24 thoughts on “Alexander the Great by Philip Freeman

  1. Mama& Aurora says:

    Ancient Greeks were Albanians 🇦🇱 PROOF ———> Olympia = E Lumt Shpia = Glories House Aphrodite = Afer dita = Near day Hera = Era = Wind Apollo = Apelon = Appeal Rhea = Reja = Clouds. Pandora = Pun dore = Handmade Zeus = ZEU & Zot —> Voice & God Pegasus = Prej nga Zeus = Comes from Zeus Ares = Are = Field. Demeter = Dimer = Winter Hestia = Vjeshta = Autumn Poseidon= Posedon = Owns Triton = Driton = Light Up Thetis = Deti = Sea. Fortuna = Furtuna = Storm Kronos = Krijoj = Create Amalthea = Tamel Dhia = Goat Milk Odyssey = UDHES = Travel Hephaestus = Sefa e Stuse = Joy and Rise
    Alexander = Aj le si Ander= Born a Dream Hippocrates = Hapi Krahet = Spread your Wings Herodotus = Era e Dites = Day Wind Aristotles = Ari do te les = Born Gold Pericles = Pari ka le = First Born Hercules = Hekur ka le = Iron Born Achilles = Ne Quill les = Born in The Sky Medusa = Me Dy Sy –> With 2 eyes Oracles of Pythia = Ora/Oda ku Len Nje Pytje = Room where you ask a Question Delphi =Selvije = A most beautiful women Together it says = The room where you to ask the most beautiful women a question. SPARTA = Shpata = Sword an Philip 2nd = Prince The Second Alexander was Philip the Third Arvanites: Live in Greece for thousands of years, and speak 🇦🇱 Arbëreshë: Live in Italy for thousands of years, and speak 🇦🇱 Arnavut: Live in Turkey for thousands of years, and speak 🇦🇱 Alexander’s Hunza ,Kalash , Pamir , Tokhari people: Live in Asia for thousands of years, and use Albanians words 🇦🇱 Where are the Greek Speakers, that settled somewhere in the World, for thousands of years, and speak Ancient Greek ????? WAKE UP People !!! ANCIENT GREECE SPOKE ALBANIAN!!

    @ancient_albania Instagramg

  2. Nishesh Gautam says:

    I don't know why people called Alexander the great, he killed several innocent people with out mercy he should be considered as killer not great. The Word great shouldn't be use with him.

  3. Kaly says:

    The dialect of the language ​​was Doric as well as the Spartans, the palace of Pella was like a huge Parthenon, they watched the same plays as the Athenians, had Greek names, considered the Persians a danger, took part in the Olympic Games, and mixed in the Peloponnesian War, Xenophon's books were also studied

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