23 thoughts on “Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

  1. Priskila Ratnasari says:

    Although I love the audio book, I want to read the original book. Honestly, I take a more pity to Victor's monster because as his "creator", Victor should be able to either educate or teach him to assist and help the society. Victor is a "genius" man therefore he should be able to use his brain to make his monster, a better creature, in the term of attitude and behavior. However, it is proved that he is an irresponsible scientist! He forsakes his own "creature" because of his fear. How come an inventor is afraid of his own invention? The monster shouldn't be blamed directly because well,…..it seems that he also wants to be loved and accepted. The truth is, he doesn't have any intention to murder and torture the others. The one who should be blamed is his creator, Victor!!! It is also horrible to know that he must lose everyone he loves because of his creation, his monster!! And, at the end, he has also lost his life (death). I think that is the best way to make him more responsible either with his behavior or ambition!! I apologized if I need to say that it's better if the name of each characters are written correctly. It should be Henry Clerval not Henry Clever. I also find out a few mistakes in vocabularies writing. Please forgive me, I have no intention to annoy. Since, the channel is about English lesson, everything should be written and pronounced correctly, shouldn't it? For, I, myself also an English private tutor.

  2. Ihssane stark says:

    Very sad story of the clever scientist Victor Frankenstein, his awful and terrible work destroyed him. He was the only responsable for what had happened to his family.he did something wrong. was he guilty?? yes he was. Dreadful events.
    The reader IS an excellent one. So clear, his voice make the story more interesting. Thank you.

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