Love at the Square πŸ€ Learn English through story level 4

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Learn English through the story “Love at the Square”
English story level 4
Audiobook with subtitles

The novel begins at a distance from the characters, describing the background of the Sloper family. It then recounts in detail the story of Catherine’s romance with Morris Townsend. When Morris jilts her, the focus shifts back to a long view. As the narrator puts it: “Our story has hitherto moved with very short steps, but as it approaches its termination it must take a long stride.” The final few chapters are taken once more in short steps, ending with the striking vignette of Catherine’s rejection of Morris.

Timestamps to follow chapters:
0:00:01 Chapter 1: Poor Catherine
0:12:43 Chapter 2: A handsome young man
0:29:35 Chapter 3: Who is Morris Townsend?
0:45:36 Chapter 4: Morris Townsend looks for a position
1:04:54 Chapter 5: Doctor Sloper decides
1:24:28 Chapter 6: Catherine tries to be good
1:42:23 Chapter 7: Catherine decides
1:59:08 Chapter 8: The last parting
2:25:13 Chapter 9: Morris returns

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