Small Talks

1. Greetings



A: Hi, how are you doing?

B: I’m fine. How about yourself?

A: I’m pretty good. Thanks for asking.

B: No problem. So how have you been?

A: I’ve been great. What about you?

B: I’ve been good. I’m in school right now.

A: What school do you go to?

B: I go to PCC.

A: Do you like it there?

B: It’s okay. It’s a really big campus.

A: Good luck with school.

B: Thank you very much.

2.  Repeat

A: How’s it going?

B: I’m doing well. How about you?

A: Never better, thanks.

B: So how have you been lately?

A: I’ve actually been pretty good. You?

B: I’m actually in school right now.

A: Which school do you attend?

B: I’m attending PCC right now.

A: Are you enjoying it there?

B: It’s not bad. There are a lot of people there.

A: Good luck with that.

B: Thanks.

3.  Repeat

A: How are you doing today?

B: I’m doing great. What about you?

A: I’m absolutely lovely, thank you.

B: Everything’s been good with you?

A: I haven’t been better. How about yourself?

B: I started school recently.

A: Where are you going to school?

B: I’m going to PCC.

A: How do you like it so far?

B: I like it so far. My classes are pretty good right now.

A: I wish you luck.

B: Thanks a lot.

2. Weather (1)

1.  Repeat

A: It’s an ugly day today.

B: I know. I think it may rain.

A: It’s the middle of summer, it shouldn’t rain today.

B: That would be weird.

A: Yeah, especially since it’s ninety degrees outside.

B: I know, it would be horrible if it rained and it was hot outside.

A: Yes, it would be.

B: I really wish it wasn’t so hot every day.

A: Me too. I can’t wait until winter.

B: I like winter too, but sometimes it gets too cold.

A: I’d rather be cold than hot.

B: Me too.

2.  Repeat

A: It doesn’t look very nice outside today.

B: You’re right. I think it’s going to rain later.

A: In the middle of the summer, it shouldn’t be raining.

B: That wouldn’t seem right.

A: Considering that it’s over ninety degrees outside, that would be weird.

B: Exactly, it wouldn’t be nice if it started raining. It’s too hot.

A: I know, you’re absolutely right.

B: I wish it would cool off one day.

A: That’s how I feel, I want winter to come soon.

B: I enjoy the winter, but it gets really cold sometimes.

A: I know what you mean, but I’d rather be cold than hot.

B: That’s exactly how I feel.

3.  Repeat

A: I wish it was a nicer day today.

B: That is true. I hope it doesn’t rain.

A: It wouldn’t rain in the middle of the summer.

B: It wouldn’t seem right if it started raining right now.

A: It would be weird if it started raining in ninety degree weather.

B: Any rain right now would be pointless.

A: That’s right, it really would be.

B: I want it to cool down some.

A: I know what you mean, I can’t wait until it’s winter.

B: Winter is great. I wish it didn’t get so cold sometimes though.

A: I would rather deal with the winter than the summer.

B: I feel the same way.

3. Weather (2)

1.  Repeat

A: It’s such a nice day.

B: Yes, it is.

A: It looks like it may rain soon.

B: Yes, and I hope that it does.

A: Why is that?

B: I really love how rain clears the air.

A: Me too. It always smells so fresh after it rains.

B: Yes, but I love the night air after it rains.

A: Really? Why is it?

B: Because you can see the stars perfectly.

A: I really hope it rains today.

B: Yeah, me too.

2.  Repeat

A: Isn’t it a nice day?

B: It really is.

A: It seems that it may rain today.

B: Hopefully it will.

A: How come?

B: I like how clear the sky gets after it rains.

A: I feel the same way. It smells so good after it rains.

B: I especially love the night air when it rains.

A: Really? Why?

B: The stars look so much closer after it rains.

A: I really want it to rain today.

B: Yeah, so do I.

3.  Repeat

A: Don’t you think it’s nice out?

B: Yes, I think so too.

A: I think that it’s going to rain.

B: I hope that it does rain.

A: You like the rain?

B: The sky looks so clean after it rains. I love it.

