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Happy Man – Short Story in English Once upon a time there was a king. The king had one daughter – very beautiful, very wise, very polite but very sad. The king did everything he could, everything in his power to make her happy, but nothing helped. He bought her the most beautiful and most expensive dresses. But that did not help, either. He built a palace of marble and gold especially for her. All in vain. The princess was still sad. The unhappy king raised taxes in his kingdom to buy her new presents. The King summoned the best doctors, but even they could not cure her sadness. The king decided to visit a wise man. And the wise man offered the following advice: “Your daughter has to put on a shirt belonging to a happy man and that will make her healthy and happy.” The king decided to find such a man and bring back his shirt for his daughter. He dressed as a peasant and set off. He travelled for a week, a month and still he could not find anyone. All the people were anxious or sad or both. The king was about to give up. One day, walking along a field he saw three men harvesting wheat. The sun was shining and probably this is why they had no shirts on. Noon was approaching. The young men hid away from the sun under the tree, drank water and rested. The young men were talking and laughing loudly. One of them looked especially happy. “Are you happy?” “Yes.” “I will pay you as much as you want for your shirt,” said the king. “But I do not have a shirt,” said the young man. “Our King introduced taxes so high I had to sell my last shirt.” “Put on my shirt and come with me,” said the king. The king married his daughter to the young man. But this is not the end. The young couple had two children Freydel and Simcha which means happiness and joy.

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