Taking the Bus

1. Asking about Where to Get Off

1.  Repeat

A: This bus goes all the way to Santa Anita mall, right?

B: Yes, it’ll take us there.

A: Are you positive?

B: I always catch this bus.

A: How long is this bus ride?

B: It only takes half an hour.

A: Where do we get off at?

B: We can get off the bus right behind Macy’s.

A: There’s a stop right next to the mall?

B: Yeah, it’s right in the parking lot.

A: That’s cool.

B: Yes, I know.

2.  Repeat

A: Does this bus really go to the mall?

B: It goes all the way there.

A: Are you sure?

B: I know it does. I catch this bus a lot.

A: How long does it take for the bus to get there?

B: The bus ride is only thirty minutes or so.

A: Where do we get off the bus?

B: Right behind Macy’s is a bus stop.

A: The stop is really at the mall?

B: It’s in the middle of the parking lot.

A: That’s perfect.

B: I know it is.

3.  Repeat

A: Are you sure that this bus will take us to Santa Anita mall?

B: Yes, it will.

A: You know that for a fact?

B: Yeah, I catch this bus all the time.

A: Is it a very long bus ride?

B: It’s about thirty minutes long.

A: Do you know where we get off at?

B: There’s a bus stop right behind Macy’s.

A: Really, there’s a bus stop right by the mall?

B: There’s a bus stop in the mall parking lot.

A: That’s convenient.

B: Absolutely.

2. Asking for a Transfer

1.  Repeat

A: I need to get on another bus, but I have no more money.

B: Where’d the rest of your money for the bus go?

A: I spent it on a bag of chips.

B: Well, that was an intelligent thing to do.

A: You don’t have any spare change?

B: No, I don’t.

A: How am I going to get home?

B: You should just ask the bus driver for a transfer.

A: How much does that cost?

B: It’s free; just go ask for one.

A: Thanks for letting me know.

B: No problem, just go ask.

2.  Repeat

A: I’m broke, and I have to catch another bus.

B: Why don’t you have any money for another bus?

A: I got hungry and bought some chips.

B: That was smart.

A: Do you have any change I can use for the bus?

B: I don’t have any.

A: I don’t know how I’m going to get home.

B: Get a transfer from the bus driver.

A: How much is a transfer?

B: It doesn’t cost anything.

A: Thanks for your help.

B: Don’t mention it.

3.  Repeat

A: I don’t have any more cash, and I have to get on another bus to get home.

B: Why don’t you have any more money?

A: I wanted some chips at lunch today, so I spent it.

B: That was a bright idea.

A: Do you have some change I can borrow?

B: I don’t have any change for you.

A: I need to get home.

B: Why don’t you just ask the bus driver for a transfer?

A: I don’t have money for a transfer.

B: Go ask for a transfer. They’re free.

A: I’m glad you let me know.

B: You’re welcome.

3. Complaining about a Late Bus

1.  Repeat

A: Where is the bus?

B: I think it’s running late.

A: It should’ve been here 30 minutes ago.

B: It should be coming soon.

A: It better, because I’m already late for work.

B: I can’t stand riding the bus.

A: Me too, it’s so unreliable.

B: That is true.

A: It’s also horrible having to be at a bus stop in any kind of weather.

B: Exactly.That’s the worst part.

A: I think it’s time we started driving.

B: Yes, I agree.

2.  Repeat

A: When is the bus going to get here?

B: It’s obviously late.

A: It was scheduled to be here about thirty minutes ago.

B: I’m sure it’ll be here in a little bit.

A: I hope so, because I’m running really late for work.

B: I hate having to take the bus every day.

A: So do I, you can never count on public transportation.

B: Exactly.

A: I really can’t stand being at the bus stop in the heat and rain.

B: I know what you mean.

A: We’re going to have to get a car of our own.

B: I couldn’t agree with you more.

3.  Repeat

A: I want to get on the bus already.

B: It just isn’t on time today.

A: It was supposed to be here thirty minutes ago.

B: I think it’ll be here pretty soon.

A: I need to get to work, so it better.

B: I really do hate public transportation.

A: I agree, it’s just never on time.

B: That’s right.

A: I also hate having to stand at a bus stop in all kinds of weather.