A: I understand. Rain does make it smell cleaner.

B: I love most how it is at night after it rains.

A: How come?

B: You can see the stars so much more clearly after it rains.

A: I would love for it to rain today.

B: I would too.

4. Weather (3)

1.  Repeat

A: Hello, may I speak to Alice please?

B: This is she. How’s it going?

A: I’ve been trying to call you all day.

B: Sorry about that. I was cleaning up.

A: It’s okay.

B: So what were you calling me about?

A: Oh, I just wanted to see if you wanted to hang out tomorrow.

B: Sure, what did you want to do?

A: Maybe we can go see a movie or something.

B: That sounds like fun. Let’s do it.

A: I’ll see you tomorrow then.

B: See you then. Goodbye.

2.  Repeat

A: Hi, how are you. Is Alice there?

B: Speaking. What’s up?

A: Why haven’t you answered the phone?

B: My bad, I had chores to do.

A: That’s all right.

B: What was the reason for your call?

A: I want to do something tomorrow with you.

B: Sounds good. What did you have in mind?

A: I was thinking about seeing a movie.

B: Okay, let’s go see a movie.

A: Until then.

B: Talk to you later.

3.  Repeat

A: Is Alice available?

B: You’re talking to her.

A: I’ve called you a hundred times today.

B: I was busy doing something. I apologize.

A: No problem.

B: Did you need something?

A: Do you want to do something tomorrow?

B: Is there somewhere special you wanted to go?

A: How about a movie?

B: A movie sounds good.

A: Call me tomorrow then.

B: I will see you tomorrow.

5. Calling a Friend

1.  Repeat

A: I really want to go to the beach this weekend.

B: That sounds like fun. What’s the weather going to be like?

A: I heard that it’s going to be warm this weekend.

B: Is it going to be perfect beach weather?

A: I believe so.

B: Good. I hope it doesn’t cool off this weekend.

A: I know. I really want to go to the beach.

B: But you know that California weather is really unpredictable.

A: You’re right. One minute it’s hot, and then the next minute it’s cold.

B: I really wish the weather would just stay the same.

A: I do too. That way we can have our activities planned ahead of time.

B: Yeah, that would make things a lot easier.

2.  Repeat

A: I would like to take a trip to the beach this weekend.

B: A trip to the beach would be fun. How is the weather going to be?

A: The forecast says that it will be warm on the weekend.

B: So do you think it’ll be perfect weather for the beach?

A: It sounds like it will be.

B: I really hope it doesn’t get cold.

A: That would ruin things, I want to go so badly.

B: The weather in California is unpredictable, so you never know.

A: That is true. The weather is constantly changing.

B: It would be nice if the weather would never change.

A: That would be great, then we could plan things sooner.

B: True. Predictable weather would make life easier.

3.  Repeat

A: It would be nice to go to the beach sometime this weekend.

B: What’s the weather going to be like? I may want to go too.

A: The weather this weekend is supposed to be warm.

B: Will it be good beach weather?

A: I think it will be.

B: It wouldn’t be good if it got cold this weekend.

A: I want this trip to be perfect, I hope it stays warm.

B: This California weather is so uncertain, it’s impossible to know what’ll happen.

A: I know. Every day the weather seems different.

B: I would love it if it wasn’t always so unpredictable.

A: That would make it easier for us to make plans.

B: I know. Things are easier when you know what the weather’s going to be like.

6. Describing People

1.  Repeat

A: Have you seen the new girl in school?

B: No, I haven’t.

A: She’s really pretty.

B: Describe her to me.

A: She’s not too tall.

B: Well, how tall is she?

A: She’s about five feet even.

B: What does she look like, though?

A: She has pretty light brown eyes.

B: I may know which girl you’re talking about.

A: So you have seen her around?

B: Yes, I have.

2.  Repeat

A: There’s a new girl in school, have you seen her yet?

B: I haven’t seen her yet.

A: I think that she is very pretty.

B: Tell me how she looks.

A: She’s kind of short.

B: What height is she?

A: She’s probably about five feet.

B: That’s nice, but tell me what she looks like.

