Crime and Confession 🍀 Learn English through story level 2

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Learn English through the story “Crime and Confession”
English story level 2
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This is a great audio story for you to learn English and improve your listening skill and your vocabulary.

The story happens in a police interview room. Ian has been captured and is being consulted by a criminal investigator. Ian clarifies at incredible length about the wrongdoing he has perpetrated with his sibling Tony and a few companions. At some point, Ian and Tony claimed to be authorities from the Department of Transport. They halted a truck, tied up the driver, and took the freight of clothes washers. However, they didn’t understand that the clothes washers had a place with a well-known street pharmacist called Eddie Hart, who was utilizing one of the machines to ship drugs. Ian attempted to return the medications to Eddie however fizzled. He realizes he is in some hot water and needs police assurance.
During the meeting, the criminal investigator goes out to really look at certain realities on the PC. Whenever the admission is done, the criminal investigator lets Ian know that he is lying. We, at last, discover that Ian is a fantasist and that the entire story is one extended lie.

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