B: Oh, that’s the worst.

A: We need to get a car.

B: I completely agree with that.

4. Getting Off Too Early

1.  Repeat

A: Is this our bus stop?

B: I think this is it. Get off.

A: Dude, where are we at?

B: I have no idea.

A: I thought this was the right stop.

B: It doesn’t look right to me.

A: Did you make us get off early?

B: I think we did.

A: I should not have listened to you.

B: I really thought this was our stop.

A: Now we have to walk.

B: Maybe we should just wait for the next bus.

2.  Repeat

A: I’m not sure, is this our stop?

B: Yeah, get off the bus.

A: Do you have any idea where we are?

B: I’m really not sure.

A: This can’t be the right stop.

B: I don’t think this is right.

A: We got off too early, didn’t we?

B: Yeah, we did get off too early.

A: I should’ve just stayed on the bus.

B: I messed up.

A: Great, we have to walk now.

B: You want to wait for the next bus?

3.  Repeat

A: Are we supposed to get off right here?

B: I think so; hurry up and get off.

A: Where are we?

B: I don’t know.

A: You said this was the right stop.

B: I think I was wrong.

A: Did we get off the bus too early?

B: I don’t know; it kind of looks like we did.

A: Why did you tell me to get off?

B: I’m sorry. I thought this was our stop.

A: I really don’t feel like walking.

B: We could always wait for the next bus to come.

5. How to Buy a Pass

1.  Repeat

A: I need to buy a bus pass.

B: What kind of bus pass would you like to buy?

A: What are the different kinds?

B: You can get a day, weekly, monthly, or student pass.

A: Could I get a student pass, please?

B: Sure, can I see your student ID?

A: Sure, here it is.

B: Very good.

A: How much for the pass?

B: It’s free, but the monthly sticker is $24.

A: I’ll take it.

B: Thank you for your purchase.

2.  Repeat

A: I would like to get a bus pass.

B: Do you know what kind of pass you want?

A: Can you tell me my options?

B: There are passes for a day, month, and week, and there are student passes.

A: I would like the student pass.

B: Let me see your student ID.

A: Here you go.

B: Thank you very much.

A: How much will it be for the pass?

B: The monthly sticker is $24, but the actual pass is free.

A: That’ll be fine.

B: We appreciate your business.

3.  Repeat

A: Could I buy a bus pass today?

B: Which bus pass would you like to purchase?

A: What kinds of passes are there?

B: There are day passes, weekly passes, monthly passes, and student passes.

A: Let me get a student pass.

B: Could I see your student ID, please?

A: No problem, here you go.

B: Thanks.

A: How much does this pass cost?

B: The pass is free; the monthly sticker costs $24.

A: That’s fine then.

B: I hope you enjoy your pass.

6. Missing the Bus Stop

1.  Repeat

A: Where do we get off at?

B: I think we have a little ways to go.

A: This bus ride is taking forever.

B: I know.

A: Did we miss our stop?

B: I’m not sure.

A: Didn’t you say you knew where to get off the bus?

B: I don’t know. We may have missed our stop.

A: Are you serious?

B: Yeah, we did miss it.

A: I can’t catch the bus with you anymore.

B: Sorry.

2.  Repeat

A: Do you know which stop we get off at?

B: We still have more to go, I think.

A: We’ve been on this bus for a while now.

B: You’re right.

A: Should we have gotten off the bus already?

B: I don’t think so.

A: I thought you knew.

B: Maybe we did miss our stop.

A: Really?

B: I’m positive that we missed our stop.

A: I’m never catching the bus with you again.

B: My mistake.

3.  Repeat

A: When do we get off the bus?

B: I think we have a while longer.

A: I feel like we’ve been on this bus forever.

B: That’s true.

A: Are you sure we weren’t supposed to get off already?

B: I don’t know.

A: I thought you knew where we get off at.

B: I wasn’t really paying attention. I think we missed our stop.

A: Seriously?

B: Yeah, we definitely missed our stop.

A: That’s the last time I get on a bus with you.

B: My bad.

7. On a Wrong Bus

1.  Repeat

A: So, where is this bus supposed to take us?

B: It should take us back up to Altadena.

A: Don’t you know for sure?

