The Boy Who Couldn't Sleep by Foreman Peter

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24 thoughts on “The Boy Who Couldn't Sleep by Foreman Peter

  1. Dody Thomas says:

    I was so sad to hear this stories.. Its made me being hate of his wife.. If his wife didnt did the stupid things, perhaps He's live still little bit longer… Im sad for his parents specially his mother 😭🙏

  2. Барсик М says:

    Hm,I was expecting a different ending. I thought he started sleeping more and more because he began secretly taking the drug pills which the doctor mentioned for the sleep. That would make more sense

  3. catalina gonzalez says:

    A really nice way to practice listening skills. Even though it says level one I think any student learning English, even at a higher level can benefit from listening to those interesting stories I have found on this site. I will definitely recommend them to my English students. Thank you for taking the time to record them.

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