Learn English through story level 2 ⭐ Subtitle ⭐ To Seek His Fortune

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About the story

Kidnapped is set in Scotland just after the Jacobite rebellions and is narrated by the teenager David Balfour.
The recently orphaned David leaves rural Essendean to seek his fortune with his relatives, the Balfours of the House of Shaws. He meets his uncle Ebenezer and immediately suspects the shifty and miserly man of trying to avoid giving David his due inheritance. His suspicions are confirmed when his uncle sends him up a ruined stair-tower in the dark, intending David to plunge to his death.
Before David can confront his uncle, Ransome, the cabin-boy for the brig Covenant arrives with a message for Ebenezer from Captain Hoseason concerning their joint venture. Ebenezer decides to go to the Hawe’s Inn at Queen’s Ferry to resolve the matter. David follows in the hope of speaking to a lawyer, Mr. Rankeillor.
There, David learns rumours that Ebenezer murdered David’s father Alexander, for the Shaw estate. While David knows the allegations are false, he cannot fathom how Ebenezer came to hold the estate.
Despite some misgivings, David is delighted when he is invited to tour the Covenant. Suddenly sensing foul play, he shouts for help and is knocked unconscious – he has been kidnapped!
Realizing Ebenezer means to cheat him of his rightful inheritance, David learns from the ship’s crew that he is to be sold into slavery in the Carolina plantations. David is not mistreated on board the Covenant, but he is horrified by the first mate, Mr Shuan, who in a drunken rage beats Ransome to death.

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