He is Such a Card 🍀 Learn English through story level 3

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About the story

Learn English through the story “He is Such a Card”
English story level 3
Audiobook with subtitles

This is the humorous tale of Edward Henry Machin, set in a small industrial town at the start of the 20th century. Denry is an impulsive, opportunistic, and occasionally lucky entrepreneur, with few morals where business is concerned. He is not especially likable, but nor is he ludicrously unpleasant and he is an entertaining character to townsfolk as well as readers.

Timestamps to follow chapters:
00:00:00 Chapter 01: The Dance
00:17:51 Chapter 02: The Rent Collector and the Widow Hullins
00:34:22 chapter 03: The Dancing Teacher and the Furniture Van
00:47:02 chapter 04: Saved by a Storm
01:06:08 Chapter 05: The Rescue of the Countess
01:23:54 chapter 06: The Battle with Denry’s Mother
01:34:53 chapter 07: The Mayor, the Wife, and the Football Club

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