Another Queen πŸ€ Learn English through story level 3

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About the story

Learn English through the story “Another Queen”
English story level 3
Audiobook with subtitles

This is a great audio story for you to learn English and improve your listening skill and your vocabulary.

The story is brought to us by Bess Curle, who is present when her lady writes a final letter to her son King James as she knows she is going to be sentenced to death. In the letter, she tells him about how she came to be a child queen, and how she fell in love with his father and others after him. And how she was led into certain situations by really being totally naΓ―ve, as a spoilt child monarch would be.

Timestamps to follow chapters:
00:00 CHAPTER 1: Fotheringhay
07:02 CHAPTER 2: France
14:05 CHAPTER 3: Darnley and Riccio
23:47 CHAPTER 4: The death of David Riccio
31:03 CHAPTER 5: My son is born
39:44 CHAPTER 6: Kirk o’Field
48:36 CHAPTER 7: Bothwell
1:00:42 CHAPTER 8: England
1:06:22 CHAPTER 9: A death

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