Little House On The Prairie By Laura Ingalls Wilder

The “Little House” Books is a series of American children’s novels written by Laura Ingalls Wilder, based on her childhood and adolescence in the American Midwest (Wisconsin, Kansas, Minnesota, South Dakota, and Missouri) between 1870 and 1894. Eight of the novels were completed by Wilder, and published by Harper & Brothers. The appellation “Little House” books comes from the first and third novels in the series of eight published in her lifetime. The second novel was about her husband’s childhood. The first draft of a ninth novel was published posthumously in 1971 and is commonly included in the series.

The Little House books have been adapted for stage or screen more than once, most successfully as the American television series Little House on the Prairie, which ran from 1974 to 1983. As well as an anime and many spin-off books, there are cookbooks and various other licensed products representative of the books.

A tenth book, the non-fiction On the Way Home, is Laura Ingalls Wilder’s diary of the years after 1894, when she, her husband and their daughter moved from De Smet, South Dakota to Mansfield, Missouri, where they settled permanently. It was published in 1962 and includes commentary by Rose Wilder Lane.

All 9 books of the Novel

Book 1 – Little House in the Big Woods

Story 1: LITTLE HOUSE IN THE BIG WOODS (Read more) (Watch on YouTube)

Story 2: WINTER DAYS AND WINTER NIGHTS (Read more) (Watch on YouTube)

Story 3: THE LONG RIFLE (Read more) (Watch on YouTube)

Story 4: CHRISTMAS (Read more) (Watch on YouTube)

Story 5: SUNDAYS (Read more) (Watch on YouTube)

Story 6: TWO BIG BEARS (Read more) (Watch on YouTube)

Story 7: THE SUGAR SNOW (Read more) (Watch on YouTube)

Story 8: DANCE AT GRANDPA’S (Read more) (Watch on YouTube)

Story 9: GOING TO TOWN (Read more) (Watch on YouTube)

Story 10: SUMMERTIME (Read more) (Watch on YouTube)

Story 11: HARVEST (Read more) (Watch on YouTube)

Story 12: THE WONDERFUL MACHINE (Read more) (Watch on YouTube)

Story 13: THE DEER IN THE WOOD (Read more) (Watch on YouTube)

