Good Luck or Bad Luck by Hariet Ziefert

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2 thoughts on “Good Luck or Bad Luck by Hariet Ziefert

  1. Ihssane stark says:

    Yes, WE don't know Bad Luck, or good Luck who knows!!!
    Chinese culture. Nothing to say, only along, long History.
    Best content, and wonderful reading as usual.
    Alors, merci Monsieur pour ton goût de choisir vos histoires.

  2. Sakura Moore says:

    I have a frustrating experience. Not knowing where to begin or hitting a plateau can feel demoralizing and make it hard to hit the books and study like you know you should…Having friends from other cultures makes me more creative. In fresh ways about space and how people create their own world and environment. It is best way to connect between creative thinking and cross-cultural relationships😘🤗😁

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