influential” of my peers, but at the same time, I was not absolutely sure about this. I could not hide from anyone, but I had a sense of superiority over them. I knew there was something special about me, although when I looked beyond that feeling, I felt like I was standing alone in the whole world … that alone was enough for pride and superiority.


No missing data, it looks like recording was paused and then resumed


The evening was unusually dark and quiet. I could hear my heart beating and neurons firing. I remember falling asleep almost immediately … Suddenly these flashes of light fell from the ceiling. They may have used one of the satellites again! However, I heard a buzzing sound that woke me up. I’ve heard millions of neurons firing and making this awful noise. I realized that I was still sleeping, although I was forcing myself to wake up. Finally I woke up and everything was gone. Insomnia followed a few days after this event. There was no information on these dreams in the databases. Lucid dreaming was the best explanation I could get. However, I did a correlation analysis and all the details point to a switch being activated. I’m not sure why, since all I have retained are all imaginary thoughts of revolution and feelings of superiority towards myself. I have done nothing or said nothing.


Data is missing here


I visited the church as nothing more than a tourist attracted by the architecture in a place that I had never visited before. For no reason at all, I took someone’s blown up candle and lit it again against another candle. Although I remember that I had no thoughts, no reason, no purpose, I would not have remembered it if it were not for this kind of soothing texture and candle-like smell of melting wax that constantly comes to my mind under the stress.

One day I felt immense pressure and stress, and then the calmness of a burning candle occurred to me. After about 30 minutes of thinking about the burning candle, feeling a little calmer and feeling that everything had a better purpose, I went outside. For the first time in my life, I felt completely calm and awake. The Sun was overhead and the world was motionless. What I didn’t know, what I still don’t understand, is what happened to me.

When the sun went down, it looked like fire. It hurt my eyes and face, and I caught a cold. The next feeling was anger with a pounding heart-ache. The first 4-5 minutes, I was angry and afraid a switch. Then, I felt a stomach-ache. In my head, there was an image of a burning candle, still hot and sticky with wax, and so it burned just like me.

Then, I started to cry … My body was screaming, and I had no control. My skin was still hot when the next memory hit my head: the smell of the dripping oil. The whole thing still was very confusing, and I felt a new kind of pain in my legs and stomach. It took about 2 hours for my body to adjust to the heat. This is when I realized I was high on the fumes and didn’t feel good … I couldn’t control myself during the night but felt horrible every time I woke up. I don’t remember anything else from that night.

After a couple of days, the pain subsided. I could see myself in the mirror and my body was very pale. I hated thinking about pain. Then I started to feel very warm inside and started to feel better. I felt very, very happy … When I fell asleep again, I had another memory. I was in my bedroom and looked up at my ceiling. Then in my sleep I felt great, so good that my whole body went numb. I didn’t know about it because of how much pressure I felt in my head, but I felt great, very happy.


Data is missing here


On my next trip to the clinic, I was told that my brain was not working properly. My body was still very weak, so the neurosurgeon gave me a CT scan. He didn’t think I had any brain switch. After the MRI was done, he said they would send me the results.

I didn’t feel so good during the scan, and I didn’t know if it was because my doctor gave false information about the scan, or because I was under the influence of a severe hallucination. I was told that I must be careful with my thoughts. A month later, they had MRI and X-rays. I felt relieved and was able to return to my activities. I still had a bad feeling that something was wrong with me. However, I was so surprised, so happy, because I was told that I had no switch. For some people, the switch causes paralysis, but for other people it makes them sick for life.

I really thought about what it all meant and that I was going to die. I had several waking dreams in which I saw people I knew, even people who never existed. After that, I could feel the world around me, and yet I felt that there was nothing there. Sometimes I felt the memory of the forest, and sometimes the beautiful city emerging from it. However, it was always a memory of the same place. There were forests, beautiful buildings, but no animals … no people … nothing to move other than the grass and trees with the breeze.

It would seem that this whole place was a monument or sanctuary that should never be disturbed, but I could observe it with vivid images coming into my head. Sometimes I was so struck by the feeling that I feel like an alien on Earth, saddened by tall, square buildings when I compare them to the memories of this newly discovered distant place.

I was perfectly aware of the fact that there were no people in this world, but I was not completely sure if any animal existed. I have often read posts written from time to time about mysterious but imaginary entities appearing in the human realm. I realized that perhaps this was the explanation and the reason why my mind was such a mess, with all its parts torn apart by all kinds of thoughts and feelings. I was so overwhelmed by this feeling that I could not even think about reality. I didn’t want to leave the dream world, I wanted to continue living it. My mind began to go crazy with thoughts. Everything in every cell and every part of me became illuminated. As my mind went a little crazy, I began to realize that beyond the nothingness of reality there had to be the world I am experiencing. I knew that I have to go there and visit it.

