Happy Pollyanna 🍀 Learn English through story level 1

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About the story

Learn English through the story “Happy Pollyanna”.
English story level 1
Audiobook with subtitles

About the story:
This novel was written By Eleanor H. Porter. This is an immortal exemplary communication the all-inclusive message that each part of life ought to be taken a gander at in a positive manner. It follows the activities of its hero, eleven-year-old Pollyanna who goes to reside with her harsh Aunt Polly, where she faces many difficulties cheerfully.

Timestamps to follow chapters:
00:00:02 Chapter 01: Miss Polly
00:09:05 Chapter 02: The glad game
00:15:54 Chapter 03: New friends
00:23:04 Chapter 04: Things go wrong
00:29:59 Chapter 05: Someone very important
00:37:09 Chapter 06: The gladdest things

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