22 thoughts on “Mystery of Coniston Water by Jerry Tomscha

  1. EnOn - English Online says:

    Please use the timestamp to follow chapters:

    00:00 Chapter 1: Julie Wants a Holiday

    03:29 Chapter 2: The Mystery of Coniston Water

    07:11 Chapter 3: More about the ghost

    11:05 Chapter 4: Julie Makes an Enemy

    14:16 Chapter 5: Julie Finds Something in the Lake

    17:45 Chapter 6: A Scary Ride in a Rowboat

    23:26 Chapter 7: A Frightening Experience Suddenly

    27:39 Chapter 8: Julie Tells Paul Her Secret

    31:59 Chapter 9: Julie's Dream

    35:54 Chapter 10: Anna Wants to Be Friends

    39:16 Chapter 11: Anna's Story

    42:43 Chapter 12: Paul to the Rescue

    47:16 Chapter 13: The Storm is over

  2. Ihssane stark says:

    Good story, a little bit scary. the characters's voices made the story more Real and more frightening, but at the end everything seemed to be alright with Julie. She was lucky!!
    Sir you made a scary audio: the cries, the description of the events. well done and thank you for that.

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