The Pelican Brief by John Grisham

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Man From The South

by Roald Dahl


8 thoughts on “The Pelican Brief by John Grisham

  1. Enjoy English says:

    Please use the timestamp to follow chapters:

    0:00 Chapter 1: Three Bodies

    10:52 Chapter 2: Political Planning

    18:19 Chapter 3: No Clues

    23:58 Chapter 4: Ideas and Information

    29:06 Chapter 5: An Implausible Theory

    37:25 Chapter 6: Hunted!

    43:21 Chapter 7: Keep Moving

    48:45 Chapter 8: Photos and Phone Calls

    56:48 Chapter 9: Searching for Darby

    1:02:14 Chapter 10: Another Body

    1:08:09 Chapter 11: Riverwalk

    1:14:32 Chapter 12: Darby Explains

    1:23:53 Chapter 13: Washington

    1:31:31 Chapter 14: Curtis D. Morgan

    1:39:56 Chapter 15: Two Appointments

    1:48:03 Chapter 16: Morgan's Story

    1:55:30 Chapter 17: Time to Trust Someone

    2:04:31 Chapter 18: Away From It All

  2. Brissy Mathew says:

    My most favourite Author. I have read all your books. Nowdays I was searching for your book if any
    Suddenly I saw this. Not started to read, will start now. Thank you so much Sir. With lots of Love n Prayers…

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