The Rainmaker by John Grisham

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Man From The South

by Roald Dahl


19 thoughts on “The Rainmaker by John Grisham

  1. Enjoy English says:

    Please use the timestamp to follow chapters:
    00:00 Chapter 1: The Black Case
    09:29 Chapter 2: Job Hunting
    21:43 Chapter 3: The Fire
    35:32 Chapter 4: A Trip to the Hospital
    46:58 Chapter 5: Meeting Kelly
    59:31 Chapter 6: The Exam
    1:13:59 Chapter 7: Donny Ray's Statement
    1:34:21 Chapter 8: Surprises for Drummond
    1:51:23 Chapter 9: The Funeral
    2:05:59 Chapter 10: An Important Discovery
    2:12:24 Chapter 11: Choosing a Jury
    2:22:20 Chapter 12: The Trial
    2:46:14 Chapter 13: The Verdict
    2:56:46 Chapter 14: The Last Beating
    3:07:31 Chapter 15: Winners and Losers

  2. Nina Holmes says:

    Grisham is so very talented. This was a great story which transposed well into film. I still remember Johnny Ray, such a waste. Thank you for uploading. Please do so with all Mr Grisham’s 📚👍🏼😊

  3. Katie Kat says:

    His reading is okay but his character voices are absolutely terrible. Not only that, but he doesn't even interpret how a character says a line like I would. It's like he's reading it out of context. But otherwise, I thought the story itself was good.

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