A Canary For One 🍀 Learn English through story level 3

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Learn English through the story “A Canary For One By Ernest Hemingway”
English story level 3
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This is a short story written By Ernest Hemingway. Three Americans, a married couple, and a middle-aged woman are traveling on a train from the French Riviera to Paris. The middle-aged woman seems to be partially deaf and anxious about the fast-moving train crashing. She is delighted by a canary she bought in Sicily. The train passes a house fire and wrecks vehicles. Halfway through the story, the narrator reveals himself to be the husband, listening in on the woman’s conversation with his wife. After finding out that the couple is American, the woman mentions repeatedly that Americans make the only good husbands. She bought the canary for her still-heartbroken daughter, whom she prevented from marrying a Swiss man two years ago. As they exit the train, it is revealed that the American couple will live separately in Paris.

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