14 thoughts on “Captain Corelli's Mandolin by Louis De Bernieres

  1. EnOn - English Online says:

    Chapter I: 00:0016:17

    Chapter II: 16:2027:58

    Chapter III: 28:0139:51

    Chapter IV: 39:5351:01

    Chapter V: 51:0901:09:38

    Chapter VI: 01:09:4301:17:59

    Chapter VII: 01:18:0201:27:09

    Chapter VIII: 01:27:1301:46:18

    Chapter IX: 01:46:2402:02:02

    Chapter X: 02:02:0402:15:43

    Chapter XI: 02:14:4802:34:55

    Chapter XII: 02:35:0402:53:37

    Chapter XIII: 02:53:4003:02:48

    Chapter XIV: 03:02:5503:17:48

    Chapter XV: 03:17:5203:26:45

    Chapter XVI: 03:26:4803:37:43

    Chapter XVII:03:37:49 – 03:48:44

  2. Николай Бооьбат says:

    This is very interesting story, this one contain a lot of funny and trully plases about Great War. However, l don't like that writter take too much attention "horrible Communist", and Italian and German fascist seemed too softly, in fact, that's against historical thuth.

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