41 thoughts on “Forget to Remember by Alan Maley

  1. i istoyanova says:

    I read/listened already somewhere this book , definitely not here🍀but here ,I like format,voice,letters in bloue 🍀just I adore to be here,good that I find you🍀thank you….I didn't want this story to finish

  2. Ihssane stark says:

    Wonderful story, beautiful characters, peaceful voices.
    Sweet grand mother who was Lost in her own World.
    Poor Jane, mesirable,exausted, Desperate, so angry about..
    Her adorable daughter and her kidness….
    Her sister kate, the selfish one, she walked away from taking Care or her mother.
    Her husband Hugh, Bad tempered, selfish too, heartless, and so calculating person.that man deserved what had happened to him.
    This story is so lovely.thanks to you.

  3. Gemini1965 xx says:

    Lovely story and a great voice. I really enjoyed listening. So, guys, don't forget to tell your loved ones that you love them, since you never know how many opportunities are left to do so.
    Stay safe.

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