A: The first thing I noticed was her beautiful brown eyes.

B: I think I might’ve bumped into her before.

A: Are you telling me that you’ve seen her before?

B: I believe so.

3.  Repeat

A: Have you met the new girl?

B: No. Have you?

A: She’s one of the prettiest girls at the school.

B: What does she look like?

A: Well, she’s quite short.

B: How tall would you say that she is?

A: I would say she’s only five feet.

B: What about her facial features?

A: She has light brown eyes, absolutely beautiful.

B: I think I know who you’re talking about.

A: Have you seen her?

B: I think that I have.

7. Expressing Concern for Someone

1.  Repeat

A: Why weren’t you at school yesterday?

B: I wasn’t really feeling well.

A: What was wrong with you?

B: My stomach was upset.

A: Do you feel better now?

B: I don’t really feel too well yet.

A: Do you want anything to make you feel better?

B: No, thanks. I already took some medicine.

A: I hope you feel better.

B: Thank you.

2.  Repeat

A: What reason do you have for missing school?

B: I was sick.

A: How were you sick?

B: I had a stomachache.

A: Did it get any better?

B: I’m still feeling under the weather.

A: Would you like anything for your stomach?

B: I took something earlier.

A: Get better.

B: Thanks a lot.

3.  Repeat

A: Why didn’t you go to school yesterday?

B: I stayed home because I wasn’t feeling well.

A: What was your problem?

B: My stomach was bothering me.

A: Are you feeling any better?

B: I’m still feeling a little sick.

A: I’m going to the store, would you like any Pepto Bismol?

B: That’s okay.

A: I hope you feel better.

B: I’d appreciate that.

8. Expressing Joy at Someone's Success

1.  Repeat

A: Did you hear the good news?

B: No, I haven’t.

A: I got a promotion at my job.

B: Did you really?

A: Seriously, I am so excited.

B: Well, congratulations.

A: Thank you.

B: I’m so happy for you.

A: Really?

B: Yes. You really deserved this.

A: You think so?

B: Yes. Good for you.

2.  Repeat

A: Have you heard my good news?

B: You haven’t told me anything yet.

A: I got a promotion at work earlier this week.

B: Is that right?

A: It’s the truth. I am really happy.

B: Congratulations on your promotion.

A: Thank you very much.

B: I am really excited for you.

A: Are you really?

B: I’m serious. You deserved this promotion.

A: Is that what you really think?

B: Yes, I do.

3.  Repeat

A: I haven’t told you what happened yet, have I?

B: I haven’t heard anything.

A: My boss offered me a promotion, and I took it.

B: Are you serious?

A: Yes, I am really excited.

B: That’s great. Congratulations.

A: I appreciate that.

B: You have no idea how happy I am for you.

A: For real?

B: I believe you were the best choice for that promotion. I really do.

9. Complimenting Someone's Clothes

1.  Repeat

A: You look really nice today.

B: Thank you. I just got this outfit the other day.

A: Really, where did you get it?

B: I got it from Macy’s.

A: It’s really nice.

B: Thanks again. You look nice today, too.

A: Thank you. I just got these shoes today.

B: Really? What kind of shoes are they?

A: These are called All Star Chuck Taylors.

B: I really like those. How much did they cost?

A: They were about forty dollars.

B: I think I’m going to go buy myself a pair.

2.  Repeat

A: I absolutely love what you’re wearing today.

B: You do? I just bought this outfit a couple days ago.

A: Seriously, it looks really nice on you. Where did you buy it from?

B: I bought it from the Macy’s at the Santa Anita mall.

A: I really like that outfit.

B: Thanks. I think you look nice today, too.

A: Thank you. I just bought these new shoes earlier today.

B: Those are nice. What are they?

A: These are some Chucks.

B: Those are great. How much were they?

A: I got them for forty.

B: I think I might go and find me my own pair of Chucks.

3.  Repeat

A: I think that you look very cute today.

B: Is that right? This is a brand new outfit.

A: What store did you get it from?

B: I went to Macy’s and picked it out.

A: I love your outfit right now.

