11 thoughts on “Hunted Down by Charles Dickens

  1. Ihssane stark says:

    Many thanks for this short story.the reader's voice IS so good.
    Mr slinkton was a cruel Bad man, a killer, his end was terrible, he deserved it, such a wicked person. Love money drove him to death.
    All respect for Mr Simpson, his first impession.
    I felt sorry for Mr melton and lady Margaret.
    And happy end for lady Niner, she was saved.

  2. aarushi shrivastava says:

    INTUITION is the most powerful sword we can use to detect any person's true character and his purpose to make contact with us,HOW CLEVER THE DETECTIVE HE KNEW THE MAN WAS'NT GOOD AND HE USED IT AS A WEAPON TO TRAP HIM USING AN UNSATISFIED SOUL AS THE TARGET!!!.
    Wonderful story and good command over english and voiceful types . thank you ENON.

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