An Ambitious Lawyer πŸ€ Learn English through story level 5

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Learn English through the story “An Ambitious Lawyer”
English story level 5
Audiobook with subtitles

This is a great audio story for you to learn English and improve your listening skills and vocabulary.

This is a novel written by John Grisham. It follows a young Harvard law graduate, Mitch, who is seduced into working as an associate for a small law firm in Memphis. There are a lot of too-good-to-be-true rewards listed with the job making it seem perfect for Mitch and his wife. A huge salary and bonuses, a new car, and a mortgage by the firm. Quite a package. It soon becomes a nightmare for him when the FBI begins to speak with Mitch in the quiet but appears out of nowhere. Then the story unfolds with dirty money, a manhunt, and links to the mob.

Please use the timestamps to follow the chapters:
0:00 Chapter I: Mitchell McTeer.
05:11 Chapter II: Bendini, Lambert and Locke.
10:22 Chapter III: The Fifth Floor.
15:18 Chapter IV: Sad News.
19:52 Chapter V: Long Hours.
25:33 Chapter VI: A Tiny Microphone.
30:22 Chapter VII: Tarrance.
44:32 Chapter VIII: For People, Three of them Dead.
48:34 Chapter IX: Grand Cayman.
54:48 Chapter X: Dangerous Waters.
1:03:18 Chapter XI: A Professional Job.
1:08:00 Chapter XII: Denton Voyles.
1:20:28 Chapter XIII: Shopping for Shoes.
1:27:54 Chapter XIV: Two Black Briefcases.
1:32:48 Chapter XV: Secret Talks.
1:39:16 Chapter XVI: No Kiss.
1:50:45 Chapter XVII: Tarry Ross.
1:55:05 Chapter XVIII: Fitting The Pieces Together.
2:05:29 Chapter XIX: Avery’s Illness.
2:08:55 Chapter XX: Major Trouble.
2:18:27 Chapter XXI: On the Run
2:24:04 Chapter XXII: The Hunt Gets Closer.
2:28:04 Chapter XXIII: Panama City Beach.
2:34:24 Chapter XXIV: On the Floor Among the Boxes.
2:41:00 Chapter XXV: The Pier.

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