B: Well, I think you look nice today too.

A: Thanks. I found these new shoes earlier at the store.

B: I think that those are some really nice shoes. What kind are they?

A: These are Chucks.

B: Your shoes look really nice. How much did you get them for?

A: They only cost me about forty dollars.

B: I’m going to go get a pair for myself.

10. Leisure Activities

1.  Repeat

A: Tell me, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

B: I enjoy drawing and painting.

A: You know how to draw and paint?

B: Yes, I do.

A: When did you learn how to do that?

B: I learned back in high school.

A: Oh, so you took an art class?

B: Yeah, I loved that class.

A: I see that you’re pretty talented.

B: Thank you very much.

A: I wish I had a talent like that.

B: I’m sure you have a talent. It’s just hidden.

2.  Repeat

A: What kinds of things do you like to do?

B: I’ve always liked to draw and paint.

A: I didn’t know you knew how to draw and paint.

B: I do it every once in a while.

A: How long have you known how to do that?

B: I first learned how to do it in high school.

A: Did you take some sort of art class or something?

B: That was my favorite class.

A: You have got to be talented.

B: Thanks.

A: If only I was talented.

B: You have a talent. You just don’t know what it is yet.

3.  Repeat

A: Are there any hobbies you do?

B: When I have time, I sometimes draw and paint.

A: Oh, you actually do that?

B: Every so often, I do.

A: Did you always know how to draw and paint?

B: I was taught in high school how to draw and paint.

A: You had an art class?

B: Exactly, it was my favorite class.

A: Well, it’s good that you’re so talented.

B: I appreciate that.

A: Talent is a great thing, I wish I had one.

B: Everyone has a talent. They just need to find it.

11. Favorite Movie

1.  Repeat

A: What’s your favorite movie?

B: My favorite movie is Superbad.

A: Oh, why is that?

B: It’s the funniest movie that I’ve ever seen.

A: That’s true. It is a very funny movie.

B: You’ve seen it before?

A: Yes, I saw that movie the first day it came out in theaters.

B: Didn’t you laugh through the whole movie? I did.

A: Me too. That movie brought tears to my eyes.

B: Mine too.

A: I have it on DVD at my house if you want to come over and watch it.

B: Sure, let’s go.

2.  Repeat

A: Which movie is your favorite to watch?

B: I have to say, my favorite movie is Superbad.

A: Is that right? Why?

B: Honestly, it is one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a long time.

A: You’re right. That movie is hilarious.

B: I didn’t think you saw that movie.

A: I went to see it the day it came out.

B: I was laughing through the whole movie.

A: I couldn’t help laughing, either.

B: Same here.

A: I bought the movie. Would you like to come to my house and watch it?

B: Of course.

3.  Repeat

A: Out of every movie that you’ve seen, which one is your favorite?

B: I’m going to have to say that Superbad is the best movie ever.

A: You think so, how come?

B: Well, Superbad is super funny.

A: You’re not lying, I found that movie absolutely hilarious.

B: I didn’t know that you saw Superbad before.

A: I made sure to be in line to see it the first day it came out.

B: I couldn’t keep from laughing throughout the whole movie.

A: I was laughing hysterically the whole time; my stomach muscles hurt afterwards.

B: That’s exactly how I felt.

A: I got the movie when it came out on DVD, do you want to come over?

B: I would love to.

12. Favorite Music

1.  Repeat

A: What type of music do you like to listen to?

B: I like listening to different kinds of music.

A: Like what, for instance?

B: I enjoy Rock and R&B.

A: Why is that?

B: I like the different instruments that they use.

A: That’s a good reason to like something.

B: Yeah, I think so too.

2.  Repeat

A: What kind of music do you enjoy listening to?

B: I enjoy listening to all kinds of music.

A: What kind?

B: I like to listen to Rock and R&B.

A: Why do you like that type of music?

B: I like the kinds of instruments that they use.

A: I think that’s an excellent reason to like something.

B: Thanks, I feel the same way.

3.  Repeat

A: What is your favorite kind of music?

B: I listen to various types of music.