B: I’m not really sure if it does or not.

A: Are you sure we got on the right bus?

B: I’ve never taken this bus, but I think it’s the right one.

A: This place doesn’t look like Altadena.

B: That’s true, and we have been on this bus for a while.

A: Read one of the street signs or something.

B: Yikes! Temple City.

A: That’s the last time I’m trusting you with the transportation.

B: My bad, but at least we know the right bus to take us back.

2.  Repeat

A: Do you even know where this bus is supposed to go?

B: It should take us all the way up to Altadena.

A: Don’t you know?

B: I’m not positive if it does or not.

A: Is this the right bus, or not?

B: I have never been on this bus, but I’m sure it’s the right one.

A: Where are we? This is not Altadena.

B: I know, and we’ve been on the bus forever.

A: Tell me what the street signs say.

B: Oh my gosh, that one says Temple City.

A: Next time, I’ll look for the bus myself.

B: I know, but now I know the bus that’ll take us back.

3.  Repeat

A: Are you sure you know where this bus goes?

B: It should go to Altadena.

A: What do you mean it should?

B: I’m not completely sure if it really does.

A: Dude, are we on the right bus?

B: I’m almost positive that this is the right one.

A: It doesn’t look like we’re on our way to Altadena.

B: We have been riding this bus for a long time.

A: What does that sign say?

B: I think it says Temple City.

A: Yup, I’m never trusting you with the bus schedules again.

B: I’m sorry. But at least we know which bus to catch to get back where we started.

8. Student Discount

1.  Repeat

A: How much does it cost for a bus pass?

B: It’ll be $65 for a monthly pass.

A: Is there anything cheaper than that?

B: If you’re in school, you can get a student pass.

A: How much will that cost?

B: The pass is free.

A: I don’t have to pay for anything?

B: You’ll only have to pay for the monthly sticker.

A: How much is the monthly sticker?

B: It’s $24 for each month.

A: I’ll take the student bus pass.

B: Okay, I’ll get you one.

2.  Repeat

A: Can you tell me the price for a bus pass?

B: It costs $65 to buy a monthly pass.

A: Is there a cheaper bus pass?

B: There are student passes.

A: For how much?

B: It doesn’t cost anything for the pass.

A: It’s absolutely free?

B: The monthly sticker costs you.

A: How much is that?

B: Each month it’ll cost $24 for a new sticker.

A: Let me get the student bus pass.

B: Let me go get it for you.

3.  Repeat

A: How much for a bus pass?

B: Well, for a monthly pass, it’ll cost you $65.

A: Is there anything else that doesn’t cost as much?

B: If you’re a student, you can get a student bus pass.

A: How much does a student pass cost?

B: That actual bus pass is free.

A: It doesn’t cost anything?

B: The only thing you’ll have to pay for is the monthly sticker.

A: Can you tell me how much that’ll cost?

B: It’s only $24 a month.

A: Sounds good, let me get that.

B: I’ll get it for you right now.

9. Talking to Someone on a Bus

1.  Repeat

A: How’s it going?

B: Good. How about you?

A: Not bad, thanks for asking.

B: Have you been on the bus for a while?

A: Only about fifteen minutes.

B: Do you ride this bus often?

A: Not really, I usually drive.

B: You have a car?

A: Yes, I do.

B: So why aren’t you driving it?

A: Once our President lowers gas prices, I’ll be driving again.

B: That’s smart thinking.

2.  Repeat

A: How are you doing?

B: I’m pretty good, you?

A: I’m awesome.

B: How long have you been on the bus?

A: I’ve been on here for like, 15 minutes.

B: Do you catch this bus a lot?

A: Not much, I have a car.

B: So, you have your own car?

A: I sure do.

B: Then, why are you on the bus with me?

A: I’m waiting till our President gets out of office, and the gas prices go down.

B: That’s good thinking.

3.  Repeat

A: What’s up, how are you?

B: I’m splendid. How about yourself?

A: Could be better.

B: So, have you been on the bus very long?

A: I got on about fifteen minutes ago.

B: How often do you ride the bus?

A: I usually just drive.

B: You have your own vehicle?

A: Yes, I have my own car.

B: So then, why don’t you drive it?

