11 thoughts on “The Earthquake by Elizabeth Laird

  1. Ihssane stark says:

    First a Big thanks for you Sir, and for the talent writer, she IS a good one.
    This story is a Splendid one.
    Donc, votre question ร  propos du texte…
    Your question: she choose the twenty red roses et bien sรปr a selfish, handsom rich man if she want to live: to Travel, to Wear a beautiful clothes, to eat a wonderful plates…And she will love him because he will makes her so happy, and so selfish like him.
    Or she Will choose the lovely person with one red rose, the Poor man with his Big love for her and After mariage as a couple, sufering begin for both of them: not enough money with life difficulties, OMG childrens a Big problem, their families and their needs!!!….
    After two or three years, all these things will affect their love, and later definitly would be distroyed. That's it .
    And that what happened in the story as you said in your presentation :
    A classic love triangle: Marco, Sylvia and Gabriel. Which one she must choose to make her situation more comfortable.
    Thank you for the presentation.

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