46 thoughts on “Bleak House by Charles Dickens

  1. Ahalya Balan says:

    Dear Enon as a professor of English Literature in Chennai India, I've taught David Copper field, Great Expectations, Oliver Twist but Bleak House was less popular. Now in my retirement I'm able to enjoy this book. The narrator has a husky mesmerising voice indeed. Thank you for making it possible to read this book which seemed impossible

  2. Half alive EXO-L says:

    Can I ask… I got a bit lost on chapter 5… I understand Esthers chapters, but others are a bit confusing… Like who is Mr Snagsby and is Mr Tulkinghorn kinda married with Lady Dedlock?
    I guess I missed some things on the beggining… I am not sure if I'll get everything on

  3. Agnieszka K says:

    This is my favourite channel on youtube!
    Many thanks for your idea to create this channel and your work.
    As somebody said already- never stop publishing new stories. Subtitles are very helpful.

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