A Christmas full of Happiness 🍀 Learn English through story level 2

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Learn English through the story “A Christmas full of Happiness”
English story level 3
Audiobook with subtitles

This is a great audio story for you to learn English and improve your listening skill and your vocabulary.

In a house in Oxford, three people are having breakfast – Carol, her husband Jan, and his father Josef. They are talking about Prague because Carol wants them all to go there for Christmas. Josef was born in Prague, but he left his home city when he was a young man. He is an old man now, and he would like to see Prague again before he dies. But he is afraid. He still remembers another Christmas in Prague, many long years ago – a Christmas that changed his life forever.

Timestamps to follow chapters:
0:00:00 Chapter 1: Christmas 1957
0:04:54 Chapter 2: England 1995
0:12:22 Chapter 3: The accident
0:20:17 Chapter 4: Nobody understands Carol
0:27:25 Chapter 5: Some visitors for Carol
0:34:41 Chapter 6: Who is Pavel?
0:45:58 Chapter 7: The music must come first

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