Learn English through story 🍀 level 3 🍀 A Broken Love Remade

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About the story

Learn English through the story “A Broken Love Remade”
English story level 3
Audiobook with subtitles

Timestamps to follow the chapters:
Chapter 1: 00:00:00
Chapter 2: 00:04:49
Chapter 3: 00:08:10
Chapter 4: 00:12:29
Chapter 5: 00:16:34
Chapter 6: 00:22:18
Chapter 7: 00:27:14
Chapter 8: 00:31:55
Chapter 9: 00:35:56
Chapter 10: 00:39:38
🍀 Learning English while listening to stories with subtitles is very enjoyable and effective. Listening to the story daily will help improve your English pronunciation and listening skills.
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5 thoughts on “Learn English through story 🍀 level 3 🍀 A Broken Love Remade

  1. Joe says:

    ❤ hola cómo estás ustedes buenos días WOW muchas gracias por tu enseñanza de paso a pasó de maravilloso mundo de inglés desde san Felipe de puerto plata primeras espadas de la restauración general Gregorio luperon machete carajos ☕🇩🇴

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