The Everest Story by Tim Vicary

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35 thoughts on “The Everest Story by Tim Vicary

  1. Rita says:

    Thank you. I used to watch movies about the climbers and their climb on a mountain. Sometimes it was breathtakingly and joyfully for me to watch but Sometimes it was simply terror what was occurring to them further.
    There is an interesting fact, that 80% accidents are happening when climbers go down from the mountain.🌄

  2. John Lawrence says:

    I’ve been to Tyangboche, 3,900 metres. It’s changed a lot since ‘53. It’s a whole community now, living their whole lives at nearly 4,000 metres.
    The monastery is at its centre of course, and they were extending it when I was there in ‘14. Loads of building work going on. But the reason it thrives today is because it’s a half way point on the Everest Base Camp Trek (and as far as I got before turning back) which is a big tourist attraction and has been since the building of the airport at Lukla.
    There’s a nice little guest house with good food and comfortable rooms, and you get excellent views of the mountains in the Everest range.
    I’ve got plenty of pictures so if anyone’s interested send me your e mail and I’ll provide details and

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