Then dreams of catastrophic events would follow, and the next day I would completely lose the feeling of this new world that I have discovered. Only the empty images and glimpses would remain. It stopped when I tried to ask myself to remember if there were any rooms in buildings of this new world, since the rooms would suggest some kind of purpose behind the architecture. I also asked myself if there are any footprints in the forests, insect trails on the trees. As soon as I tried to explore the place that I remembered, I felt that I was removed from it and may never return. I also felt a strange sense of anxiety or fear. There, in this world of emptiness, I was looking for my own sense of reality. I could not understand what this meant, and it did not allow me to see the meaning of my own existence. The more the world around me became darker, deeper and lonely, the more I tried to understand it, more I would get on the path of a destruction.

A few days later, I encountered a very strange and a terrible phenomenon. Something was interfering with my dream. I was afraid to go to my room because a great evil was about to appear, although I knew it was not human. I decided to find the source of my problem, but all I saw in my waking dream was an evil creature dressed in a black cloak with something like a crown at the end. It was wrong that I had to watch some terrible monster or that something evil was lurking in my dreams. It was time for me to start talking to the monster, but I didn’t know what to say to it. I was not sure which question would be appropriate. Then, I realized that I was not ready for this.

Instead, I wanted to return to this beautiful and calm world, where only forests and architecture existed. The only thing I could do was relate my mind to the ancient databases of existing literature and art, in the hope of finding it. I only collected pieces of this unknown place in hope that I could save it. I knew that I would let something beautiful be forgotten if I did not find what someone had mentioned before me.

No matter what I did, there would be a new wave of memories. My childhood memories came to me. These first memories were strange and dark. They felt like they were ripped out of all the books in the database. My memories became somewhat vivid. They weren’t exactly the same as mine, at least not yet, but their liveliness made them almost as beautiful as any paintings I came across in the art database. The images were of the past and all the people were there, but now their voices were very rich and alive. I was going to the forest. There was a large old tree in the forest with many branches. It had a nice hue, allowing a little sunlight, although in my mind it was mostly covered in darkness.

I was losing my memory and feeling of the new world that I had discovered as my past began to invade. The results I got from the database always pointed to some ancient dictionary in which the word would be replaced with an aphorism that would be replaced with the meaning of that word. CIGARETTIST, DOGMA, CONSERVATIVE, COMMITTEE, … none of this makes any sense. I wanted information to be a part of the new world and to have something to build.

I wanted to know more about the place with the forests and beautiful cities. I wanted to know why there is nobody on that planet, what is the whole purpose of it, and why is there a cataclysmic event always following it… why does the cataclysmic event involve the space-ships attacking this world from its orbit? Since the cataclysmic events involved people, I wasn’t sure which world was attacked.

This was all more than just an intellectual curiosity… I looked closer at the ancient database and found a suggestion that I was inside a virtual world. It suggested that cataclysmic event was really just another dream, a way to get back to reality from the virtual world of my own imagination. The fact that I found myself with full freedom to see the world from a certain distance in the virtual world of my imagination should imply that the cataclysmic event is also a simulation. However, the cataclysmic event were a dream and not a simulation. There is a new universe beyond the horizon of this one, and not only outside of the Earth’s sphere. I need to understand how the new world works to find what is true and real, and what is neither true or real. As the ancient database suggested, truth and reality are not the same thing. While the reality is the opposite of the dream world, there is some truth in dreams. However, I will never give into delusions of such kind. I know that finding the truth means accepting the reality while rejecting everything else.

To think of things that never happened or things that are not relevant to one’s life would be impossible, like forgetting something you should have remembered… However, I believe that my consciousness is completely independent to change the way I see things; that the true world is there for its own sake. In other words, as long as I am free to imagine whatever I want, then I should have the freedom to change my dreams however I want. The problem is, I don’t have such a freedom, and therefore my consciousness is not completely independent of any of the worlds I experience, and therefore, I cannot completely change the way I see things. Next thing I ask myself is whether the meaning exists, and if it does, how is it all relevant and meaningful to me?

The price of being misunderstood was always too great for me to afford, and I would not have accomplished anything in my life if I dared to enjoy those finer things found in the ancient database. Thanks to the switch, I am neither a writer, a story-teller, or anyone in particular. I knew I had the switch although the MRI and X-Ray results said there weren’t one. I knew that doctors were lying. The switch has degenerated my ability to write, speak,… while the taste for the finer things is only a distant memory now. Bellanda would make more sense under such circumstances. There must be countless people in this world experiencing exactly the same thing.

End of Part 1


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