A: What genres?

B: I enjoy listening to both Rock and R&B.

A: What interests you in that type of music?

B: I enjoy the different types of instruments that they use.

A: That is a perfect reason to like a certain kind of music.

B: That’s exactly what I think too.

13. Sports

1.  Repeat

A: Did you go to the basketball game on Friday?

B: No, I couldn’t make it.

A: You missed a really good game.

B: Oh, really? Who won?

A: Our school did. They played really well.

B: Too bad I was busy. I really wanted to go.

A: Yeah, you should have. It was really exciting.

B: So what was the score?

A: The score was 101-98.

B: Man, that was a really close game.

A: That’s what made it so great.

B: I’ll make sure and make it to the next one.

2.  Repeat

A: Were you able to attend Friday night’s basketball game?

B: I was unable to make it.

A: You should have been there. It was intense.

B: Is that right. Who ended up winning?

A: Our team was victorious.

B: I wish I was free that night. I’m kind of mad that I didn’t go.

A: It was a great game.

B: What was the score at the end of the game?

A: Our team won 101-98.

B: Sounds like it was a close game.

A: That’s the reason it was such a great game.

B: The next game, I will definitely be there.

3.  Repeat

A: I was meaning to ask you if you saw the basketball game on Friday.

B: I wanted to go, but I couldn’t.

A: It was a great game.

B: It’s too bad that I couldn’t make it. Who won?

A: Our team played hard and won.

B: I really wish I went to the game.

A: It was the best game ever.

B: So tell me the final score.

A: The other team lost by three points, 101-98.

B: It must’ve been a close game.

A: It really was. You should’ve gone.

B: Hopefully, I’ll make it to the next one.

14. Invitation to a Movie

1.  Repeat

A: What are you doing this weekend?

B: I’m going to the movies with a friend. How about you?

A: I’m not sure yet.

B: Well, did you want to go see a movie with me?

A: What movie are you going to see?

B: I’m not sure yet. Is there something you want to see?

A: There’s nothing I can think of.

B: So, did you want to go?

A: No, thanks, maybe another time.

B: Okay, sounds good.

2.  Repeat

A: Do you know what you’re going to do this weekend?

B: I am going to see a movie with a friend of mine. What about you?

A: I don’t know.

B: Would you like to see a movie with me and my friend?

A: Do you know what movie you’re going to watch?

B: I don’t know, but was there a certain movie you wanted to see?

A: None that I can think of.

B: Well, would you like to go?

A: Thank you for inviting me, but I think I’ll pass.

B: All right. Another time then.

3.  Repeat

A: You have any ideas as to what you want to do this weekend?

B: I’m going to the movie theater with my friend. What are you going to do?

A: I’m not quite sure yet.

B: How about you see a movie with me and my friend?

A: What movie are you and your friend planning on watching?

B: Not sure. Is there a movie out that catches your eye?

A: No good movies come to mind.

B: Have you decided whether or not you would like to go?

A: No, thanks. Maybe another time.

B: For sure another day.

15. A Sick Classmate

1.  Repeat

A: Did you go to school today?

B: Yeah, I went to school today. Were you there?

A: No, I didn’t go, I’ve been sick.

B: That sucks. Did you want the assignments from English class?

A: That would be nice, thank you.

B: No problem, you’re welcome.

A: I will be glad to do the same for you when you’re sick.

B: Well, thank you. I hope to see you at school tomorrow.

2.  Repeat

A: Have you attended school today?

B: I attended school today. Did you?

A: I wasn’t able to attend school because I was feeling ill.

B: I’m sorry to hear that. Would you like the assignments from English class?

A: I would really appreciate that, thanks.

B: It’s no trouble at all.

A: If you get sick, I’ll return the favor.

B: Thanks. See you at school tomorrow if you feel better.

3.  Repeat

A: Have you gone to school today?

B: I went to school today. Did you go to school?

A: I couldn’t go to school today, I was sick.

B: That’s horrible. I’d be happy to give you the assignments from English class.

A: Thank you very much, that’s kind of you.

B: Don’t mention it.

