Murder On the Orient Express By Agatha Christie

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41 thoughts on “Murder On the Orient Express By Agatha Christie

  1. Asif Shahriar says:

    What a story!! What a end!! And the solution made me happy. Detective Poirot found out not only everything but also their feelings. So he had suggested two solution to give them the right judgment. ❤️

  2. Ihssane stark says:

    Three hours, c'est vraiment très intéressante.
    The content, the beautiful frensh accent, the investigation so it's an excellent story. Bravo to monsieur Poirot.
    Thanks, keep going. Well done.

  3. Youssef Hamzeh says:

    Just finished listening yestrday i have enjoyed to the maximum the narration was epic i was easily able to understand and get to know every character this was very professional hard work i loved it please keep it coming it was extraordinary

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