Lady Godiva's Naked Ride

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Lady Godiva’s Naked Ride

Lady Godiva This is the town of Coventry in England in 1057. Many people there are poor because of all the taxes. Earl LeoFric doesn’t listen to the cries of the poor people. At the Earl’s castle, his wife, Lady Godiva is angry. “You must stop all these taxes!” she tells him. “To stop the taxes you must ride Naked through the streets of Coventry”, he says. And he laughs. But his wife is not laughing. “Very well.” she says. “But are you happy for me to do this?” “Y… Yes.” says Leofric. Lady Godiva meets the town councillors and tells them the news. “Dear Lady, you can’t do it.” they say. “Oh, yes, I can.” she says. Then she goes back to Leofric. “When she rides through the city, people must stay in their houses,” the councillors say. They must close their doors and windows. Nobody must see her.” Soon everyone is talking about Lady Godiva. “She wants to ride naked through the town!” they say. “Is it true?” The day comes when Godiva must ride through Coventry. Her servants take her clothes. “My lady!” they say. “How can you do this?” “I must do it for the poor people of Coventry” she tells them. So, Lady Godiva rides through the streets. Everyone is at home. No windows or doors are open. There is nobody to see her. One man is working in his shop. His name is Tom, and he makes clothes. Out in the street. Lady Godiva goes past on her horse. Suddenly, the horse neighs. Tom hears it in his shop. He opens his window and looks out. And Lady Godiva sees him looking at her. Suddenly, Tom becomes blind. “Help, I can’t see!” He cries. Soon, Lady Godiva arrives back at the castle. She puts on her clothes, then goes to her husband. “Now can you stop those taxes, my Lord?”, she says. “Yes, my lady” says Earl LeoFric. “But the taxes on horses must stay!”N(He knows about the horse’s neigh, you see!) The end!

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