A: When you miss a day of school, I’ll be happy to give you the English assignments.

B: That is greatly appreciated and I hope you feel well enough to go to school tomorrow.

16. Sharing News and Information

1.  Repeat

A: Did you hear the news?

B: What happened?

A: Our cousin went into labor and had her baby last week.

B: She did? Why didn’t anyone tell me?

A: I would’ve thought that somebody would have told you.

B: No, I had no idea.

A: Well, she did, her baby was 8 pounds 6 ounces.

B: Oh my God, that’s great!

A: Are you going to go and visit her and the baby?

B: I think that I might.

A: Good! I just thought I’d let you know.

B: Thanks for telling me.

2.  Repeat

A: Have you heard what happened?

B: Heard what?

A: Debrah already had her baby.

B: I didn’t know that.

A: I thought you knew.

B: I honestly didn’t know.

A: The baby was 8 pounds 6 ounces.

B: That’s good to hear.

A: Will you go and visit them?

B: Of course I will.

A: I just wanted to give you the good news.

B: Thanks for letting me know.

3.  Repeat

A: Have you heard the news?

B: I haven’t heard anything.

A: Debrah had her baby last week.

B: Nobody told me.

A: I thought you heard.

B: I really wasn’t told anything.

A: She was a cute 8 pounds 6 ounces.

B: Wow, how exciting.

A: I know, you should really go and see her and the baby.

B: Of course I will.

A: I just wanted to let you know what happened.

B: I appreciate that.

17. Changing the Subject

1.  Repeat

A: Did you go to school today?

B: Of course. Did you?

A: I didn’t want to, so I didn’t.

B: That’s sad, but have you gone to the movies recently?

A: That’s a switch.

B: I’m serious, have you?

A: No, I haven’t. Why?

B: I really want to go to the movies this weekend.

A: So go then.

B: I really don’t want to go by myself.

A: Well anyway, do you plan on going to school tomorrow?

B: No, I think I’m going to go to the movies.

2.  Repeat

A: Did you make it to school today?

B: I always do. Did you go to school today?

A: No, I didn’t.

B: You should have, but have you seen any movies lately?

A: That was an odd change of subject.

B: Maybe it was, but answer the question.

A: No, not recently.

B: I want to go to see a movie this weekend.

A: What’s stopping you then?

B: I don’t want to go alone.

A: So, will you be at school tomorrow?

B: No, I want to go to the movies instead.

3.  Repeat

A: Did you even bother to go to school today?

B: Yeah, I went. Did you go?

A: No, I didn’t feel like it.

B: That’s nice, have you been to the movies lately?

A: No, but that was a random change of subject.

B: It may have been random, but have you?

A: I haven’t lately.

B: I would love to catch a movie this weekend.

A: So then, why don’t you just go?

B: I don’t want to see a movie by myself.

A: Okay, so are you going to school tomorrow?

B: I think I might just go to the movies.

18. Receiving Visitors

1.  Repeat

A: Thanks for coming to see me today.

B: It’s no problem. I was really missing you anyway.

A: I missed you too.

B: Why haven’t you tried to come see me then?

A: I’ve been really busy.

B: Doing what?

A: Working.

B: I would’ve come to see you sooner, but I’ve been busy too.

A: What have you been doing?

B: I’ve been working too.

A: Well regardless, I’m very happy that you came to see me.

B: I am too.

2.  Repeat

A: I’m really glad that you came to see me.

B: I had to. I was missing you a lot.

A: I was missing you too.

B: So, why haven’t you visited me?

A: I’ve actually been busy lately.

B: What have you been doing?

A: I’ve just been working really hard.

B: I’ve also been busy.

A: Tell me what you’ve been doing.

B: Basically, I’ve been working too.

A: Well whatever, I’m glad you came.

B: So am I.

3.  Repeat

A: I’m really happy that you came to visit me.

B: I really missed you a lot.

A: I’ve been missing you like crazy.

B: I don’t understand why you haven’t come to visit me.

A: Lately, I’ve been quite busy.

B: Tell me what you’ve been up to.