A: I’m waiting for our President to lower the gas prices.

B: Smart.

10. The Bus System in LA

1.  Repeat

A: Can you tell me what bus to catch from Altadena to downtown LA?

B: You can catch the 486.

A: That bus goes all the way to LA?

B: I believe so.

A: Is the bus ride long?

B: It only takes 45 minutes to an hour.

A: That’s all?

B: It’s a pretty short trip.

A: Is there always a lot of people on that bus?

B: It only gets crowded once it gets to LA.

A: Oh okay, thank you.

B: No problem.

2.  Repeat

A: Do you know a bus I can take from Altadena to downtown LA?

B: I believe you can take the 486.

A: Will that bus really take me to LA?

B: It sure will.

A: Is it a very long ride?

B: It’s a forty-five minute to an hour ride.

A: Really?

B: It doesn’t take long at all

A: Do a lot of people ride that bus?

B: More people start getting on around LA.

A: Wow, thanks a lot.

B: Don’t mention it.

3.  Repeat

A: Is there a bus in Altadena that’ll take me to downtown LA?

B: The 486.

A: The 486 really goes downtown?

B: Yes, it does.

A: How long is the bus ride?

B: It’s about forty-five minutes to an hour.

A: Is that right?

B: Yeah, it’s not that long of a trip.

A: Is that a crowded bus?

B: It starts getting more crowded the closer you get to LA.

A: Thank you very much.

B: You’re very welcome.

11. Where to Buy a Pass

1.  Repeat

A: Have you bought your bus pass yet?

B: I didn’t get it yet.

A: Why not?

B: I have no idea where to get it from.

A: You should’ve just asked me.

B: Well then, where do I get it?

A: You can get it from the student business office.

B: I didn’t know that.

A: I know you didn’t.

B: I appreciate you telling me.

A: No problem.

B: I’ll make sure to get it tomorrow.

2.  Repeat

A: Did you get your bus pass?

B: I haven’t gone to get it yet.

A: Why haven’t you got it?

B: I don’t know where to go to get one.

A: I know where to get them from.

B: Where do I get it?

A: They sell them at the business office on campus.

B: I had no idea.

A: I’m sure you didn’t.

B: Thank you.

A: Don’t mention it.

B: I’ll buy it later on today.

3.  Repeat

A: Did you go and buy your bus pass?

B: No, I didn’t.

A: When are you going to go get it?

B: I’m not sure where they sell bus passes at.

A: Why didn’t you just ask me?

B: Where should I go?

A: You can get one from student services.

B: I had no clue that I could get it there.

A: I already knew that.

B: Thanks for letting me know.

A: You’re welcome.

B: I’m going to go and get it right now.

12. Where to Take the Bus

1.  Repeat

A: What bus can I catch to get to the Gold Line?

B: Tell me where you live.

A: I live in Altadena.

B: You can catch the 264.

A: It goes to the Gold Line?

B: Yes, it does.

A: What street do I go to to catch it?

B: You can catch it on Altadena Drive.

A: I had no idea that bus went to the station.

B: Yes, it does.

A: I’m glad you told me.

B: You’re welcome.

2.  Repeat

A: Do you know a bus that goes to the Gold Line station?

B: Do you live in Pasadena?

A: My house is up in Altadena.

B: You could always take the 264.

A: It’ll really take me to the station?

B: It goes all the way there.

A: Do you know what street it goes on?

B: Catch it on Altadena Drive.

A: I would’ve never known.

B: Now you know.

A: I appreciate you telling me.

B: No problem.

3.  Repeat

A: I need to find a bus that’ll take me to the Gold Line.

B: Where do you live?

A: I live up in Altadena.

B: The 264 will take you there.

A: It goes all the way there?

B: I know for a fact that it goes to the station.

A: What street would I catch it on?

B: If you go to Altadena Drive, you can catch it there.

A: I didn’t know that bus went to the Gold Line station.

B: Yup, it does.

A: Thanks for letting me know.

B: It was my pleasure.

13. Where to Change the Bus

1.  Repeat

A: Do you know which bus will take me from PHS to Vons?

B: Which Vons do you want to go to?

A: It’s on Fair Oaks and Orange Grove.

B: You actually need to catch two buses.

