Bristol Murder by Philip Prowse

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Man From The South

by Roald Dahl


11 thoughts on “Bristol Murder by Philip Prowse

  1. Enjoy English says:

    Please use the timestamp to follow chapters:

    0:00 Chapter I: Early Morning.

    7:39 Chapter II: The Newspaper.

    13:51 Chapter III: The Lorry Is Stopped.

    18:49 Chapter IV: Arriving In Manchester.

    26:28 Chapter V: A Visit To The Cinema.

    32:15 Chapter VI: The Cabaret Club.

    38:30 Chapter VII: John Learns A Lesson.

    44:34 Chapter VIII: River Street.

    50:31 Chapter IX: Information.

    57:28 Chapter X: John Is Arrested.

    1:04:20 Chapter XI: Peter Finds Bob Steele.

    1:10:20 Chapter XII: More Information.

    1:16:58 Chapter XIII: In The Cafe.

    1:22:46 Chapter XIV: The Chase.

    1:29:45 Chapter XV: The Police Station.

    1:36:32 Chapter XVI: The Truth Is Told.

    1:44:00 Chapter XVII: Another Hitch-hiker.

  2. karthik k says:

    I dont know how the 1:47:53 had gone 😍😍😍😍🎊🎊🎊. Thank you so much to this chennel for the wonderful job you guys done. Very very simple English and veryyyyyyy veryyy interesting story and the narrator voice was wonderful 🤓🤓

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