A: I’ve really been working a lot lately.

B: I’ve been pretty busy myself.

A: So what have you been up to?

B: I’ve just been working a lot.

A: Whatever the reason may be, I’m glad you visited me.

B: I’m glad I did too.

19. Waiting for an Invitation

1.  Repeat

A: Hey, did you hear about Jessica’s party this weekend?

B: Yeah, but I’m still waiting for my invitation.

A: Oh really? She gave me mine earlier today.

B: Well, she’ll probably just give me my invitation later on today.

A: Yeah, so are you planning on going?

B: I think so. It sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun.

A: It really does, I can’t wait.

B: What time does the party start?

A: It starts at 8 o’clock.

B: Oh, well, how many people has she given invites to so far?

A: I’m not sure, but I don’t think she’s given out that many.

B: Well, hopefully she’ll give me my invite later on today.

2.  Repeat

A: Have you heard about Jessica’s party on Saturday?

B: I’ve heard about it, but I’m still waiting for my invitation.

A: Really? I got mine from her this morning.

B: I’m guessing that she’s going to give me my invite today or tomorrow.

A: You’re probably right, do you intend on going to the party?

B: I want to. I heard it’s going to be really fun.

A: I know, it does sound pretty awesome.

B: Well, when does the party start?

A: It’s supposed to start at about eight.

B: How many invitations has she given out?

A: I really don’t know, but I don’t think she gave out that many yet.

B: I really want to go, so I hope that she gives me my invite soon.

3.  Repeat

A: Has anyone told you about Jessica’s party coming up?

B: I was told about it already. I’m just waiting for my invitation.

A: Is that right? I already got my invitation from her earlier.

B: I believe that she will give me the invitation today.

A: Are you even going to go?

B: Yeah, it sounds like it’s going to be the best party of the year.

A: Exactly, it seems like it’s going to be loads of fun.

B: When exactly does the party start?

A: The invitation says it starts at 8:00 p.m.

B: Has she given out a lot of invitations yet?

A: I have no idea, she hasn’t given out many though.

B: I’m planning on going, but I really need her to give me my invitation.

20. Accepting an Invitation to a Party

1.  Repeat

A: Hey, what’s up?

B: Nothing really.

A: I’m throwing a party on Friday.

B: I didn’t realize that.

A: You didn’t?

B: Nobody has told me anything about your party.

A: Did you want to go?

B: When does it start?

A: At 8:00 p.m.

B: I’ll be there.

A: I’d better see you there.

B: Of course.

2.  Repeat

A: What’s going on with you?

B: Fine. What’s going on with you?

A: I’m having a party this Friday.

B: I had no idea.

A: Is that right?

B: I didn’t hear anything about it.

A: Can you go?

B: What time?

A: It starts at 8 o’clock.

B: I’ll go.

A: I hope that I’ll see you there.

B: No doubt.

3.  Repeat

A: What’s going on?

B: Not much.

A: This Friday, I’m throwing a party.

B: Oh really? I didn’t know that.

A: Are you serious?

B: I haven’t heard anything about it.

A: Can you make it?

B: What time does it start?

A: The party starts at 8.

B: Yeah, I think I’ll go.

A: Am I going to see you there?

B: You will.

21. Declining an Invitation to a Party (1)

1.  Repeat

A: What’s going on?

B: Nothing really, you?

A: I’m throwing a party next Saturday.

B: Is that right?

A: Yeah, are you going to come?

B: I’m sorry, I can’t.

A: Why not?

B: I don’t really want to.

A: Well, why don’t you?

B: I hate going to parties.

A: Well, that’s okay.

B: Yeah, sorry.

2.  Repeat

A: What’s up?

B: Nothing, how about you?

A: Next Saturday, I’m going to have a party.

B: Oh, really?

A: You are coming?

B: Probably not.

A: Why is that?

B: I don’t feel like going.

A: Why not?

B: I really can’t stand going to parties.

A: I understand, I guess.

B: Sorry about that.

3.  Repeat

A: What’s happening?

B: Not a lot, what about you?

A: I’m having a party next Saturday.