Book 2 – Little House on The Prairie

1. GOING WEST (Read more) (Watch on YouTube)

2. CROSSING THE CREEK (Read more) (Watch on YouTube)

3. CAMP ON THE HIGH PRAIRIE (Read more) (Watch on YouTube)

4. PRAIRIE DAY (Read more) (Watch on YouTube)

5. THE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE (Read more) (Watch on YouTube)

6. MOVING IN (Read more) (Watch on YouTube)

7. THE WOLF-PACK (Read more) (Watch on YouTube)

8. TWO STOUT DOORS (Read more) (Watch on YouTube)

9. A FIRE ON THE HEARTH (Read more) (Watch on YouTube)

10. A ROOF AND A FLOOR (Read more) (Watch on YouTube)

11. INDIANS IN THE HOUSE (Read more) (Watch on YouTube)

12. FRESH WATER TO DRINK (Read more) (Watch on YouTube)

13. TEXAS LONGHORNS (Read more) (Watch on YouTube)

14. INDIAN CAMP (Read more) (Watch on YouTube)

15. FEVER ’N’ AGUE (Read more) (Watch on YouTube)

16. FIRE IN THE CHIMNEY (Read more) (Watch on YouTube)

17. PA GOES TO TOWN (Read more) (Watch on YouTube)

18. THE TALL INDIAN (Read more) (Watch on YouTube)

19. MR. EDWARDS MEETS SANTA CLAUS (Read more) (Watch on YouTube)

20. A SCREAM IN THE NIGHT (Read more) (Watch on YouTube)

21. INDIAN JAMBOREE (Read more) (Watch on YouTube)

22. PRAIRIE FIRE (Read more) (Watch on YouTube)

23. INDIAN WAR-CRY (Read more) (Watch on YouTube)

24. INDIANS RIDE AWAY (Read more) (Watch on YouTube)

25. SOLDIERS (Read more) (Watch on YouTube)

26. GOING OUT (Read more) (Watch on YouTube)

Book 3 – Farmer Boy

1. SCHOOL DAYS (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)

2. WINTER EVENING (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)

3. WINTER NIGHT (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)

4. SURPRISE (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)

5. BIRTHDAY (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)

6. FILLING THE ICE-HOUSE (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)

7. SATURDAY NIGHT (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)

8. SUNDAY (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)

9. BREAKING THE CALVES (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)

10. THE TURN OF THE YEAR (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)

11. SPRINGTIME (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)

12. TIN-PEDDLER (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)

13. THE STRANGE DOG (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)

14. SHEEP-SHEARING (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)

15. COLD SNAP (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)

16. INDEPENDENCE DAY (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)

17. SUMMER-TIME (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)

18. KEEPING HOUSE (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)

19. EARLY HARVEST (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)

20. LATE HARVEST (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)

21. COUNTY FAIR (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)

22. FALL OF THE YEAR (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)

23. COBBLER (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)

24. THE LITTLE BOBSLED (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)

25. THRESHING (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)

26. CHRISTMAS (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)

27. WOOD-HAULING (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)

28. MR. THOMPSON’S POCKETBOOK (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)

29. FARMER BOY (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)

Book 4 – On the Banks of Plum Creek

1. THE DOOR IN THE GROUND (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)
2. THE HOUSE IN THE GROUND (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)
3. RUSHES AND FLAGS (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)
4. DEEP WATER (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)
5. STRANGE ANIMAL (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)
6. WREATH OF ROSES (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)
7. OX ON THE ROOF (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)
8. STRAW-STACK (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)
9. GRASSHOPPER WEATHER (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)
10. CATTLE IN THE HAY (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)
11. RUNAWAY (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)
12. THE CHRISTMAS HORSES (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)
13. A MERRY CHRISTMAS (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)
14. SPRING FRESHET (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)
15. THE FOOTBRIDGE (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)
16. THE WONDERFUL HOUSE (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)
17. MOVING IN (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)
18. THE OLD CRAB AND THE BLOODSUCKERS (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)
19. THE FISH-TRAP (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)
20. SCHOOL (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)
21. NELLIE OLESON (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)
22. TOWN PARTY (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)
23. COUNTRY PARTY (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)
24. GOING TO CHURCH (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)
25. THE GLITTERING CLOUD (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)
26. GRASSHOPPER EGGS (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)
27. RAIN (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)
28. THE LETTER (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)
29. THE DARKEST HOUR (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)
30. GOING TO TOWN (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)
31. SURPRISE (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)
32. GRASSHOPPERS WALKING (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)
33. WHEELS OF FIRE (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)
34. MARKS ON THE SLATE (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)
35. KEEPING HOUSE (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)
36. PRAIRIE WINTER (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)
37. THE LONG BLIZZARD (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)
38. THE DAY OF GAMES (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)
39. THE THIRD DAY (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)
40. THE FOURTH DAY (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)
41. CHRISTMAS EVE (Read more) (Watch On YouTube)


