20 thoughts on “Jack the Ripper by Foreman Peter


    3:15am PC Neil sees no sign of a dead woman's body, so JACK must have killed her in between 3:15/3:40 am when Cross "found" her.This time-frame is what really enforces my belief that the man who "found the body" – actually killed her. I know it is possible for it not to be Charles Lechmere (cross was a false name he gave to police.) but JACK must have been very quick and able to move like a ninja to evade the Police and Lechmere in an area where there were no obvious means of escape apart from running like Usain bolt if he could maybe? I don't mean to be sarcastic, but all i am saying is why i believe Lechmere to be JACK. I have seen a lot of aggressive responses to the Lechmere theory, but no aggressive responses when you mention other suspects – i wonder why?

  2. Sam Takla says:

    I visited London few years ago. And I took the “JACK THE RIPPER TOUR”
    The tour was done at night and the guide took us through the narrow dark streets that crimes were committed at.I loved that experience it was so real and amazing. If you ever have a chance to visit London, please take that tour, you won’t regret it .

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