Learn English through story 🍀 level 3 🍀 The Birth of the USA

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About the story

Learn English through the story “The Birth of the USA”
English story level 3
Audiobook with subtitles

Chapters timestamps:
00:00:00 Chapter 1: Before the revolution
00:11:38 Chapter 2: Unfair taxes!
00:25:22 Chapter 3: The Boston tea party
00:40:30 Chapter 4: The shot that was heard around the world
00:54:38 Chapter 5: The fight for Boston
01:04:16 Chapter 6: The declaration of independence
01:04:16 Chapter 7: Fighting for independence
01:04:16 Chapter 8: A long hard winter
01:04:16 Chapter 9: The long war comes to an end
01:04:16 Chapter 10: An independent country
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7 thoughts on “Learn English through story 🍀 level 3 🍀 The Birth of the USA

  1. Rodica Simon says:

    First of all I want to apologize if I make mistakes in expression, Romanian is my first language. I am impressed by this real history lesson that I did not learn at school. I really like the voice of the narrator. Thank you!

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