15 thoughts on “The Hitch Hiker by Tim Vicary

  1. Гид за цяло Мароко Екскурзия за Мароко says:

    My name is Mohamed .I am an intermediate english learner and i live in Morocco .I have been studying english for four months but now i really want to get a better job .So I need to improve my english .I am looking for a speaking partner to practice with threes times a week.I can meet via Skype Zoom Whatsapp.

    Would anyone like to practice with me and improve their english too.


  2. Green M says:

    At the first, I thought that the story would be the movie, Hitcher, I saw a long time ago. But it was not: it's a very interesting good story.
    Thank you very much.

  3. Ihssane stark says:

    Of course it's an interesting story.i love it. Feeling desapointed ?? Not at all. The writer is a clever person. He makes me ask a lot of questions.and i can't answer any of it. So it's Amazing for me.
    EnON your choice of this story is so good. Thank you…and thanks to the narrator too.

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