Book 05 – By the Shores of Silver Lake

1. UNEXPECTED VISITOR (Read more) (Watch On YouTube) 

2. GROWN UP (Read more) (Watch On YouTube) 

3. RIDING IN THE CARS (Read more) (Watch On YouTube) 

4. CONDUCTOR (Read more) (Watch On YouTube) 

5. END OF THE RAILS (Read more) (Watch On YouTube) 

6. RAILROAD CAMP (Read more) (Watch On YouTube) 

7. THE BLACK PONIES (Read more) (Watch On YouTube) 

8. THE WEST BEGINS (Read more) (Watch On YouTube) 

9. SILVER LAKE (Read more) (Watch On YouTube) 

10. HORSE THIEVES (Read more) (Watch On YouTube) 

11. THE WONDERFUL AFTERNOON (Read more) (Watch On YouTube) 

12. PAYDAY (Read more) (Watch On YouTube) 

13. WINGS OVER SILVER LAKE (Read more) (Watch On YouTube) 

14. BREAKING CAMP (Read more) (Watch On YouTube) 

15. THE SURVEYORS’ HOUSE (Read more) (Watch On YouTube) 

16. THE LAST MAN OUT (Read more) (Watch On YouTube) 

17. WINTER DAYS (Read more) (Watch On YouTube) 

18. WOLVES ON SILVER LAKE (Read more) (Watch On YouTube) 

19. PA FINDS THE HOMESTEAD (Read more) (Watch On YouTube) 

20. CHRISTMAS EVE (Read more) (Watch On YouTube) 

21. THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS (Read more) (Watch On YouTube) 

22. MERRY CHRISTMAS (Read more) (Watch On YouTube) 

23. HAPPY WINTER DAYS (Read more) (Watch On YouTube) 

24. ON THE PILGRIM WAY (Read more) (Watch On YouTube) 

25. THE SPRING RUSH (Read more) (Watch On YouTube) 

26. PA’S BET (Read more) (Watch On YouTube) 

27. THE BUILDING ROOM (Read more) (Watch On YouTube) 

28. LIVING IN TOWN (Read more) (Watch On YouTube) 

29. MOVING DAY (Read more) (Watch On YouTube) 

30. THE SHANTY ON THE CLAIM (Read more) (Watch On YouTube) 

31. WHERE VIOLETS GROW (Read more) (Watch On YouTube) 

32. MOSQUITOES (Read more) (Watch On YouTube) 

33. EVENING SHADOWS FALL (Read more) (Watch On YouTube) 

Book 06 – The Long Winter

1. MAKE HAY WHILE THE SUN SHINES (Read More) (Watch On YouTube) 

2. AN ERRAND TO TOWN (Read More) (Watch On YouTube) 

3. FALL OF THE YEAR (Read More) (Watch On YouTube) 

4. OCTOBER BLIZZARD (Read More) (Watch On YouTube) 

5. AFTER THE STORM (Read More) (Watch On YouTube) 

6. INDIAN SUMMER (Read More) (Watch On YouTube) 

7. INDIAN WARNING (Read More) (Watch On YouTube) 

8. SETTLED IN TOWN (Read More) (Watch On YouTube) 

9. CAP GARLAND (Read More) (Watch On YouTube) 

10. THREE DAYS’ BLIZZARD (Read More) (Watch On YouTube) 

11. PA GOES TO VOLGA (Read More) (Watch On YouTube) 

12. ALONE (Read More) (Watch On YouTube) 

13. WE’LL WEATHER THE BLAST (Read More) (Watch On YouTube) 

14. ONE BRIGHT DAY (Read More) (Watch On YouTube) 

15. NO TRAINS (Read More) (Watch On YouTube) 

16. FAIR WEATHER (Read More) (Watch On YouTube) 

17. SEED WHEAT (Read More) (Watch On YouTube) 

18. MERRY CHRISTMAS (Read More) (Watch On YouTube) 

19. WHERE THERE’S A WILL (Read More) (Watch On YouTube) 

20. ANTELOPE! (Read More) (Watch On YouTube) 

21. THE HARD WINTER (Read More) (Watch On YouTube) 

22. COLD AND DARK (Read More) (Watch On YouTube) 

23. THE WHEAT IN THE WALL (Read More) (Watch On YouTube) 

24. NOT REALLY HUNGRY (Read More) (Watch On YouTube) 

25. FREE AND INDEPENDENT (Read More) (Watch On YouTube) 

26. BREATHING SPELL (Read More) (Watch On YouTube) 

27. FOR DAILY BREAD (Read More) (Watch On YouTube) 

28. FOUR DAYS’ BLIZZARD (Read More) (Watch On YouTube) 

29. THE LAST MILE (Read More) (Watch On YouTube) 

30. IT CAN’T BEAT US (Read More) (Watch On YouTube) 

31. WAITING FOR THE TRAIN (Read More) (Watch On YouTube) 

32. THE CHRISTMAS BARREL (Read More) (Watch On YouTube) 

33. CHRISTMAS IN MAY (Read More) (Watch On YouTube) 

Book 07 – Little Town on the Prairie:

1. SURPRISE  (Read more …) (Watch On YouTube) 

2. THE NECESSARY CAT (Read more …) (Watch On YouTube) 

3. THE HAPPY DAYS (Read more …) (Watch On YouTube) 

4. WORKING IN TOWN (Read more …) (Watch On YouTube) 

5. THE MONTH OF ROSES (Read more …) (Watch On YouTube) 

6. NINE DOLLARS (Read more …) (Watch On YouTube) 

7. FOURTH OF JULY (Read more …) (Watch On YouTube) 

8. BLACKBIRDS (Read more …) (Watch On YouTube) 

9. MARY GOES TO COLLEGE (Read more …) (Watch On YouTube) 

10. MISS WILDER TEACHES SCHOOL (Read more …) (Watch On YouTube) 

11. SNUG FOR WINTER (Read more …) (Watch On YouTube) 

12. SCHOOL DAYS (Read more …) (Watch On YouTube) 

13. SENT HOME FROM SCHOOL (Read more …) (Watch On YouTube) 

14. THE SCHOOL BOARD’S VISIT (Read more …) (Watch On YouTube) 

15. THE SOCIABLE (Read more …) (Watch On YouTube) 

16. LITERARIES (Read more …) (Watch On YouTube) 

17. THE WHIRL OF GAIETY (Read more …) (Watch On YouTube) 

18. THE BIRTHDAY PARTY (Read more …) (Watch On YouTube) 

19. THE MADCAP DAYS (Read more …) (Watch On YouTube) 

20. UNEXPECTED IN APRIL (Read more …) (Watch On YouTube) 

21. SCHOOLTIME BEGINS AGAIN (Read more …) (Watch On YouTube) 

22. THE SCHOOL EXHIBITION (Read more …) (Watch On YouTube) 

23. UNEXPECTED IN DECEMBER (Read more …) (Watch On YouTube) 

Book 08 – These Happy Golden Years

(Read more …) (Watch On YouTube) 

Book 09 – The First Four Years:

1. The First Year (Read more …) (Watch On YouTube) 

The Second Year (Read more …) (Watch On YouTube) 

3. The Third Year (Read more …) (Watch On YouTube) 

4. A Year of Grace (Read more …) (Watch On YouTube) 

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