B: That’s nice.

A: Are you going to be there?

B: I don’t think so.

A: Is there a reason why?

B: I just really don’t want to go.

A: How come?

B: I don’t really like parties.

A: I wish you would go, but that’s okay.

B: I’m sorry.

22. Declining an Invitation to a Party (2)

1.  Repeat

A: What’s up?

B: Nothing much, what’s going on?

A: I’m having a party this Friday.

B: Oh, really? That’s nice.

A: I wanted to see if you wanted to come.

B: This Friday? Sorry, I already have plans.

A: Doing what?

B: I’m going to dinner with my family.

A: I really wanted you to come, but I understand.

B: Yeah, maybe next time.

A: I’ll hold you to that.

B: Sounds like a plan.

2.  Repeat

A: Hey, what’s good with you?

B: Not a lot. What about you?

A: I’m throwing a party on Friday.

B: That sounds like fun.

A: Do you think you can come?

B: I’m sorry. I’m already doing something this Friday.

A: What are you going to be doing?

B: My family and I are going to dinner.

A: I was hoping you would come.

B: I’ll definitely try to make it the next time.

A: I’d better see you there.

B: All right. I’ll see you next time.

3.  Repeat

A: What’s going on?

B: Nothing really. How about you?

A: A lot, like the party I’m having on Friday.

B: Well, that’s cool.

A: Will you be able to make it?

B: I’m busy this Friday. I’m sorry.

A: What do you have to do?

B: I’m having dinner with my family

A: Maybe you can come next time.

B: I’ll make sure and come to your next party.

A: I’ll look for you at my next party.

B: I’ll be there.

23. Ending a Conversation

1.  Repeat

A: It was nice talking to you.

B: Why are you trying to rush me off the phone?

A: I really have to go.

B: Why? I still wanted to talk to you.

A: I have things to do.

B: Like what?

A: Don’t be nosey.

B: I’m not. I just want to know.

A: Well, it’s really none of your business.

B: That’s harsh.

A: I’m sorry, but I have to go.

B: Fine.

2.  Repeat

A: I’ve enjoyed conversing with you.

B: Is there a reason why you’re trying to get off the phone so fast?

A: I’ve got to go.

B: I wasn’t done talking to you.

A: I have to do some things, and besides, it’s not polite to be nosey.

B: I’m not being nosey. I’m just asking.

A: I really don’t think it’s any of your business.

B: That’s not nice.

A: I apologize, but I’m getting off the phone now.

B: Okay.

3.  Repeat

A: I’ll talk to you later.

B: What’s the rush?

A: I have to get off the phone now.

B: I’m not ready to get off the phone with you.

A: There are other things I need to take care of.

B: What is it that you need to do?

A: Please don’t be nosey.

B: I’m not being nosey, it’s just a question.

A: You don’t need to worry about that.

B: That was mean to say.

A: I am very sorry, but I must go.

B: I guess.

24. Leave-Taking

1.  Repeat

A: Well, it was nice talking to you.

B: It was nice talking to you too.

A: We should really hang out again.

B: That would be fun.

A: Where do you want to go?

B: I think we should go out to eat.

A: That sounds good.

B: All right, so I’ll see you then.

A: I’ll call you later.

B: Okay, I’ll talk to you later then.

A: See you later.

B: Bye.

2.  Repeat

A: I enjoyed talking to you.

B: I enjoyed talking to you too.

A: We should hang out some time.

B: I think that would be nice.

A: Is there anything you would like to do next time?

B: Do you want to go out to eat?

A: I’d like that.

B: So I’ll see you next time.

A: I’m going to call you soon.

B: I’ll talk to you later.

A: See you soon.

B: Goodbye.

3.  Repeat

A: I had fun talking to you.

B: It was really nice talking to you also.

A: I think we should really do something sometime.

B: That should be loads of fun.

A: What do you want to do next time?

B: Would you like to go to dinner or something?

A: Yeah, let’s do that.

B: Okay, until next time then.

A: I’ll call you so we can set that up.

B: Talk to you then.

A: All right, see you.

B: See you.

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