A: Which ones do I need to take?

B: The first bus you need to get on is the 268.

A: What do I do next?

B: Once you get to Fair Oaks and Washington, get off.

A: Then what should I do?

B: You need to get on the 261. It goes all the way to Vons.

A: Is that it?

B: That’s it.

2.  Repeat

A: Which bus should I take from PHS to Vons?

B: Can you tell me which Vons you want to go to?

A: I believe that it’s on Fair Oaks and Orange Grove.

B: You’ll have to catch two different buses to get there.

A: Do you know which buses I need to take?

B: The 268 is the first bus you need to catch.

A: What do I do after I get on the 268?

B: Get off when you get to Fair Oaks and Washington.

A: Then what?

B: Catch the 261 and get off at Vons.

A: That’s all?

B: That’s all you have to do.

3.  Repeat

A: Is there a bus that’ll go all the way to Vons from PHS?

B: Where is this Vons located?

A: The Vons on Fair Oaks and Orange Grove.

B: You’re going to need to take two buses to get to that Vons.

A: Which buses will I have to take?

B: First, you need to get on the 268 going west.

A: Then what do I do?

B: You need to get off on Fair Oaks and Washington.

A: What’s next?

B: Get on the 261, and it’ll take you the rest of the way to Vons.

A: There’s nothing else?

B: That’s all there is to it.

14. Which Bus to Take

1.  Repeat

A: I really need to find a bus that goes by PCC.

B: Where do you need to catch this bus at?

A: All the way up on Las Flores Drive and Fair Oaks.

B: I can tell you what bus to catch, but you have to walk a little bit.

A: Walking isn’t a problem for me.

B: The 267 stops at Altadena Drive and Fair Oaks.

A: Which direction do I want?

B: Get on the bus heading west.

A: Do you know where I get off at?

B: Del Mar and Hill.

A: Thanks for letting me know.

B: No problem.

2.  Repeat

A: Do you know which bus I can take to PCC?

B: Tell me where you need to get on at.

A: I live on Las Flores and Fair Oaks.

B: If you don’t mind walking, I know a bus you can take.

A: I’m okay with walking.

B: Walk all the way down Fair Oaks, and catch the 267 on Altadena Drive.

A: Do you know which direction it should be heading?

B: You have to catch it going west.

A: Which stop do I get off on?

B: You need to get off on the corner of Del Mar and Hill.

A: Thank you for telling me.

B: It was my pleasure.

3.  Repeat

A: I need to get to PCC, but I don’t know which bus to catch.

B: Where exactly are you coming from?

A: I’m coming from Fair Oaks and Las Flores Drive in Altadena.

B: Do you have a problem walking a little bit?

A: I don’t mind walking.

B: If you walk down Fair Oaks to Altadena Drive, you can catch the 267.

A: Tell me which direction it should be going.

B: Make sure to catch it going west.

A: Where do I get off?

B: You get off on Del Mar and Hill.

A: Thanks for the help.

B: Don’t mention it.

15. Why to Buy a Pass

1.  Repeat

A: Did you ever get your bus pass?

B: I don’t think I’m going to get one.

A: Why not?

B: It’s just a waste of cash.

A: Actually, it’ll save you money.

B: Oh, really?

A: Because you can use your bus pass as many times as you want.

B: Really?

A: Yes, and you never have to worry about scraping for change.

B: That sounds like a good deal.

A: So, are you going to buy one?

B: I will.

2.  Repeat

A: Have you bought a bus pass yet?

B: I’m not getting one.

A: Why is that?

B: It’s cheaper if I don’t buy one.

A: Buying a bus pass will save you money.

B: How do you figure that?

A: There’s no limit to how often you can use your bus pass.

B: Really?

A: Plus, you don’t have to use change for the bus anymore.

B: I like that.

A: You want to buy one now?

B: I’m going to.

3.  Repeat

A: You get your bus pass?

B: I’m not going to buy one.

A: You’re not?

B: I think it’s a waste of money.

A: It actually costs less if you have a bus pass.

B: How is that?

A: You can use it however many times you need to.

B: Is that right?

A: Yup, and you can keep the money in your pocket.

B: That sounds nice.

A: You should go get yours.

B: Yeah, I think I will.

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