10 thoughts on “The Valley of Fear by Author Conan Doyle

  1. EnOn - English Online says:

    Part I: The Tragedy of Birlstone

    00:00:18 Chapter 1: The Warning

    00:21:25 Chapter 2: Sherlock Holmes Discourses

    00:38:45 Chapter 3: The Tragedy of Birlstone

    00:59:57 Chapter 4: Darkness

    01:23:37 Chapter 5: The People of the Drama

    01:48:47 Chapter 6: A Dawning Light

    02:17:16 Chapter 7: The Solution

    Part II: The Scowrers

    02:52:55 Chapter 1: The Man

    03:12:19 Chapter 2: The Bodymaster

    03:47:54 Chapter 3: Lodge 341, Vermissa

    04:24:09 Chapter 4: The Valley of Fear

    04:46:44 Chapter 5: The Darkest Hour

    05:16:02 Chapter 6: Danger

    05:36:48 Chapter 7: The Trapping of Birdy Edwards

    05:59:43 Epilogue

  2. Alban Bala says:

    I'm glad to see the duration of this video is more than six hours. That means the work of a week for me to study this. I'm grateful that you had a plenty patience to prepare this video (to write and read this book). An important thing is you have writed in the comment the duration for every chapters. Everyone can use easely this video. Thank you very much for this video… Greetings from Albania…

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