Most Romantic love story ever part 1 🍀 Learn English through story level 3

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Learn English through the story “Most Romantic love story ever part 1”
English story level 3
Audiobook with subtitles

This is a great audio story for you to learn English and improve your listening skill and your vocabulary.

The story is set in Clayton County and Atlanta, both in Georgia, during the American Civil War and Reconstruction Era. Written from the perspective of the slaveholder, Gone with the Wind is Southern plantation fiction. Its portrayal of slavery and African Americans has been considered controversial, especially by succeeding generations, as well as its use of racial epithets and ethnic slurs common to the period.

Please use the timestamps to follow chapters:
0:00:00 Chapter 1: News of a Wedding
0:12:09 Chapter 2: Rhett Butler
0:19:40 Chapter 3: Changes
0:34:44 Chapter 4: Atlanta
0:49:14 Chapter 5: Heroes
0:56:10 Chapter 6: Missing
1:10:31 Chapter 7: News from Tara
1:23:33 Chapter 8: The Yankees Are Coming
1:34:02 Chapter 9: Escape from Atlanta
1:46:03 Chapter 10: Home
1:57:46 Chapter 11: Murder
2:07:42 Chapter 12: Peace, At Last

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