24 thoughts on “Les Miserables by Victor Hugo

  1. Itachi Sasuke says:

    This story made me miserable…not because it was bad but because it was sad. Jean Valjean deserved better and Marius treated him poorly and selfishly towards the end. Thenardier deserved to die. Perhaps thats why this story is named 'Les Miserables'. Ive seen the movie, and thought I should give the book a try too. Great narration though. Good job.

  2. Ihssane stark says:

    outstanding great novel.
    well known all around the world.
    Exciting and intresting events.
    More thanThree hours of enjoyment listening to this remarkable narrator.
    البؤساء. in arabic
    Les mésirables. In frensh.
    Thank you Sir.

  3. Youssef Hamzeh says:

    Started this heaeing this novel today i have read it in my native language and now hearing it the narration is beautiful and cristal clear the way hoq every character have it own way of speaking and accent is very beautiful and real it just keep you hearing i hope i finish it faster

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