The Adventures in The Grasslands by John Bookworm

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10 thoughts on “The Adventures in The Grasslands by John Bookworm

  1. EnOn - English Online says:

    Please use the timestamp to follow chapters:

    Chapter I: 00:0004:30

    Chapter II: 04:3408:24

    Chapter III: 08:2711:49

    Chapter IV: 11:5214:52

    Chapter V: 14:5718:19

    Chapter VI: 18:2222:02

    Chapter VII: 22:0626:06

    Chapter VIII: 26:1130:37

    Chapter IX: 30:4033:55

    Chapter X: 33:5938:03

    Chapter XI: 38:0742:24

    Chapter XII: 42:2845:55

    Chapter XIII: 45:5950:39

    Chapter XIV: 50:4355:40

    Chapter V: 55:4458:48

  2. Rita says:

    It's a cute story and kind.👱💖
    Actually, l don't like it when people kill the animals hunting for fun or their jobs.
    For example making clothes from animals skin and fur.

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